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October Roundtable

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October Roundtable on October 13, 2016 will focus on rechartering preparation for the following weeks.

Remember Recharter Applications are due on October 20, 26, 0r 27, 2016, depending on the date assigned to your unit.

Roundtable will address many issues and will offer a Youth Protection Training at the end for those interested.

YPT Status report

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I have not been able to pull the YPT reports from this morning because the website is down for maintenance.

Please make sure that your unit has its YPT up to date in the next 10 days to expedite the rechartering process. If you do not have the report, log in to Visit the Training Manager page for your unit. The report is available on the right column.

Contact Jeff Heck or Con Sullivan if you cannot pull the report by this afternoon.

Rechartering opens in less than week

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The Council Commissioner has received word from the lead executive Nat Baker that online rechartering will be opened sometime in the next 7 days. He plans on it being Monday, but he is not sure will be done by then. His goal is completion and email transmission to Unit Key 3 personnel by next Wednesday.

In the meantime, if your unit has a designated person who will be handling rechartering issues and who is not already a registered member of the Unit Key 3, please email Jeff Heck or Con Sullivan the person’s name, title (if any), phone, and email address. We will make sure that the name is added to your contact information. They, too, will receive the email invitation to internet rechartering.

With the arrival of a new Director of Field Services Nate Young, there will be many changes in the paper flow of recharter applications. Most of those changes should not affect units, but will be felt by the professional staff and commissioner service.

The biggest change for units is that all recharter applications turned into the Registrar will be logged in, payments posted with receipts issued, and the paperwork forwarded to the District Executive. The Registrar will not process the paperwork until the District Executive and District Commissioner have reviewed the paperwork and signed the review form.

This means that units will receive fastest and most efficient processing at District Turn-In events listed on the rechartering email invitation.

Please review the rechartering page for more information on district procedures.

Delay in newsletter articles

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Due to conflicting personal obligations, I have not had the ability to draw up this morning’s newsletter articles. I will be resending the email blast later this afternoon once the articles have posted.
Sorry for the confusion.

In the meantime, if you have any articles or bullet points you wish to share, please email me as soon as possible for addition in this week’s newsletter.

Rechartering Turn-In Dates Announced

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District Commissioner has announced the turn-in dates for late October 2016. Watch this page for updates on procedures.

Please make sure that your unit Chair has the correct date on the calendar.

All charters must be turned in to the District Commissioner. The Council Registrar will take all applications turned in to her and return them to the District Executive before processing them, if the District Commissioner is skipped.

This is for the convenience of the units. Last year, we had problems with the Registrar not having had a chance to troubleshoot applications until 7 weeks after they were submitted to the Council office. That meant that diligent units were forced to scramble to fix problems in December when they thought everything was done.

By turning in your recharter application through the Commissioner Service, you will get an immediate troubleshooting review and avoid weeks of delay in finding out about problems.

Please help us expedite this process, so we can be done with turn-ins by Sunday, October 30, 2016. The way to do this is to send a representative to the turn-in date posted.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

YPT Report: 192 expired/expiring

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We are 15 days away from the opening of rechartering season. We have 192 scouters who have had their YPT status lapse or will lapse in the next 90 days. We have a handful more whose memberships will drop because their YPT expires before March 1, 2017. 

This is a very bad trend. We are making little to no progress on fixing this problem.

Please talk to your committees about fixing this as soon as possible to make rechartering easier.

Thoughts on Uniforms for Recruiting

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As I have noted earlier, our recruitment numbers for Tiger Cubs are down for Washington and Pike Townships.

Thinking about ways to increase our free-marketing opportunities, I realized how few times in the modern era that scouts are seen in uniform outside of scout meetings.

In my review of the history of scouting in Central Indiana to track the history of my home troop (which was founded in 1915), I learned a lot about scouting practices in the early 20th century.

What caught my attention is how often the scouts were out at public events in uniform. Some at neighborhood events. Some at scouting events open to the public. Some of these are antiquated ideas, but I find old things a great means of sparking the imagination and brain storming.

In the pre-WWI era, a common neighborhood practice was the “Yard Party.” A family or group would hold a party in the yard of a member’s home or the local church. They would publish an announcement in the local paper and invite the neighborhood. It seems the only idea was to entertain and socialize. No fundraising. No other complications.

For scout troops, this was a way to be seen as actively participating in the local neighborhood. Houses were in walking distance of each other in the city, and neighbors would see the neighborhood boys working together for the good of the community.

Now we look at the activities we do. How many times are your scouts in public without their “Class A uniforms” on? Would non-scouts know that you are doing scouting from a distance? How many times do you do activities away from your usual secret-hideaway meeting location?

These are all opportunities lost to market ourselves at no cost.

We need to be finding ways to put on our uniforms and be seen near our neighborhoods – near our meeting locations. That will start conversations and introduce us again to our neighbors.

Popcorn Sales Troubleshooting

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In the next couple days, we will post an article on foreseeable problems in popcorn sales. I do not have the full information available at this moment. Watch this website for the article. It will be posted as soon as I get the information. I apologize for the tease now, but I thought you would want to know.

One example that I have heard is that the new popcorn app will add an order for popcorn to be delivered later if the scout does not mark the popcorn sale as already fulfilled. This will require the Popcorn Kernel to need to verify all future deliveries are correct before submitting the final order to avoid excessive fulfillment.

Camporee Planning

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As we all know the Fall Camporee is fast approaching Friday, October 7, 2016 to Sunday, October 9, 2016.

We will have a planning meeting this Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 6:00 pm at St Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 West 86th, Room N103-104, Indianapolis, IN 46260. Enter by Entry #7, turn left down the first hallway, third door on left. (If Entry #7 is locked, go to Entry #6, and turn left in corridor, then right down last hallway).

This will be our final planning meeting for the Camporee. All units should send a representative and have their event planned with rules and scoring. Remember ideas should have already been submitted to Fall Camporee Chair Brian Crow via email. Priority will go to units having the earliest date stamp, for any duplicated ideas.

Our Winter Camporee is scheduled for January 20-22, 2017. (We will have a new president at noon that Friday. I will let you determine whether that is good or bad.)

Our Spring Camporee is scheduled for April 21-23, 2017 at Ransburg Scout Reservation. There will be a strong emphasis on shooting sports. We will have NRA Instructors onsite to manage rifles and pistol shooting. We will plan on offering archery. Our goal is to have more opportunities to aim at targets that scouts get at summer camp.

These upcoming camporees may be discussed at the Camporee Planning Meeting, but the emphasis will be on the Fall Camporee.

More Tiger Cub Recruitment Chances

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This year’s Tiger Cub class is way down in Pike and Washington Townships. (We are steady so far in Zionsville.)

Our new Field Services Director Nate Young has been encouraging the professional staff to recommend “Water Pod Parties.”

This idea consists of having enrolled Tiger Cubs inviting their best friends, who have not joined Cub Scouts yet, to a water rocket launch. The launch would be held as part of a Gathering Time event at the next Tiger Cub Den meeting. The friends would be asked to come for the rocket launch, then stay for the Tiger Cub Den meeting as guests.

The idea is to get the boys engaged in Cub Scouting before making the formal “Ask” to join. Kick the tires before buying.

If you are interested, please contact Con Sullivan, our District Executive, for more information.

NOTE: This can work for other dens, too, such as Lions, but our primary focus is on Tigers right now.