REMINDERS Week of Sept 12 2018

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Reminders for upcoming activities and deadlines!

Camping and Outdoor Events:

  • FALL CAMPOREE!  See this article for more information


  • September Popcorn distribution by Unit is on Sept. 21 at 5425 Exploration Drive, Indianapolis, IN); see this article for more timeline information

Adult Training:

  • ROUNDTABLES on Sept. 13; see the revised article for more info
  • Den Leader / Cubmaster training (This month will be at Sept. Roundtable and at a separate session on Sept. 27; see this article for more info)
  • Leave No Trace Master Education Course 2018 Sept 13 – 16 (second weekend of the full course)
  • University of Scouting on Nov. 17 – be sure to sign up on the Council website!  See this article for more details

Merit Badge Workshops:

Key Deadlines:

  • Lange Challenge – do you have your camping nights tracking workbooks turned in to Paul Kovach?  If not please get that to him ASAP!  See this article for details.
  • RECHARTERING 2018 – Start with the Roster Review for your Unit…  then stay tuned, more to come soon.


Thanks all, and have a great week in Scouting!