Belzer Online Merit Badges

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Belzer Online MBCamp Belzer is now offering online merit badges and registration is live!

We will be adding more badges Thursday of each week, from Eagle required to elective option, but class sizes are limited, so signup today. This week’s merit badges include:

• Citizenship in the Nation – April 22, 5-8pm
• Citizenship in the Community – April 24, 3-5pm
• Public Speaking – April 25, 2-4pm
• Personal Management – April 27 and May 1, 3-5pm (Must attend both session)
• Family Life – April 27, 2-4pm

All classes are conducted by registered Merit Badge Counselors. Most merit badges will have requirements to complete after the initial online class and the Merit Badge Counselor will work with each Scout to follow up and sign off on requirements.

Check for more information.

Want to help conduct an online merit badge class? If you are a currently registered Merit Badge Counselor, volunteer today at





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    […] Belzer Online Merit Badges […]


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