Venturing Round-Up 2017

UPDATE (8/15/17 at 10:19 am): Please post your crew reservation at the Council website by Wednesday, August 15, 2017 at 10:00 pm EDT. Council just made it live a few minutes ago.

UPDATE 2 (816, 2017 at 12:02 pm): Council Commissioner Ron Penczek asked me whether crews can come for the day without camping. There is no hard-and-fast rule about camping or not camping. Two of the key points that we are trying to accomplish are (1) introducing the concept of a Council Venturing Officer Association at the Saturday night campfire; and (2) holding an inaugural VOA meeting on Sunday morning before departure. Call Jeff if you would like to discuss in more detail about how to accomplish those goals.

We had a conference call on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 7:00 pm. Here is the recording.

Here is the current proposed staffing requirements for the round up.

The proposed schedule of events isventuring_logo

Schedule of Events

Friday, August 18, 2017

6:00 pm: Camp Opens for Arriving Crews. Campsite set-up begins. Event Staff at Main Gate to direct traffic.

8:00 pm: Registration Table Opens at the Dining Hall. Headcount per crew due to Event Registrar and scheduling of shooting sports times by crew.

9:00 pm: Crew President and Advisors Meeting at the Dining Hall.

9:30 pm: Final Team Listings Due. Team names and venturers’ name turned into Event Registrar.

10:00 pm: Opening Ceremony at the flag poles, on the parade field next to the dining hall. (Rain location: dining hall.)

Midnight: Lights out.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

7:00 am: Reveille. Breakfast in campsites, provided by crews. (Crews can have reveille at their own times. This is the latest practical.)

8:15 am: Flag raising at flag poles on parade grounds. Ceremony provided by Crew ____.
Review of day’s events. Announcements.

8:45 am: Gun safety briefing at the firing range. MANDATORY for all shooters. (Possible to hold at dining hall?)

9:15 am: Firing range opens to first scheduled crew.
Crews not scheduled to shoot work on building their rafts for afternoon races.

Noon: Lunch at dining hall provided by Round-Up Staff.
Firing range may close, if all crews have been served.

1:00 pm: Waterfront safety briefing at the docks. MANDATORY for all venturers.

1:15 pm: Crews provide canoe-skills instruction to novice canoeists. Waterfront staff available to mentor and coach. Canoes allowed on water when first safety “picket” boat launches.

1:30 pm: Waterfront opens for competition.
Teams not competing can take time to work on rafts.

4:00 pm: Assembled rafts safety inspection at the waterfront docks. No vehicles authorized in transporting rafts or their unassembled timbers.

4:15 pm: Sand bags delivered to crews. Timing begins with loading sand bags.

5:00 pm: Rafts disassembled. Timbers taken to the campfire ring for use as future firewood. Vehicles authorized to assist.

6:15 pm: Flag lowering. Ceremony provided by Crew _____.

6:30 pm: Pitch-in dinner at dining hall. Each team brings a hot dish, such as a dutch oven, to feed 12 people. (Remember we are feeding teenagers, adult advisors, and camp staff, so each team needs to feed at least twice as many people as on their team.) Best Dish judged by crew advisors and event staff.

8:30 pm: Crews meet to discuss event’s Stop-Start-Continue. Prepare Crew President with crew’s feedback for Vespers.

9:00 pm: Campfire at fire ring. Each team provides a skit, song, or other contribution to campfire. Judged based on audience participation, costumes, props, and preparation.

10:00 pm: End of campfire program. Announcement of winners.

10:15 pm: Vespers. Crew president’s share Crews’ respective stop-start-continue notes to all venturers. Discussion of starting Council Venturing Officer Association.

10:30 pm: Cracker Barrel at Dining Hall. Provided by Event Staff.

Midnight: Lights out.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

7:00 am: Reveille. Breakfast provided by crews.

8:00 am: Venturer’s Own Non-Denominational Prayer Service. Dining hall. Ceremony provided by Crew _______.

8:30 am: Council Venturing Officer Association’s organizing committee meets.

9:00 am: Dismissal. Crews can leave once campsite has passed inspection and assigned clean up task has passed inspection. Inspections by Event Staff.

Other Notes

Morning session station with cut out of Old West town. Targets in cut out. Each Participants shoots a pistol, a rifle, and a shot-fun based on scenario of being a US Marshal. (More sessions if demand requires.) (Council Shooting Sports Committee compliance required. E.g., NRA Instructors, etc.)

Afternoon station #1: a canoeing or kayaking obstacle course on lake. Figure-8’s, canoe-over-canoe rescue, 4x100m sprint (each canoe completes length before next canoe starts),  and portage station. (Canoes require more team work.) Race based on last canoe of crew (multiple canoes per crew) to complete the course.

Afternoon station #2: build a raft using pioneering skills. Race with a 100-lbs stack of “gold” bricks  (actually sand bags) across lake 250m. Variation: return trip or portage required.