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District Executive Jessica Hofman offers additional encouragement for our required revised Youth Protection Training (supplemental information found elsewhere on this site), as well as a tip for Key 3 Leaders:

“Every Scout deserves a trained leader”. It is a saying that rings true for your Scouts. New in the past month is an updated Youth Protection Training.  ALL REGISTERED ADULTS NEED UPDATED YPT BY 10/1/18.  Being trained in your position is important as well!  As a Key 3 leader of your unit, you are able to pull training reports to see who in your unit has taken trainings online or in person through your my.scouting account.

Online Training

What: All Trainings Available Online


How: Create an account, and have each leader take the training that is for their respective position in addition to youth protection training


A big Congratulations goes out to our district as a whole.  We are the number one district in percent of direct contact leaders trained.  Thank you for all your hard work, and continuing to provide quality Scouting programming to the youth of Northwest Marion County and Zionsville!


Email called “Are You a Youth Protection Hero?”

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You may have received an email from Council with the above title. You will notice that they are encouraging updating your YPT status by April 30, 2018 using YPT version 2.0.

National has a deadline that ALL volunteers have updated to YPT version 2.0 by October 1, 2018. So why the difference?

This topic came up at this week’s Council Commissioner Staff meeting. No explanation was offered as to why the Council Training Committee has issued this mandate. The best I can advise you is that Council wants to get as many adults trained with the YPT standards before summer camp as possible.

The next question that I asked was whether an in-person version of the training is expected. Our best information is that we will have that available at the end of March 2018. Once that is announced, we should be able to provide live seminars to units and roundtables to help expedite fulfilling this mandate.

In the meantime, please bear with District as we adapt to the new expectations. Encourage your leaders to use the online training as soon as possible. The Del-Mi District Commissioner reported that he has done the online YPT version 2.0 since I last did it. He thought the whole experience went more smoothly than what I reported in the linked article above.

Please be aware that the commissioners’ general consensus that the time estimates on the training modules don’t include quiz time or extra modules on individual slides. The overall time needed is about 20-30% than the computer’s estimates.

We will provide more information when it becomes available.

More Details on YPT ver. 2

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UPDATED 2/23/18 at Council Training Director Jay Soucy’s request to reflect new language for the deadline to complete training. The updated language is underlined below. The deleted language is crossed out. The original language was intended for council’s professional staff only. The new language applies to all volunteers. This is consistent with the first bullet point on the last list. The language change hopefully avoids any confusion.

More information on council website.

I just received the following email via Central Section’s Director of Field Service Ken Ruppel (District Executive Jessica Hofman’s supervisor). It is a copy of an email sent to all council staff after my article posted yesterday.YPT Logo


On February 1st, 2018 the New Mandatory Youth Protection Training was released online.  Currently, the training is only available through  This training is replacing all previous Youth Protection trainings and will become the one training all adults complete. The previous versions of trainings have been removed from already.

Crossroads of America is a pacesetter council for Youth Protection training and has set a goal of April 30th, 2018 to be 100% trained.  Join us in becoming a Youth Protection Hero and take your training today! (DELETED: We need to continue to be a PACESETTER Team so I’m asking you, yes every one of YOU, to complete this training by February 28th, 2018.  Your staff leaders are aware that you will be completing this task during your normal working hours however you like – completing all the modules and quiz at once or taking a module a day.  This will help prepare us all to answer questions about the training.)

The training has 3 modules and a final quiz that must be completed:

  • Overview and Policies (20 min.)
  • Sexual Abuse (20 min.)
  • Bullying (20 min.)
  • Quiz (10 min.)

You must score a 75% or better on the quiz to successfully complete this training.

Things to know prior to taking the training:

  1. You need your login and password for
  2. On the dash board there is only one training option to select.
  3. Yes, it should say you are trained and have ### days left before you expire.  It’s still tracking your old training information.
  4. On your computer you will be prompted to turn on your pop blocker
  5. Some text is in White and can be hard to read.
  6. There have been some reported issues already with a few videos not completing.

I’ve attached a FAQ sheet to help you answer volunteer questions as they come up.

Here are some highlights:

    • Our goal is to have all Registered Adults complete the training prior to April 30th.
    • There will be additional recommended trainings released later on this year.
    • There is a new ScoutsFirst Helpline (844)-Scouts1 or (844)726-8871.  Anyone can call a Youth Protection violation into this numbers as it’s open 24 hours a day.
    • Training is good for 2 years.

If you have questions about the training or suggestion for improvements please send them to Sherry Webb.

Thank you,
Jay Soucy  |  Training Director
Crossroads of America Council

Copies of Jay’s attachments are linked here:

  1. YPT2 FAQ from BSA 1.31.2018
  2. YPT2 Adult Online Training Quick Facts

YPT version 2 Published (UPDATED)

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UPDATE #2 (2/9/18, 9:50 AM): I have received more information from the Crossroads of America Council Training Director Jay Soucy, via Director of Field Service for Central Section Ken Ruppel. This information is posted in a newer article.

National Council has published a new version of Youth Protection Training.YPT Logo

Initial reviews of ease-of-use have been less than favorable. So, remembering the Scout Law is going to be important for the first few weeks.

Initial indications are that this update has several significant changes:

  1. A requirement all scouters update their YPT by October 1, 2018, regardless of their current expiration date.
  2. No scout, venturer, or explorer will be allowed to tent with another youth of greater than 2 years age difference or maturity. This is due to FBI statistics that show that youth abuse other youth of large age disparity.
  3. Co-ed rules from venturing have been incorporated across the entire program.

There is probably more, but I have not taken it, so I cannot confirm.

The MyScouting app has been updated to allow this training to be taken on your mobile device.

The system will also use the ScoutingU education interface from, so expect a navigation problem.

More details as they become available.

UPDATE 2/7/18 at 4:00 pm:

I am working through the new modules. The YPT2, as they are calling it online, consists of four modules on, the host website for ScoutingU.

The first module is an overview of why preventing abuse is important and the concepts of Youth Protection. It is very well done and a bit disturbing but it really has more adult maturity to it than the old YPT ever did. I had no real technical problems. I had to learn to advance the slides or submoduals using the forward skip button. This means that it is harder to let the video play and ignore it if you hope to get done any time in the 21st century.

The second module is about sexual abuse and grooming. The content is much more similar to the old YPT. I had many technical problems. I started on a Safari browser on my Mac. When it locked up during the scenarios, I moved to Google Chrome for Mac. It eventually allowed me to move forward, but the scenarios submoduals never did work correctly. I have little confidence that the browser choice had any effect.

The third module is about bullying. It talks about verbal, social, and physical bullying. It describes cyberbullying as a subcategory of social bullying.

The fourth module is the YPT certification test. The questions are very straightforward. They only have a few that have tricky turns of phrase. If you read moderately carefully, you will have a reasonable chance of passing.

Initiallly, my completed training did not populate my “Youth Protection Training Cert.” on the My Dashboard:My Training:YPT page on That may be a technical glitch. The training was showing as 100% Complete on

Overall, I would say the content is a vast improvement over the old courses. There are new procedures in place that make compliance much easier. The most profound change is the implementation of a Scout First Help Line at (844)SCOUTS-1. This national toll-free number is designed to help put counseling and reporting to the BSA in one place. It is designed to answer questions, too. Put this phone number on the top of all your outing worksheets and contact information. Put it in your smartphone.

Surprisingly there is little emphasis on the co-ed aspects of scouting. The new rules sound nearly identical to old Venturing YPT requirements.

There are two courses listed on One is “MANDATORY”; the other “RECOMMENDED.” The mandatory one is what I described above. The recommended one does not seem to have any modules yet. I have no idea what this is for. It could be for Cub specific or Scout specific modules. We will see.

I have no additional information about whether the expiration date for training has changed, but I highly recommend taking the new training immediately.

New Adult Applications

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From Council’s Registrar Sharon Cone:

Hello all!  We just received new applications from National, and I wanted to make you aware of the changes in the adult application.  Some of it looks similar, some of it looks completely different.  Here’s what to look for:

  • Only 2 sets of initials required by signature line (was 4);
  • Approval signature needed from Chartered Org Rep or Institutional Head only (no Committee Chair approval needed);
  • Criminal Background Check Authorization page is very last page of the application (page 9).

I’ve attached a PDF of the new adult application, as well as the updated youth application previously released.  The adult application is a scanned copy that I made, because the Scouting Forms page on does not have an updated version of the adult application, nor does it have updated versions in Spanish.  I ordered Spanish apps but did not receive any.

You can find these versions in Field Service/District Executive Resources/Forms, etc.  We will put the new versions out on the shelf and lose the old ones.

Any questions, let me know.  Thanks.

Sharon Cone  |  Registrar
Crossroads of America Council #160

Application – Adult (English) 524-501 (rev’d 2/2018) (no word if older versions are still acceptable or not).

Application – Youth (English) 524-406-1

YPT Update

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Thank you to all the scouters who have been updating their Youth Protection Training. Your efforts are paying off. In 2018 we are running ahead of 2017.

We still have a bunch more to go, the trends are excellent.

YoY 2016-2017 YPT

Roundtable Thursday

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This Thursday we will have a busy roundtable.

We will have all the following at 7:00 pm

  1. Den Leader SDistrictCommissionerpecific Training for all grades;
  2. Camping skills for Webelos Den Leaders and Cubmasters with demonstrations by boy scouts from Troop 56;
  3. Introduction to Rechartering methods and other fun of unit administration. This is open to all persons handling rechartering; and
  4. An open forum for boy scout leaders not involved in rechartering.

We will also have Youth Protection Training for Cubs and Scouts live at 6:30 pm.

See you Thursday at Luke’s Lodge on northeast corner of campus of St Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 West 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260 at 7:00 pm.

Rechartering Outline Updated

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District Commissioner has revised the Rechartering Update page on this website in anticipation of the new Rechartering season.

Dates, times, and locations of rechartering turn-ins have been posted. Please make sure that your unit’s chair and/or the rechartering champion have placed these dates on their calendars. If they cannot make it, they may ask another person to attend in their place.

Please be advised no turn-ins at the Council Registrar window will be accepted. Those will be put in the inter-office mail and sent to the District Executive. This delays processing of your Application to Recharter.

Please be advised that scouters without a current YPT expiration will prevent your Application for Recharter from printing your finalized roster. This is new for October 2017. Work on YPT now so that you can complete recharter turn in on time.

Other Rumored Changes

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I cannot independently verify these yet, but Bobwhite Blather is a reputable site about scouting. He reports that in addition to the fee increase one change that is moot to the Crossroads of America Council (i.e., YPT before initial registration, a long-standing CAC practice) two other changes are coming in 2018:

  • All adults at summer camp must be registered. In the past, a parent of a Scout could camp with the troop, subject to local requirements such as completing YPT or being cleared by the state’s human services central registry. Beginning in 2018, however, any adult who accompanies a troop to a long-term (over 72 hours) resident camp or other activity (such as high adventure) must be registered with the BSA, even if they are the parent of a Scout on the trip. This is to allow the BSA to conduct the criminal background check and for the chartered organization to explicitly approve of the adult. They can be registered with the unit in any of the positions available, including Assistant Scoutmaster, committee member or Unit Scouter Reserve. The latter is preferred if the adult has no other responsibilities with the troop – but if you have vacancies on your committee, this might be a good way to bolster it.

  • Internet Rechartering is improved. I haven’t seen too many specifics, but the new rechartering process is more in line with the tools available at Most of us have suffered with the previous Internet rechartering system, including its reliance on a specific browser to complete some of the steps. If the new system is like the other current tools, it’ll work with a variety of modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It’ll also include many convenience improvements such as allowing electronic authorization and online payment.

Any time the BSA says that they are “improving technology,” I start having heart palpatations. If past experience is any indication of future performance (since this is not an SEC compliant website), we could be in for a bumpy rechartering year.

YPT renewals: Reasons and Methods

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As part of council’s effort to keep people current on their Youth Protection Training status, they send out emails reminding persons needing training that expiration is approaching. A quick how-to for online YPT is available here.Youth Protection Logo

This past week, District has sent out its own emails emphasizing the need for YPT renewal, too. This message is slightly different. The council only seeks renewal of YPT near deadlines. The District request emphasizes the importance of completion before October 1, 2017 for persons expiring before March 1, 2018.

Why the inconsistent message? Well, we have posted previous articles about rechartering. The problem is that National Council has allowed different local councils around the country to use different rechartering cycles. We are on the calendar year basis, so our units’ charters expire on December 31st each year. Some council expire on February 28th/29th each year. Having a universal rule on YPT is hard to explain with different local councils having differing charter expiration dates.

So, we simplify it by telling you how the myriad different rules on YPT and rechartering all fit together. As the above-linked article indicates, the optimal time for Crossroads of America Council members to renew YPT is between March 1st and October 1st each year. If you came from another council, you might have experienced a different optimal cycle due to rechartering differences.

Unit Committee Chairs, please make sure that you have a YPT Champion. You or a more tech-saavy member of the Key 3 can authorize a unit member to see the Training Manager records. A Unit Key 3 member can go on to the Organizational Security Manager. Under “Functional Positions,” you can select “YPT Champion.” Use the green plus sign to designate a person to do this job. Please remember that this designation must be renewed every year, otherwise your YPT Champion will be locked out.

Your YPT Champion should be familiar with problems of training records not showing up on if there is a conflict between BSA Member IDs on the unit roster versus on the For more information on how to reconcile this problem, see this flyer from National Council or our previous article.

To help units get YPT done easier, we are offering YPT at the next two (Sept and Oct) Roundtables beginning at 6:30 pm. We will use the video and mark all participants as having their YPT up to date. You can then stay for Roundtable.

Units can also use the YPT videos from YouTube (you will have to pause at critical times for conversations) and Facilitator’s Handbook to run their own in-person YPT. This is a great way to get new parents trained on YPT. It generally gets great reviews for first-timers to better understand how we protect their kids.  You can see the National Council Website for overview information. Please make sure that the Unit Key 3 update the participants’ training records in the Training Manager immediately. (The YPT Champion should be able to do this, too, if I am not mistaken.)