Rechartering Updates 2016

For latest updates and schedule of turn-ins, see the bottom of the page.


In late September 2016, Council is scheduled to email rechartering information to each of our units.  This page is where we will post new or revised information about the Rechartering Process for 2016. District Commissioner Jeff Heck and Unit Commissioner Mat Gerdenich are in charge of rechartering this year.

Resolving Conflicting Information

If there is a conflict between general information emailed to you in the form letter and this webpage, please rely on this webpage as the most up-to-date information. If you have received specific emails addressed to you by one of the District Commissioners and there is a conflict in information, you should rely on that email rather than any other source. Even so, please email the commissioner with specific questions to avoid confusion.

A quick review of all Rechartering blog posts is available here.


Council has set a deadline for commissioners to finish Rechartering procedures. Then Council will have time to update their computer records before charters expire. Consequently, despite wide-spread myths to the contrary, our deadlines have nothing to do with the charter expiration dates.

Our goal with rechartering for charters expiring on December 31, 2016 is to have all units start the process as early as possible. This allows the Commissioner Service to work with the units to resolve problems early, allow units to budget more accurately for dues payments due and payable, and time for your adult leaders to complete the necessary training to hold a position.

Special Note: Why ask for paperwork by October 30, when our charters don’t expire until December 31, 2016? We hear this question a lotDecember 31, 2016 is Council’s deadline to send its Recharter Application (including the units’ and districts’ applications) to the Area 6 Commissioner, not District’s deadline to Council. In order to allow Council to stay on schedule with the holidays in December interfering, our Council Commissioner has a deadline of November 30, 2016 for district commissioners to report to council. Very few scouters do much scouting from November 21-27th due to Thanksgiving. Our District Commissioner has a deadline of October 30 to have all paperwork submitted. That gives our district ten (10) days to identify problems and attempt to correct them and have them submitted at a final turn-in date of November 10th. Before the holiday break, the commissioners have another ten (10) days to run down problems that have not been fixed at (1) turn in, (2) October 30th deadline, and (3) final turn in. Essentially these are major unresolved problems that have gone through three passes without correction.

All other districts will submit their paperwork by November 30th, so we would like to have ours in a day or so early to be able to track down any overlooked issues. This gives a bit of extra attention from the registrar before the December avalanche.

So all unit paperwork is needed before Nov 10; arrangements on dues payment are available with District Commissioner.

Sources of Required Training

All positions in a pack, troop, or crew have training requirements. All veteran scouters who have held their position for longer than 90 days need to complete training in order to be eligible to recharter with the unit in that position. New scouters to a position have 90 days to complete the training. If a leader does not have training and is not willing to commit to getting the training, they can be listed a “Unit Scouter Reserve (Code 91U),” which only requires YPT and membership dues to the BSA.

All Cub Pack adult positions have training available online at, which feeds into the new Scouting U website, especially for Cub Scout training. Other programs will use this system eventually, too. For commentary on this new website, see this blog post.

All chartered organization representatives have online training available through Council’s website only, not the national site. We will be running a live training at Fall Camporee.

All Troop and Crew Committee positions have online training available at

Scoutmasters and assistant scoutmasters still need to do their position-specific training and Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills training in person. A session for Introduction to Outdoor Leadership skills will be offered at the Fall Camporee at the Blind School October 6th and 7th, 2016. See this post for more information on training.

Dues Calculation

To calculate your unit’s dues, use this Excel spreadsheet. Dues are $2.00 per month per member plus a $1.00 CAC insurance premium per member.  The national duse calculator now does include our local Insurance premium (which is new in 2016).

Scheduled Rechartering Dates

To allow each unit a chance to review their paperwork with the District Commissioner’s staff prior to submission, answer questions, and finish rechartering as quickly and efficiently as possible, North Star District has adopted the best practices from surrounding districts. These districts have successfully and efficiently rechartered units with the least amount of confusion in the Council. North Star is adopting their practices to achieve the same goals.

The key part of this process is that each unit has a pre-scheduled charter turn-in date, time, and location. The times will be published in the explanatory cover letter that accompanies the emailed invitation to recharter on October 1, 2016. Since some units will have a short time to prepare for their scheduled time, the schedule is posted below to allow units to be better prepared for their charter turn-in schedule.

We review the information below to make sure the date for your unit is on your schedule. If the Committee Chair cannot attend, the Chair may appoint someone to attend in the Chair’s place. It is more important that the unit be prepared, represented, and timely than who represents the unit.

 As done in 2015, we will have turn-in dates in late October. Each unit has been assigned a specific date. We have worked hard this year to avoid fall breaks.  The rechartering is your unit chair’s primary responsibility. He may delegate the responsibility to somebody else, who is ultimately responsible for reporting to the chair.  This person is expected to attend these turn-in dates. The dates are as follows:

Thursday, October 20, 2016 at Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 N Meridian St, Indianapolis (meeting room not yet confirmed):


Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at Zionsville Christian Church 120 N. 9th St, Zionsville, IN.


Thursday, October 27, 2016 at Immaculate Heart of Mary, 5690 N. Central Ave, Indianapolis.


Wrap Up of Rechartering

All units are asked to email (1) their first draft of the Drop-Add Report and (2) a known punch list of items that need to be completed to Assistant District Commissioner Mat Gerdenich, with copies to District Commissioner Jeff Heck and District Executive Con Sullivan by midnight Sunday, October 30, 2016. Mat’s and Con’s email addresses are on the Council’s invitation to recharter email.

With this information in hand, the Commissioners and District Executive can do a quick review for many Rechartering policy-compliance issues. We will be able to send you back a report on any amendments to that punch list of tasks to be completed. On that punch list there will be further options on how to complete the process.

If you are concerned about whether your Application for Unit Recharter is complete for November 10th or how you will meet some of the training requirements or the Journey-to-Excellence Reporting requirement, make sure to submit your Drop-Add as soon as possible.

Part of the Commissioner’s short-term goals are to identify problems and see how we can help. For example, if your unit has an unusually difficult time getting scouters to complete Youth Protection Training, the District will try to work with you to schedule an in-person YPT offering near your meeting location on a unit meeting night. If there is too large a demand for this, we will have limited flexibility. District can also offer you the material to run the training session yourself, within normal policy limitations.

The goal is to identify any remaining problems as soon as possible so that we can wrap up Rechartering on November 10th. Your assistance and cooperation are necessary for us to meet that goal.


10/12/16: On the email accompanying your internet rechartering access code, there was a misstatement. No new Adult Application is required if a scouter is registered with your unit to change positions! This only requires a change in the rechartering application online. The new position will be effective January 1, 2017 automatically.

However, any changes with immediate effect (i.e., in October 2016, still require a new adult application).

10/18/16: Here is the 2016-recharter-check-listas promised at last Roundtable.

11/8/16: Clarification of training requirements.

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