Our District

Keep up to date on District Training by watching this blog and the District’s contributions to Council’s calendar (see below).

Regular blog posts about adult training will be posted from time to time.

Our Council 

Keep up to date with Council training at A training-only calendar for easier browsing is available at the new CAC Training Hub website. Units and district can add to the listings, too.

Del-Mi District

Del-Mi District of Hamilton County is usually aggressive on training.

Neighboring Councils

Neighboring Councils offers many of the same types of programs that are own council offers but on a different cycle.

Cincinnati’s Dan Beard Council is offering its University of Scouting in November at Cincinnati’s Princeton High School. Its Commissioner College is in August. Other seasonal training events for position specific training occur every 90 days. See for more info.

Louisville’s Lincoln Heritage Council offers their Commissioner College in November. Their University of Scouting is usually the same as ours.

Bloomington’s Hoosier Trails Council does not list any events.

Ft. Wayne’s Anthony Wayne Area Council  offers specific training.

Lafayette’s Buffalo Trace Council offers BALOO for Cub Scouters. They have many shooting sport program trainings.

Kokomo’s Sagamore Council’s link for training does not work. They have calendar mostly for business meetings.


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    […] Training  […]


    […] Present a receipt demonstrating prior registration and payment for the class(es) listed below or similarly situated course out-of-council. […]


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