Our Scout Troops

The following is a list of North Star Scout Troops and their meeting information. For more information on contacting these Packs, please use www.BeAScout.org. It will show you a map of their meeting locations and give you contact methods for their unit leaders. This system is the best means to be sure that you get a timely response.

Unit Meeting Time Monthly Meeting Day Location Town Website
18 7:00PM 2nd-4th Monday Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 N Meridian St Indianapolis http://northstar.nsbsa.org/
56 7:00PM Monday Luke’s Lodge at St Luke’s UMC, 100 W 86th St Indianapolis http://www.t56.org
69 7:00PM Monday The Point at Trader’s Point Christian Church Whitestown https://bsat69.wordpress.com/welcome/
73 7:00PM Monday Parish Hall, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 6050 N Meridian St Indianapolis http://www.stpaulsindy.org/about-us/boy-scout-troop-73
174 7:00 PM Monday Immaculate Heart of Mary, 5692 Central Ave Indianapolis www.bsa174.com
343 7:00PM 1st, 2nd, 4th Monday Bethel United Methodist Church, 5252 W. 52nd St Indianapolis http://www.bsa343.org
358 7:00PM Monday St. Alphonsius Catholic Church Zionsville http://www.troopwebhost.org/Troop358Zionsville/
514 7:00PM Monday St. Monica Catholic Church, 6131 N Michigan Rd Indianapolis https://www.scoutlander.com/publicsite/unithome.aspx?UID=16470
804 7:00PM Monday American Legion Shelter Zionsville http://www.troopwebhost.org/Troop804Zionsville/

If you are a Troop adult leader and do not see your unit above, please complete this survey.


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