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Cub Scout Family Camping

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Fall is great for camping! Family camping is crucial for happy Cub Scouts.

Your pack should have a campout on the schedule.

Council has several different Family Campouts where you can participate and reduce the amount of planning you need to do.

Some packs would prefer to camp on their own. If you do this, make sure that one of your adults has BALOO training.



Unit Planning Done?

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At this time of year, it is time to do a status check.

Has your unit completed its calendar planning for the next 18 months? You should have a clear idea of what events and meetings you will participate in for the next 12 months. You should have a loose sketch of what your unit is considering for the Fall of 2017.

Has your unit your completed its formal budget? You should have an idea of what the cost of your program for the next 18 months will be. This is crucial information going into popcorn fundraising season. Your unit’s scouts and parents will be more highly motivated to sell if they have a clear idea of what they are planning to do with the proceeds of popcorn sales.

Both the calendar and the budget should already be approved by your unit committee. If your unit committee has not approved the calendar or the budget, you have no calendar or budget. Make sure these are approved. When those are done, please submit them to your Unit Commissioner so the UC can know when he or she can visit you.

Then make sure that the calendar and budget are reviewed each month at committee meetings to make sure you are on track. If your calendar and budget are well done, this review during the treasurer and secretary reports may only take two minutes out of your agenda. Even so, it will keep your unit focused and ahead of foreseeable problems.

If you do not have these done or are struggling, contact your unit commissioner or District Commissioner Jeff Heck for more help.

YPT Report

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As of this morning, we have 50 volunteers whose YPT status is expired. We have a total of 183 volunteers who are expired or will be expired in the next 90 days.

We need this number to be dropping. All of these volunteers need to be renewed in the next 30 days.

Another 23 on the District Staff (including committee members, commissioners, and merit badge counselors) expire before March 1, 2017.

Anyone who has not completed their YPT before October 1, 2016 is at risk of having their membership dropped at rechartering.

Make sure that your unit is aware of its YPT status.

Cub Scout Leader Training Next Week

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Next week, Tuesday through Friday, North Star District will be running training for new Cub Scout Leaders. Den Leader training will be offered each night. Cubmaster/Assistant Cubmaster Position Specific and Pack Trainer will be offered most nights. See the Council calendar for more details.

Most will be at the Scout Service Center. Wednesday night will be at Second Presbyterian Church (room number to be announced).Cub Scout logo

All are open to scouters across the Council.

Wood Badgers in the District (Willie Gillies) are especially asked to volunteer as faculty. Contact Jeff Heck or Steve James for more information. Volunteers can sign up here!

Membership Recruitment Report

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Last Thursday night, Council held its Council-wide recruitment night for Cub Scouts. Many districts across the state had significant growth in its recruitment.

For example, our neighbor to the north in Carmel/Fishers’ Del-Mi District, their recruitment was up 47% year-over-year (i.e., comparison of the same time period in 2015 versus in 2016).

North Star District has 6 packs that have not completed their recruitment yet. Our numbers are stable year-over-year. Still we are on course to be ahead of last year. We just need a bit more patience to find out what is coming.

There were some truly astounding successes. District Executive Con Sullivan, Unit Commissioner Tom Sugar, and Pack 98 Cubmaster Mark Baskin have been working to re-introduce Cub Scouting to College Park Elementary School. They had 27 new Cub Scouts sign up! That is a 27 Scout increase year-over-year!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who served on Thursday night. A special thanks to the many, many Boy Scouts and Scouters who volunteered to support a nearby Cub Scout Pack. That mutual support is paying off in new members. That support was key at College Park Elementary in its success. The new parents witnessed many khaki shirts, so they did not feel alone.

Don’t forget that new scouts are now using the or to sign up. Your Cubmaster and Scoutmaster need to be up to date on their registration so that they can log in and accept the new members. See this article for more information.

District Membership Chair Sharla Merrick continues to move recruitment forward and has great plans for fall Boy Scout Recruitment. So keep working on recruitment. Attend the District Committee meeting tomorrow so that you can help us.

REMINDER: District Committee and Commissioners’ Meeting Tomorrow

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District Committee Meeting for September is tomorrow Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 7:00 pm at Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 N Meridian St, Room 705, Indianapolis, IN 46260.

All Unit Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners, as members of the District Commissioner’s Staff, meet tomorrow night at 6:00 pm in the same building but Room 701. (Jeff Heck needs to leave a few minutes early, so we will hopefully “meet fast.”) Rechartering procedures and preparation will be a key topic.


Cub Scout and Boy Scout Roundtables will be NEXT WEEK on Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 6:30 pm at Luke’s Lodge, the outbuilding on the campus of St Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260.

Update from Camporee Committee

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Last Sunday the Camporee Committee met. Past Chair and Interim Chair Brian Crow presided. These are the documents that Brian sent out after the meeting:

  1. Willie Award Judging Criteria (note: decorating the campsite will not be part of the competition, but is optional for the troop)
  2. Gladiator Challenge Camporee (the source document from another council on which we are building our ideas).

Further notes from the meeting are forthcoming from Brian.

The patch is not done yet, but Brian gave a preview of Willie dressed as a Roman soldier. I was impressed.

The cost will be $10.00 per participant. For every 10 scouts, 1 adult will be free. Webelos who attend can get a patch for $5.00.

Troops are encouraged to register as soon as possible with estimated headcount. No payments are required online, but will be accepted. Payments are not due until arrival at the camporee with final headcount. (Registration will be online through the council’s website. As of this writing, the camporee is not yet posted on the district calendar.)

Events will be scored in the traditional manner of ranking each patrol from best score to least score and tallying the overall results. The top 10 finishers in each event will be announced to encourage participation and better information on competitiveness of the patrols. Medals will be awarded to the top 3 patrols (one medal given to the patrol medal for attachment to the patrol’s flag.)

The committee will meet again on Sunday, September 18, 2016.

All troops are asked to submit their event ideas to Brian Crow. In the case of duplication of ideas, the troop with the earliest date stamp on their email will have priority in using the idea. The troops can choose to score their event however they see fit, so long as the patrols are ranked by best to worst. Troops may award points for patrol building traits, such as patrol cheers and patrols flags that are not directly related to the event, if the troop so chooses.

Each patrol will be assigned a number. This will facilitate scoring and management of problems such as ever-changing patrol names. Winners will be announced by patrol names (as finally reported to Rick Aker).

Adult training for Introduction to Outdoor Leadership, BALOO, and OWL will be offered during the camporee. Members of the Willie Gillies (i.e., Wood Badge recipient in North Star District) are asked to volunteer to teach an hour-long segment of the course. Contact Jeff Heck to volunteer. (Del-Mi District Training Chair Ted Taylor has graciously offered to open their October 1st Scoutmaster Specific Training to North Star District.)

Youth Protection Training will be offered after the Scoutmaster/SPL meeting on Friday Night.

Congratulations to our August 2016 Eagle Scouts

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Congratulations to our August Eagle Scouts.Eagle pin

First Name Last Name Troop
William Beyer 73
Calvin Robinson 804
Alexander Huffine 343
Lucas Sadenwater 343


Our DE makes his TV debut for us!

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Our District Executive Con Sullivan was just on Channel 8 news promoting our Launch into Scouting program.Con on Channel 8

Watch the video. He is a natural!

3-2-1…. launch! Adventure awaits you when you become a local cub scout! Just ask Con Sullivan and Emily Elliott with Boy Scouts of America. They tell us boys aged 6-10 years old can begin the…

Source: Boy Scouts of Central Indiana prepare to launch programs for local youth

Back to School Night plan

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District Executive Con Sullivan, on behalf of District Membership Chair Sharla Merrick, issued the final Back to School Night plan yesterday. The big push is this Thursday night!

If you would like to see a copy of the plan, click here.Cub Scout logo

We have already had two back to school nights. Sign ups are noticeably higher.

Unit Commissioner Tom Sugar has run a Boy Talk at College Park Elementary. He reports that more than 140 boys expressed interest in Cub Scouts. And there is no Pack there!

If this trend continues, we could have a great year.

It is only possible to make the best impact with all packs, troops, and crews helping. Make sure your unit contributes to this potential for overwhelming success.

Contact Con Sullivan if you can help. We have minimum staffing in most locations at this point, but now we need staffing to show that we support the new families.