Our Units

The Boy Scouts of America offers many scouting programs based on age, interests, and experiences sought.

Existing units in North Star District include Cub Scouts (kindergarten through Crossover in 5th grade), Boy Scouts (mid 5th grade through 18th birthday), and Venturers (age 14 to 21st birthday). North Star District serves these programs exclusively.

In addition, North Star District would serve any newly established Varsity Teams (age 14 to 18 with focus on athletic competitions instead of camping with Boy Scout advancement programs) and Sea Scout Ships (which are specialized Venturing crews focusing on nautical themes). No such units currently exist in North Star District.

Through BSA’s subsidiary Learning for Life, BSA also offers the Exploring program for business based programs and Learning for Life programs in school-based programming. Since 1992, this program has been run as outside of the Scouting Program. Recently in 2015, they have been quietly added back to the Scouting Program and have been re-introduced into the District governing structure. Consequently, it is not a part of North Star District. They do not use uniforms. For more information about Learning for Life school-based offerings from kindergarten to grade 12, see their webpage.


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    […] Our Units […]


    […] Our Units […]


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