North Star District Committee Monthly Meeting

Thursday, June 1, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (LMT) More Information →

The North Star District Committee Meeting is held every 1st Thursday of the Month (except when conflict with holidays, then it moves to the prior week).  It is the business meeting of the District Committee. There will be a general session at the opening for the District Chair  to address issues of general concern. Then subcommittees will hold break out sessions with their chairs as leaders.  

Q:  I am out of town that day or cannot otherwise attend in person.  What can I do?

A: Wherever possible, District Commissioner Jeff Heck will attempt to offer teleconference capabilities for general sessions.  For more information on that, see for access numbers and current status of conferencing functions.  Please make arrangement in advance with Jeff if you wish to use this option to insure that it is going to be used.

Q:  I am a subcommittee chair but I cannot attend.  What do I do?

A:If a committee chair or subcommittee chair cannot be present, it is their responsibility to make sure an agenda is prepared by someone and a temporary chair be appointed to move the business of the committee or subcommittee forward each month.  

Q: I am on a subcommittee that is not active this time of year.  Do I have to attend?

A:  Each member of a subcommittee is first and foremost a "District Member-at-Large."  This means that everyone should attempt to attend as many District Committee Meetings as possible.  However, we understand that Scouting is not a Member's only life.  District Members should consult with their Vice-Chairs and/or Subcommittee Chairs about planned absences.  We would encourage attendance whenever possible. District Committee members are one of the Committee's best means to communicate information back to home units.  Absences from District Committee Meetings at any time of the year prevent this information flow from occurring naturally.

Q: Does a subcommittee have to prepare minutes?

A: There are no requirements in the by-laws to prepare minutes. We would not record this information for legal risk-management purposes like a well-run business. Even so, minutes are a useful means to communicate the business of the subcommittees to the rest of the committee, the scouting units, and absent members of the committee.  Please keep good minutes for communication purposes rather than formalistic ones. (Remember minutes focus on information reported and action decisions made.  Merits or demerits of debates are immaterial.) Capture planned action steps, deadlines, and delegation of responsibilities clearly.

Q: Am I automatically a member of the District Committee by being a Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Unit Committee Member, or Chartered Organization Representative?

A: The only members of the District Committee that serve ex officio (i.e., as a result of their existing unit registration) are Chartered Organization Representatives ("COR"). By BSA by-laws, COR's are expected to participate in District Committee functions throughout the year.  As a matter of prior practice, North Star has ignored this expectation.  We would now encourage COR's to be actively involved in the District Committee and assume some responsibilities on a subcommittee of interest.

Q: If I am not a COR, how do I participate at District Committee functions?

A: Members-at-Large of the District Committee are elected annually in December.  If a position is vacant, the District Committee Chair nominates a new appointee to the District Member-at-Large ("DMAL") corps.  That nominee completes an adult application which is forwarded to the Council's President for ratification and final appointment.  Most district nominees are considered favorably by the Council's President once recommended by the District Chair.

Q: If I am not a COR or DMAL, can I attend and participate in District Committee meetings?

A:  Yes. In fact, participation by non-members is encouraged.  (The Nominating Committee does not require a COR or DMAL registration.)  Volunteers to district are what make districts function. 

Q: Why do I need to register as a District Member-at-Large?

A: Only COR- and DMAL-registered scouters can access certain BSA website portals, receive emails regarding their committees from Council, and vote in certain Council committee work.  At District level, COR or DMAL registration is encouraged especially for the election of the following year's committee membership.  COR's, DMAL's, and Council Members-at-Large residing in North Star are the only voters in District Committee elections.