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March Eagle Report

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Congratulations to our newest Eagle Scouts on March 8, 2017

First Last Troop
Stephen Barda 174
Robert Isakson 514
Scott Decker 56
Dane Standhardt 18

These scouts will have their date of rank as March 8, 2017, once National Council ratifies their Board. Eagle pin

Awards Banquet 2017

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On Thursday, March 9, 2017, North Star District honored its award winners from the 2016 Scouting Year. Thank you to Banquet Chair Mark Pishon for a wonderful evening, enjoyed by the over 100 attendees.

Thank you to former Pacer Eddie Gill for serving as our Keynote Speaker. He gave a very emotional and powerful personal story of the impact on youth service organizations on his life. He spoke very highly of scouting as a partner in the youth service organization movement.

Eddie Gill (left) with our DE Con Sulivan
District Award of Merit recipient Michael Rodriguez (SM, T514)
District Award of Merit recipient Tom Sugar, right (T358, P180, Unit Commissioner)
Cake for 98 year old district


Congratulations to 2016 honorees:

Name 2016 Award Unit
Ron Wells Arrowman of the Year T343
Sandra Mitchell-Holder Boy Scout Committee Chair Person of the Year T512
Jeff Heck Commissioner of the Year
Tom Rude Cub Scout Committee Chair Person of the Year P358
Jeremy Morin Cubmaster of the Year P105
Tom Sugar District Award of Merit T358
Michael Rodriguez District Award of Merit T514
John Ruggles Firecrafter of the Year T343
Derrick Daily Hooked on Scouting P105
Geordie Hester Hooked on Scouting P105
Seth Fleming Hooked on Scouting P105
Joe Seufert Hooked on Scouting P171
Brandi Jittjumnongk Hooked on Scouting P358
Elizabeth Selm Hooked on Scouting P358
Martin Price Hooked on Scouting P830
Brendan Cavanaugh Hooked on Scouting T358
Nancy Sugar Hooked on Scouting T358
Dr. Jay Bhatt Hooked on Scouting T69
Jennifer Buddenbaum Hooked on Scouting T69
Brent Seiler Hooked on Scouting T804
John “Rusty” Hitch Hooked on Scouting T804
James Beck Scoutmaster of the Year T358
Jeremy Morin Spark Plug Award P105
Matt Rekeweg Spark Plug Award P105
Theresa Arens Spark Plug Award P105
Courtnay Henthorn Spark Plug Award P171
Jenny Beyer Spark Plug Award P358
Matt Selm Spark Plug Award P358
Terry May Spark Plug Award P358
Tammie Buchanon Spark Plug Award P830
Jane Sullivan Spark Plug Award T358
Kevin Russell Spark Plug Award T358
Luther Rice Spark Plug Award T358
Michael Luciani Spark Plug Award T358
Toby Hlade Spark Plug Award T358
Ed Parada Spark Plug Award T56
Mike Faulk Spark Plug Award T56
Mike Yates Spark Plug Award T56
Jay Leinart Spark Plug Award T69
Scott Stukenborg Spark Plug Award T69
Beth Price Spark Plug Award T804
James Corridan Spark Plug Award T804
Jane Burgess Spark Plug Award T804
Martin Rice Spark Plug Award T804
David Bruce Venture Advisor of the Year C358

Director of Field Services Nathan Young was on hand, too, to award North Star District the Journey to Excellence Gold Award. This reflects not just on the District but on all of the units that earned their gold, allowing the District to bask in their glories.

Thank you to Nancy Sugar, Troop 358 and supporter of Pack 180’s rebuild, for taking these wonderful photographs of the evening.


Welcome to new Crew 56!

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This month we have officially added our fifth Venturing Crew to North Star District! St Luke’s United Methodist Church successfully completed its chartering of its new Venturing Crew. This is the first crew in Western Washington Township in many years.

Venturing Advisor Bill Cherry, long time Troop 56 Assistant Scoutmaster, says, “We would welcome older scouts from neighboring troops. More importantly, we would love to have young ladies join our crew.”

Crew 56 chartered as co-ed and would like to add more young ladies.

Crew 56 will be encouraging all participants to give back to their home scout troop. The crew seeks to enhance the value of the scout troop experience by providing older teenagers and young adults challenges that are beyond the experience and skills of boys under 14 years of age.

Scouts seeking to pursue Eagle rank must maintain their primary registration with their home scout troop and fully participate in the troop. Even so, advancement activities done with the Crew will count toward Eagle rank.


500 Festival Parade Planning Begins

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We have a long tradition in this Council of assisting with the chair setup at the 500 Festival Parade. This tradition is so ingrained, it takes little thought or preparation to run. Old habits just run the show.

With the expected formal approval of the reorganizatin of our districts at the March 29, 2017 Council board meeting, it is going to force to have to communicate more than in the past.

We already know that T’Sun Gani’s units already work certain sections of the parade route. North Star units work other sections. With the realignment of the districts, we will need to make sure that knowledge is shared with the District leadership. This will allow us to maintain old traditions where practicable, but allow us to move forward together, too.

We should also expect some changes within other districts that would cause us to have unforeseen changes. Pioneer District is picking up several old T’Sun Gani units. How Pioneer chooses to handle manpower issues is up to them. It is foreseeable that they may want to consolidate the locale of work for easier management. What would that do to our North Star units?

Old Trail and Iron Horse joining together to become the new Bear Creek District may have other impacts.

This is just one example of issues that we may see over the coming months. Since a “Scout is . . . helpful, friendly, [and] courteous . . .,” we need to work to anticipate where these changes could affect us moving forward.

Spring Camporee Update

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From Mark Pishon, Spring Camporee Chair:

Dear Troop Key 3 and Camporee Adult Volunteers:

There is a Camporee Meeting this Sunday, April 2, 2017 most likely at St. Luke’s Lodge from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  [Confirmation from church on room reservation still pending.] Please have a troop representative there.

Registration is open at this link.

Remember the troop registration deadline is Midnight April 3, 2017 for shooters.

The updated Committee Work Plan is attached.

The updated Flyer and Patch is attached to use in you communications.

The Spring Camporee Committee needs 3 things from each troop by April 4, 2017 (Email: mpishon@gmail ).

  1. Top 3 Campsite Preference
  2. Name of an Adult Volunteer that will support North Star on Saturday (one minimum per troop).
  3. Select at least one of these troop assignments:
  • Saturday Morning Flag
  • Saturday Flag Lowering
  • Scouts Own Service
  • Troop to feed range and orienteering volunteers (16)
  • Friday Campfire
  • Saturday Campfire

Yours in Scouting,
Mark Pishon
Spring Camporee Chair
North Star District
Cell 317.374.2262

Shoot the Moon Overview PowerPoint

Spring Camporee Planning Summary 3_21_2017 Update

STMSTMWebhost Banner.fw

Preparations for Order of the Arrow Call Out Have Begun

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From our chapter Order of the Arrow Advisor Mark Pishon:

Dear Troop Key 3:

Please send me your troops OA Election results ASAP.  Call-Outs are April 22 [at Spring Camporee].  Forms are attached.

Mark Pishon
LOA Chapter Adviser

  1. OA Inductions – Adult Candidate Form
  2. OA Inductions Unit Election Form 2016

Since Troops 72 and 180 have worked as part of OA chapter in the past, the March 29th approval of district changes should not affect these units. Other T’Sun Gani units will need to be in contact with Pioneer’s Order of the Arrow Chapter for Call Out procedures in April. Please share this information with them, so that they are not confused.

Here are our top 4 finishers from right to left.

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1. Landon Walsh Pack 358 Muncee Tribe
2. Thomas Weintraut Pack 358 Muncee Tribe
3. Colby Lindeman, Pack 18
4. Steven Jarvis, Pack 625

District pinewood derby live

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We are live at the district pinewood derby. To see  more videos, go to Facebook.

Amazon smile to Support Council

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If you regularly use Amazon, you can make regular contributions to the Crossroads of America Council by using You buy the same things at the same price, but a small percentage goes to the charity of your choice.

Crossroads of America Council is one of those options.

Today, Amazon made this announcement:

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We want to celebrate the recognition, and say thank you for your support.

On Thursday, March 16 only, we will donate 5% (10 times our usual donation rate) of the purchase price of eligible products you buy at AmazonSmile ( to charity. AmazonSmile is a way to shop that offers the same shopping experience as, but every eligible purchase you make at helps support a charity of your choice. To date, we’ve donated over $46 million.

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Thank you. And, be assured, we’ll continue working hard for you every day.

If you are planning to make Amazon purchases in the next week, please name the Council as your charity and buy today.