What is a Commissioner? Lord Baden Powell appointed men to be his liaison between units and the home office. He named these positions “commissioners.” The term has stuck.districtCommissioner

Unit Commissioners are assigned by the District Commissioner to meet or talk with Unit Leaders, Committee Chairs, and Chartered Organizations. Unit Commissioners seek to lighten the burden on Unit Leaders (e.g., Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, and Venturing Advisors) and Committee Chairs. To be able to provide help, Unit Commissioners must visit the units to learn the unit’s needs and goals.

The District Commissioner for North Star reports to Assistant Council Commissioner for the Western Section Steve “Froggy” Williams. The ACC reports to Council Commissioner Rick Tardy.

To obtain direct contact information for your unit commissioners, please login to or contact District Commissioner Jeff Heck at




Administration District Commissioner Jeffrey Heck
Assistant District Commissioner


Lead Unit Commissioner for Rechartering Mat Gerdenich
Training Assistant District Commissioner Jeff Westcott
Roundtable Cub Scouts


Roundtable Boy Scouts


Roundtable Venturing


Field: Zionsville Assistant District Commissioner Stu Bowes*
Unit Commissioner Ralph Stacy*
Stephen Heath
Unit Commissioner – Venturing Fred Roetter
Field: Pike Township Assistant District Commissioner


Unit Commissioner Michelle McAndrews
New Unit Commissioner #1 for Pack 625 Beth Montano
New Unit Commissioner #2 Mark Pishon
Unit Commissioner Tom Sugar
Field: W. Washington Twp. Assistant District Commissioner


Unit Commissioner


Unit Commissioner Justin Scott*
Unit Commissioner Thomas Jacoby 
New Unit Commissioner #1


Unassigned pending enrollment Elaine Shoulty
Mark Maucere
Coleman Gerstner

* Commissioner is seeking replacement in order to step down from Commissioner Service.

As of April 2016, District Commissioner Jeffrey Heck has only a of 12 people. Of those, three would like to retire. Four have committed to the Commissioner’s Service for 2016 but need to complete certain training or BSA membership enrollment requirements in order to be activated.

North Star needs a staff of 20-22 (depending on the number of new units started) to be considered “fully staffed.” Contact Jeff if your unit has comments, questions, or concerns about policy, procedures, programming, or frustrations. Either he or his staff will do their best to provide you help. If you do choose to register as a Unit Commissioner, please read this article for the step-by-step guide to what is required.Unit Commissioner Patch

You may volunteer by filling out this contact form below:


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