New District Name: The Monon District

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It’s official!  Our merged district has a new name.

We are now:    The Monon District!

District Commissioners and Committee members generated a list of names to consider. Those names were whittled down to a few great candidates.  Of those, one name received wide support and helped to set the stage for our future.

We picked something that was geographical in nature.  The Monon Trail passes through both of the former districts.  It is also a green space that is well used by families and promotes fitness.  Two things that Scouting also tries to promote.

We will very much miss the Del-Mi and North Star names and the histories that went with them!  As we say goodbye to our much loved Del-Mi and North Star names, let us look forward to the future of a tremendously talented district. 

Leaders will start to see the role out of this name.  New email lists are being put together as we speak.  New communication methods are also being developed and will be made available very soon.

Yours in Scouting,
Bob Bissell and Paul Kovach
Monon District Co-chairs


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