Spring Camporee – April 26-28

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  • Registration Open!  The North Star 2019 Spring Camporee will be held at Camp Cullom, Frankfort, IN during the weekend of April 26th through 28th.  The theme will be “Observing 100 Years of North Star.”  A rocket launch is planned for that Saturday afternoon, weather permitting – bring rockets if you wish (size B6 rocket engines.)  Each Troop will have a Patrol Competition Activity and the Observatory will be open Saturday night.  Also – Order of the Arrow Call Outs!  More info to come soon! Cost: $15 per scout. Register here
From Jim Raines:
Please email Jim Raines jimrainesmh@gmail.com with your troop number and the name of your competition event and hewill combine them into one email and share.
Troop 269 – Orienteering (event name to come)
Launch Rockets during their free time after 4;00pm on Saturday. The rockets should use the B6-2 engine.
I am not a rocketeer and I have contacted several “Rocket Clubs” however I have not gotten any commitment from them to assist us on the launching.  With that being said, if any troops want to launch rockets they should assign someone to be in charge for their troop and make sure that they have at least one launch pad.
The Prairie Grass Observatory st Camp Cullom will be open the Saturday night of our Camporee.  If it is a clear night we will assign shifts per troop and share that information at the camporee.
We have troops that have volunteered to help with the flag raising and lowering ceremony.   We still need a troop to do the “scouts own” service Sunday Morning.  If any troop has a scout in band that plays the trumpet / bugle, it would be nice if they did reveille and taps.

Spring Camporee Handbook 2019 Spring Camporee Flyer (1)

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    […] Registration Open!  The North Star 2019 Spring Camporee will be held at Camp Cullom, Frankfort, IN during the weekend of April 26th through 28th.  More information here.  Register here […]


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