Youth Protection Training

Training at Spring Camporee

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The District Committee is planning on offering adult training at Spring Camporee.

Tentative classes include Troop Committee Challenge, Scoutmaster Specific Training, Merit Badge Counselor Orientation, Introduction to Religious Emblem Curriculum, and Youth Protection Training.

If we can find an instructor, we are also considering CPR/AED training.

Please contact Jeff Heck with classes that you would be most interested in seeing offered.

Also let Jeff know if you are willing to serve as faculty, too.

BSA Tech problems: Training Manager

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UPDATED 11/18/16 at 2:oo pm: At last check the system seems to be working reliably.

Just as we are pushing to have our units 100% trained, the BSA is having a series of technology problems on’s Training Manager.

First, unit training reports are running painfully slowly. This results in checking on scouters’ training results. If you have completed training, please contact a Commissioner to report your completion. This will allow us to note your rechartering file that training is no longer an issue for that scouter. Then we have technology problems, we do not harass those who believe they are done until we have success pulling up complete reports again.

Second, many scouters are reporting that the online training system is not giving them credit for training modules completed. The proposed resolution is to report this immediately to a commissioner to enter into your unit’s rechartering file, too.

BSA is promising to do maintenance Friday night on the training module. Plan your weekend training efforts accordingly. Hopefully this will result in some resolution of these problems.

Thank you for your patience in advance.

Upcoming events

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Commissioners’ meeting: Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 6:00 pm at Second Presbyterian

District Committee: Also Thursday at 7:00 pm, same location

Wood Badge Association dinner: tonight at Belzer

District Camporee: this weekend at the Blind School. Webelos encouraged to visit and see most of our troops in one location.

  1. Youth Protection Training live: Friday at 8:30 pm at Camporee.
  2. Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (for Scoutmasters and Asst Scoutmasters and all other volunteers who camp) and Outdoor Webelos Leaders’ Skills (for Cubmasters and Webelos Den Leaders): opening remarks Friday at 9:30 pm and training 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. Attendance at Saturday campfire required.

Roundtable: Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 6:30 pm at Luke’s Lodge at St Luke’s UMC.

YPT report

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As rechartering season has now opened, the importance of youth protection training status has risen to priority number one.

Luckily we are beginning to see progress. We now have 127 positions that have expired or Will expire before rechartering season is over. That means we are the sixth of the way to our goal.

The best thing at unit can do right now is to make sure that they have their lead person on rechartering open the rechartering system and review specifically the persons who we need to use protection training to be complete before their unit can recharter. We have recharter turn in his beginning in less than two weeks. This means that any unit that has a leader who needs YPT to recharter can cause problems at the turn in.

Rechartering Emails Expected Today

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The bad news is we are in rechartering season. The good news is that we’re about to get it started so we can get it completed sooner.

That last report we expect rechartering emails to go out today, Wednesday.

This means it is crucial to get our 144 people in the district who have expired or expiring (i.e., less than 90 days until expiration) youth protection training up to speed as soon as possible. We have several scoutmasters, committee chairs in chartered organization representatives who have expired or expiring training. This means their unit’s rechartering cannot proceed forward. If their training is currently expired, they are not authorized to participate in scouting activities. This is even worse.

Unit should have a Denna five the key three personnel for the upcoming year, two additional committee members, unit leader training, YPT, and the other prerequisites to rechartering.

In the email containing the rechartering codes, there is a checklist of items to prepare. Please make sure to do those as soon as possible so that when you’re turning date arrives, your unit is ready to complete the rechartering process.

Remember our goal is to complete rechartering in the district before the end of October. If there are units that need additional time to cover the dues from popcorn proceeds, we’re willing to work with you on that.

October Roundtable

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October Roundtable on October 13, 2016 will focus on rechartering preparation for the following weeks.

Remember Recharter Applications are due on October 20, 26, 0r 27, 2016, depending on the date assigned to your unit.

Roundtable will address many issues and will offer a Youth Protection Training at the end for those interested.

YPT Status report

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I have not been able to pull the YPT reports from this morning because the website is down for maintenance.

Please make sure that your unit has its YPT up to date in the next 10 days to expedite the rechartering process. If you do not have the report, log in to Visit the Training Manager page for your unit. The report is available on the right column.

Contact Jeff Heck or Con Sullivan if you cannot pull the report by this afternoon.

YPT Report: 192 expired/expiring

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We are 15 days away from the opening of rechartering season. We have 192 scouters who have had their YPT status lapse or will lapse in the next 90 days. We have a handful more whose memberships will drop because their YPT expires before March 1, 2017. 

This is a very bad trend. We are making little to no progress on fixing this problem.

Please talk to your committees about fixing this as soon as possible to make rechartering easier.

YPT Report

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As of this morning, we have 50 volunteers whose YPT status is expired. We have a total of 183 volunteers who are expired or will be expired in the next 90 days.

We need this number to be dropping. All of these volunteers need to be renewed in the next 30 days.

Another 23 on the District Staff (including committee members, commissioners, and merit badge counselors) expire before March 1, 2017.

Anyone who has not completed their YPT before October 1, 2016 is at risk of having their membership dropped at rechartering.

Make sure that your unit is aware of its YPT status.

Update from Camporee Committee

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Last Sunday the Camporee Committee met. Past Chair and Interim Chair Brian Crow presided. These are the documents that Brian sent out after the meeting:

  1. Willie Award Judging Criteria (note: decorating the campsite will not be part of the competition, but is optional for the troop)
  2. Gladiator Challenge Camporee (the source document from another council on which we are building our ideas).

Further notes from the meeting are forthcoming from Brian.

The patch is not done yet, but Brian gave a preview of Willie dressed as a Roman soldier. I was impressed.

The cost will be $10.00 per participant. For every 10 scouts, 1 adult will be free. Webelos who attend can get a patch for $5.00.

Troops are encouraged to register as soon as possible with estimated headcount. No payments are required online, but will be accepted. Payments are not due until arrival at the camporee with final headcount. (Registration will be online through the council’s website. As of this writing, the camporee is not yet posted on the district calendar.)

Events will be scored in the traditional manner of ranking each patrol from best score to least score and tallying the overall results. The top 10 finishers in each event will be announced to encourage participation and better information on competitiveness of the patrols. Medals will be awarded to the top 3 patrols (one medal given to the patrol medal for attachment to the patrol’s flag.)

The committee will meet again on Sunday, September 18, 2016.

All troops are asked to submit their event ideas to Brian Crow. In the case of duplication of ideas, the troop with the earliest date stamp on their email will have priority in using the idea. The troops can choose to score their event however they see fit, so long as the patrols are ranked by best to worst. Troops may award points for patrol building traits, such as patrol cheers and patrols flags that are not directly related to the event, if the troop so chooses.

Each patrol will be assigned a number. This will facilitate scoring and management of problems such as ever-changing patrol names. Winners will be announced by patrol names (as finally reported to Rick Aker).

Adult training for Introduction to Outdoor Leadership, BALOO, and OWL will be offered during the camporee. Members of the Willie Gillies (i.e., Wood Badge recipient in North Star District) are asked to volunteer to teach an hour-long segment of the course. Contact Jeff Heck to volunteer. (Del-Mi District Training Chair Ted Taylor has graciously offered to open their October 1st Scoutmaster Specific Training to North Star District.)

Youth Protection Training will be offered after the Scoutmaster/SPL meeting on Friday Night.