Youth Protection Training

YPT Update

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Thank you to all the scouters who have been updating their Youth Protection Training. Your efforts are paying off. In 2018 we are running ahead of 2017.

We still have a bunch more to go, the trends are excellent.

YoY 2016-2017 YPT


Roundtable Thursday

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This Thursday we will have a busy roundtable.

We will have all the following at 7:00 pm

  1. Den Leader SDistrictCommissionerpecific Training for all grades;
  2. Camping skills for Webelos Den Leaders and Cubmasters with demonstrations by boy scouts from Troop 56;
  3. Introduction to Rechartering methods and other fun of unit administration. This is open to all persons handling rechartering; and
  4. An open forum for boy scout leaders not involved in rechartering.

We will also have Youth Protection Training for Cubs and Scouts live at 6:30 pm.

See you Thursday at Luke’s Lodge on northeast corner of campus of St Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 West 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260 at 7:00 pm.

Rechartering Outline Updated

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District Commissioner has revised the Rechartering Update page on this website in anticipation of the new Rechartering season.

Dates, times, and locations of rechartering turn-ins have been posted. Please make sure that your unit’s chair and/or the rechartering champion have placed these dates on their calendars. If they cannot make it, they may ask another person to attend in their place.

Please be advised no turn-ins at the Council Registrar window will be accepted. Those will be put in the inter-office mail and sent to the District Executive. This delays processing of your Application to Recharter.

Please be advised that scouters without a current YPT expiration will prevent your Application for Recharter from printing your finalized roster. This is new for October 2017. Work on YPT now so that you can complete recharter turn in on time.

Other Rumored Changes

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I cannot independently verify these yet, but Bobwhite Blather is a reputable site about scouting. He reports that in addition to the fee increase one change that is moot to the Crossroads of America Council (i.e., YPT before initial registration, a long-standing CAC practice) two other changes are coming in 2018:

  • All adults at summer camp must be registered. In the past, a parent of a Scout could camp with the troop, subject to local requirements such as completing YPT or being cleared by the state’s human services central registry. Beginning in 2018, however, any adult who accompanies a troop to a long-term (over 72 hours) resident camp or other activity (such as high adventure) must be registered with the BSA, even if they are the parent of a Scout on the trip. This is to allow the BSA to conduct the criminal background check and for the chartered organization to explicitly approve of the adult. They can be registered with the unit in any of the positions available, including Assistant Scoutmaster, committee member or Unit Scouter Reserve. The latter is preferred if the adult has no other responsibilities with the troop – but if you have vacancies on your committee, this might be a good way to bolster it.

  • Internet Rechartering is improved. I haven’t seen too many specifics, but the new rechartering process is more in line with the tools available at Most of us have suffered with the previous Internet rechartering system, including its reliance on a specific browser to complete some of the steps. If the new system is like the other current tools, it’ll work with a variety of modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It’ll also include many convenience improvements such as allowing electronic authorization and online payment.

Any time the BSA says that they are “improving technology,” I start having heart palpatations. If past experience is any indication of future performance (since this is not an SEC compliant website), we could be in for a bumpy rechartering year.

YPT renewals: Reasons and Methods

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As part of council’s effort to keep people current on their Youth Protection Training status, they send out emails reminding persons needing training that expiration is approaching. A quick how-to for online YPT is available here.Youth Protection Logo

This past week, District has sent out its own emails emphasizing the need for YPT renewal, too. This message is slightly different. The council only seeks renewal of YPT near deadlines. The District request emphasizes the importance of completion before October 1, 2017 for persons expiring before March 1, 2018.

Why the inconsistent message? Well, we have posted previous articles about rechartering. The problem is that National Council has allowed different local councils around the country to use different rechartering cycles. We are on the calendar year basis, so our units’ charters expire on December 31st each year. Some council expire on February 28th/29th each year. Having a universal rule on YPT is hard to explain with different local councils having differing charter expiration dates.

So, we simplify it by telling you how the myriad different rules on YPT and rechartering all fit together. As the above-linked article indicates, the optimal time for Crossroads of America Council members to renew YPT is between March 1st and October 1st each year. If you came from another council, you might have experienced a different optimal cycle due to rechartering differences.

Unit Committee Chairs, please make sure that you have a YPT Champion. You or a more tech-saavy member of the Key 3 can authorize a unit member to see the Training Manager records. A Unit Key 3 member can go on to the Organizational Security Manager. Under “Functional Positions,” you can select “YPT Champion.” Use the green plus sign to designate a person to do this job. Please remember that this designation must be renewed every year, otherwise your YPT Champion will be locked out.

Your YPT Champion should be familiar with problems of training records not showing up on if there is a conflict between BSA Member IDs on the unit roster versus on the For more information on how to reconcile this problem, see this flyer from National Council or our previous article.

To help units get YPT done easier, we are offering YPT at the next two (Sept and Oct) Roundtables beginning at 6:30 pm. We will use the video and mark all participants as having their YPT up to date. You can then stay for Roundtable.

Units can also use the YPT videos from YouTube (you will have to pause at critical times for conversations) and Facilitator’s Handbook to run their own in-person YPT. This is a great way to get new parents trained on YPT. It generally gets great reviews for first-timers to better understand how we protect their kids.  You can see the National Council Website for overview information. Please make sure that the Unit Key 3 update the participants’ training records in the Training Manager immediately. (The YPT Champion should be able to do this, too, if I am not mistaken.)

Misbehavior, Ideals, and Scouting

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As I have watched the news this past weekend, I have seen families flooded by storms. I have seen individuals bring themselves to action with their own fishing boats saving lives, individuals delivering clothes and material to the Houston Convention Center, and first responders from all over the country arriving in Houston to support the local Houston first responders.Youth Protection Logo

Moments later, I watched a news report about Antifa supporters attacking Neo-Nazis and similar protesters, using disturbing techniques from decades ago.

What contrasts these two sets of stories present about our modern American experience!

Scouting represents one of the most powerful sources of good in America today. We teach morality and citizenship through 12 simple points. The Scout Law is a powerful tool for teaching good citizenship and good choices.

Yet in modern scouting I see some well-intentioned persons in the national office pushing the latest buzz phrases of “anti-bullying.” This is a profound mistake and flaw in the scouting program. It is a mistake that unintentionally contributes to conflicts rather than calms conflicts. (I must admit the BSA’s approach is less egregious than other similar campaigns that I have seen. There are fewer “don’t” phrases and more “here are things to watch out for”.)

Have you ever watched your son run around a pool deck, right next to a lifeguard? What does the college-aged lifeguard usually do? The lifeguard yells, “Don’t run!” What happens? Your son may slow down to a jog or to a walk or to a skip. Very quickly though, the lifeguard’s admonition is forgotten. Almost certainly in the next 5 minutes, the lifeguard will again be yelling, “Don’t run!” again. Is this a lesson that boys just don’t listen?

What happens if the lifeguard changes her admonition? What if she yells, “Walk!”? In my personal experience, the lifeguard won’t have to contend with jogging or skipping. She will have to contend with running 5 minutes later. With a second admonition of “Walk!” she will likely have to intercede less often. Overall the pool deck will have more kids walking. Read the rest of this entry »

Changes Coming to YPT before Jan. 1st?

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From Crossroads of America Council’s Director of Training Jay Soucy:

There may be changes to the Youth Protection Training that will take [p]lace this year.  I expect to hear more before the end of the month.  Which means it will be out of social Media sooner. 

So, be on the look out and share what you learn first.

How Do I Take Online YPT Again?

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So you want to do your online training for YPT, but you can’t remember where to go?

NOTE: Remember if your YPT expires before March 1, 2018, you need to take YPT or VYPT before October 1, 2017 in order to avoid problems with your unit’s rechartering process this fall.

First, go to

Second, log in to your existing account. (Try to avoid creating a new account, because it generates a new, separate BSA Membership ID. That can create future problems. But if you need a new login account, you need one.)

Third, using the button in the upper left corner, select “My Dashboard.”

Fourth, using the button just below “My Dashboard,” select “My Training.” Your screen should now look like this:

YPT Training Screen
Your YPT Training screen on

Fifth, select “Retake Course.”

Sixth, when you are done, make sure to print out or save your Certificate of Completion.

When does a Venturer Need to Take VYPT?

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In Venturing, you have three categories of members: Youth, Adults, and Venturing Participants. Youth are anyone 17 and younger. Adults are anyone over 21.

The hardest category is Venturing Participants.

Venturing Participants are anyone who is over 18 or will turn 18 in the calendar year. For new members, that means their birthday is in this calendar year. At rechartering for existing youth crew members, they will turn 18 in the following calendar year. Confused yet?

Sometimes knowing the goal is easier than knowing the rule. The goal is that an 18 year old legal adult has completed an Adult Application and Venturing Youth Protection Training. Why wait until a birthday? Those happen all year long? You have better things to do with your time.

Just look at your Venturers. If anyone turns 18 before the next time you do paperwork, have them complete an Adult Application and Venturing Youth Protection (Y02). Then the rules are not as important. Compliance is already complete.

YPT Renewal time

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Youth Protection LogoRechartering opens in 50 days. Nows the time to make sure that you have everyone in your unit up to date on Youth Protection Training.

Remember it is North Star District’s policy that all Youth Protection Training renewals take place between March 1st and October 1st of any given year. This prevents YPT from being any form of barrier to rechartering.

As of this morning, we have approximately 301 offices that have persons in need of updated Youth Protection Training, either for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts (code Y01) or for Venturing (code Y02). This is by office, since many scouters serve in more than one office simultaneously.

This is the first time that we have had units recharter with scouters who have previoulsy complied with the March 1st to October 1st cycle. Consequently, we have many to renew.

To make this as easy as possible, please consider offering a Youth Protection Training at your unit meeting. You can use the video from council and follow the facilitator notes or you can have a leader pull up the training on their account and play it for everyone. Pause the program at the right times and discuss. Then a member of your Unit Key 3 can enter the attendee’s completion in the Training Manager.

We will also be offering the YPT before Roundtable at the August, September, and October meetings beginning at 6:30 pm at St Luke’s UMC.

If you have scouters who have already left your unit but are still on your roster, you can clean up your records very simply. Have your unit committee chair or chartered org rep send an email to the Council Registrar Sharon Cone (, asking her, “Please enter the membership of {INSERT NAME} as {POSITION} as expired as of {EFFECTIVE DATE}. {OPTIONAL: This person (does/does not) remain a member of the unit.}” This will cause the YPT report to be more accurate within 48 hours of her entering the expiration date. This will reduce later confusion and make rechartering smoother. Remember you cannot move a person to a new office without an Adult Application except through rechartering but it will only take effect January 1, 2018. But you can expire memberships with a simple email.

One of the big improvements this year is that YPT can now be done on mobile devices. You can have a scouter go over in a corner at your meeting and complete the training right now. They will not be able to print the certificate. Have them take a screen shot at completion. It is not as good as certificate, but it is a step. If they are already a member of the BSA and their member id is in their profile page, it will log the training automatically. If they are not yet a member of the BSA, they will need to log in to their account and print the certificate before they can join.