Rechartering 2018: Update

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From District Commissioner Stephen Heath:

Rechartering is coming As a follow-up to a note sent to the Pack, Troop and Crew Key 3’s, here’s where we’re at in the journey.

Now through Sept 30:

·       YPT needs to be completed by all youth-interacting audits, using the new YPT course. On-line is the most efficient way to get this done by

·       Position specific training for scoutmaster, asst scoutmasters, den leaders and cubmasters should be done this month, if possible.  There will be opportunities to catch these up at University of Scouting in November, and also in the evenings at Golden Burke.  Chairs, please have someone check and oversee your training!

·       Has your COR scheduled a meeting with your charter rep to prepare sign-off paperwork?

October 1:  On-line recharter is open! Adult and youth rosters should be current. Fees should be collected and ready to submit.

October 15-19: NS Commissioner Service will schedule drop-off times and places around town to receive recharter packets & fees. Please make sure all charter signatures are-place and training is up to date!

Tentative dates:

·        Oct 15 – Washington Township

·        Oct 16 – Meridian/Kessler

·        Oct 17 – Zionsville

·        Oct 18 – Pike Township

October 31: Deadline for recharter packets are received and ready for council, as noted in the letter below. If you opt to drop these off at Council, either before or after our pick-up dates, please make sure (District Executive) Jessica Hofman is aware so she can look out for it!

Information about the process including links to resource materials may be found online at  Getting an early start is a good way to Be Prepared!


Preparation for rechartering: roster review

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Remember rechartering is only a few weeks away. Now is the time to make sure your roster is up to date. Send it to Jessica Hofman to make sure council’s records match.

Then review the training for your unit. If you have 100% trained of next year’s leaders, you are all set. Otherwise, get them trained.

YPT v2: F2F Training on May 5

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There will be a face to face (F2F) training session for Youth Protection Training v2 hosted by Pack 830:YPT Logo

Saturday, May 5, 8 – 10 am (registration starts at 7:30 am with coffee and donuts available)

Eagle Creek Community Church, 5943 N Lafayette Rd., Indianapolis IN.

The team is asking for a sign-up RSVP for planning purposes.  Please sign up using this calendar link:  May 5 YPTv2 Training hosted by Pack 830


Our goal with the F2F sessions is to get as many parents trained as possible!  This is likely the first of a handful of sessions; this location may be most convenient for our Pike-area parents but all are welcome.  Future sessions will be in other areas of the District.

Please pass this information far and wide and get the word out, let’s get our parents trained, thank you!


JTE Report from District

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It’s that time of year 🎼 🎶 . . . no, no, no, not that. The JTE report time of year.

As we are wrapping up Rechartering, we have a better idea of what the year’s end 2017 Journey to Excellence report will look like.

First a refresher on definitions. Gold level means that a unit, district, or council has scored in the 80th percentile or better. For those of you who are not currently in my son’s statistics class, that means the unit, district, or council has scored as well as or better than 80% of the units, districts, or councils, respectively, out there. Silver is the 51st to 79th percentile. Bronze is 20th to 49th percentile.

So with those definitions in mind, the drum roll, please! 🥁🥁

As of the report this morning, North Star District has 33 of 40 units scoring Gold:

  1. Packs 18, 35, 105, 171, 174, 175, 358 (all five tribes), 514, 625, and 830 (total packs: 14);
  2. Troops 18, 35, 56, 69, 72, 73, 174, 180, 269, 343, 358, 512, 514, and 804 (total troops: 14); and
  3. Crew 358 and 408.

North Star has 2 units scoring Silver, Pack 180 and Crew 56 (chartered in December 2016).

The District has one unit scoring Bronze, Pack 64.

Three units reported but did not qualify for any JTE award. One unit has tendered no report yet. Pack 73 is too new to have any historical data yet on which to generate a report. Consequently, this looks like the final results.

So what does this mean for the District? With the November End of Month report (preliminary data, subject to revision), North Star has 2250 points, qualifying for District Gold again for the third year straight. Unfortunately, Del-Mi has slipped into a 25 point lead with 2275. This would break a streak of North Star wins.

Right now, we do not have all the results of Unit JTE Reports entered. Based on the information above, the categories that we can still improve on before year’s end are as follows:

  1. Cub Scout Camping: Worth an additional 50 points for us. This will come out the JTE reports, so we expect this to increase. We are 25 Cub Scouts short of necessary, but some of the JTE reports have not been processed yet. If you think that you have additional reports that could help (like October or November family camps that were not included), email Jessica Hofman to clarify where your pack stands.
  2. Boy Scout Camping. Worth 25-75 more points, depending on the reports made. For the mechanics, it is nearly identical to the Cub Scout Camping described above. If your unit did summer camp out-of-council or did high adventure but not on high national council base, we need your numbers. We need 73 boy scouts reported camping from outside local council or national council camps or high adventures or specialty camps (like STEM). Email Jessica if you think your boys were not reported as having done long-term camping.
  3. Additional Service Man-Hours: We need 3,274 more man-hours reported. That works out to about 80 man-hours per unit. Please make sure to login to with your Internet Advancement login and password to make sure your unit’s records are up to date through December 2017.
  4. Unit JTE Gold: We have met this criteria, but it is not scoring yet. That will be worth an additional 150 points.

Your outgoing Key 3 is working on a few tasks to boosts these numbers a bit more yet from the administrative. Let’s keeping working to put Del-Mi behind us.

Even so this is all very good news. You should be proud of the efforts that you are making on behalf of your youth!

Recharter Update: 9 Days Left

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As of today, we have only 9 days left to complete rechartering electronically. That means that any unit that has not started the rechartering process electronically, submitted an electronic roster, and sent in supporting paperwork by December 15, 2017 can have major problems.

What are “major problems”? Your rechartering application process may have to start all over again, but this time be on paper and all members submit new applications for membership.

This is a major change in time schedule for previous years.

At this time, we have 25 units whose paperwork has been approved by the District Executive and District Commissioner and has been submitted to the Council Registrar. We have seen little progress on these packages moving through the Registrar’s stack, because there 700 packages to be processed. This is the slowest part of the process.

Of the 15 remaining units, 12 units have submitted most of their paperwork. We are waiting on various problems to be resolved from these 13 units. These units are

  • Packs 18, 72, 84, 174, 179, 180, and 747;
  • Troops 35, 69, 179, and 180; and
  • Crew 69.

If you believe that your unit is incorrectly on this list, please do not hesitate to contact District Executive Jessica Hofman, Assistant District Commissioner for Rechartering Mat Gerdenich, your Unit Commissioner, or District Executive Jeff Heck. We want to help you expedite matters.

What are the typical problems?

Some units are missing entire applications for new youth or new adults. Some units are missing necessary initials or signatures on adult applications (the biggest problem is the failure to sign the Criminal Background Check release on the page facing the Adult Applcation). If these applications are not required to recharter, you can choose to drop these applicants from the recharter roster, then add them after rechartering. NOTE: For youth pursuing advancement, this is not a good option.

Other units have adults who do not have the required training. The ideal solution is to complete training online. If that is not possible or preferred, there are several options:

  1. we will accept a receipt for University of Scouting.
  2. If the adults are not required to recharter, they can be moved to Unit Scouter Reserve. This classification does not require training other than YPT. To move back to the previous position, before the next recharter season, this person would have to fill out a new Adult Application to change their position.
  3. Another option is to move Assistant Scoutmasters to Committee Members. Assistant Scoutmasters have to take the one in-person class that does not have an equivalent online class: Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills. (IOLS at University of Scouting is an all-day course, so you would not be able to take other classes that day.)
  4. New Assistant Scoutmasters who have made Eagle Scout since the 2003 curriculum changes are automatically qualified as having achieved Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills. Your Unit Key 3 can enter the training in’s Trainng Manager as complete as of the date of their Eagle Board of Review.

Some units are missing dues payments. Those are best handled one by one.

Help us close out rechartering as quickly as possible!

Final Push to Finish Recharter

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As District Commissioner, my deadline set by council to hand in all unit’s Applications to Recharter is Thursday, December 30, 2017. This includes all clean up items that have not been wrapped up.

I have been told that Council is going to be announcing that all Applications to Renew Charter and supporting paperwork must be turned in by December 15, 2017. Failure to do so will results in the entire rechartering process begin again but this time all be on paper. All adults and youth will have to complete new paper applications to re-enroll for 2018.

The reason for this rumored change is that it brings the Crossroads of America Council into strict compliance with National Council’s requirements. National Council requires that local council’s submit their own Applications to Renew Charter by December 31, 2017 to Area 6. Area 6 has been frustrated with us for years because we were regularly late.

This is the first year that our Director of Field Service Nathan Young has managed the rechartering process from beginning to end. When he joined us in 2016, he had a steep learning curve on our processes. After observing this, he has implemented several changes that have resulted in a smoother and more prompt rechartering administration.

The new deadline is not new. It is just finally be acknowledged by our Council.

Done: The following units should have no issues based on my review of their paperwork:

  • Packs 35, 64, 171, 174, 358 (Delaware Tribe), 358-2 (Miami Tribe), 358-5 (Kickapoo Tribe), 514, and 830;
  • Troops 18, 56, 72, 269, 343, 358, 512, 514,  and 804; and
  • Crews 56 and 408.

This is a total of 20 of our 39 units. Only 4 of these units have been finalized by the registrar. We are awaiting word on the rest. See previous posts for those units.

Missing Items: The following units have some missing items or miscommunications that need to be resolved before being finalized:

  • Packs 18, 72, 84, 105, 175, 179, 180, 358-3 (Munsee Tribe), 358-4 (Shawnee Tribe), and 747;
  • Troops 73, 174, and
  • Crew 358.

This is a total of 13. Jessica and I will communicating these units on remaining issues. If training is the issue, please contact us, so that we can send trainers to your next meeting or schedule a district-wide event to handle those issues. All training except scoutmasters’ Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills are online at

Rechartering Begun but No Paperwork Received: The following units have begun the computer work for rechartering but have submitted no documentation:

  • Troop 35, 69, and 180; and
  • Crew 69.

This is a total of 4 units. Troops 69 and 180 and Crew 69 have made arrangements to drop off paperwork in the next 24 hours.

These units can help expedite the process by emailing Jeff Heck or Jessica Hofman their paperwork as it exists to date, even if signatures are missing. This allows us to get a head of the process by previewing potential problems. Then you can have some reassurance that it is done properly, when it is finally delivered.

If your unit is not listed, no computer rechartering has begun. Those leaders have been in direct contact with Jessica or me, but they have not started the computer work. These units need to get the computer work done this week. We can follow up on all further supporting paperwork between today and December 15th when all items must be complete.

Thank you to those who have born the brunt of rechartering and its bureaucracy. It is a thankless but necessary job.

Recharter Update

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As of Tuesday noon, we have 25 units as JTE Gold, 2 JTE Silver, 2 JTE Bronze, and one did not qualify. That leaves 9 unreported.

Similarly for rechartering, we have the original 4 units that were ready to post, meaning that the registrar had approved their Applications to Renew Charter. Since that time, the registrar has been inundated with new packages and the approval count for our district has stalled completely.

That means that we have 9 units that have submitted paperwork and been approved by the District Executive and Commissioner, but have not yet been processed by the regisrar. These are Packs 35, 514, and 830; Troops 18, 56, 72, and 514; and Crews 56 and 408.

We have 16 units that have defects that have been communicated to the units. Most of these are missing minor items like dues payment or a missing signature. Of these most have scheduled times to get these completed so that we can close rechartering by the end of the month. If your unit has not scheduled a date of completion, please let us know.

We have 3 units have completed their online rosters but submitted no paperwork. Another 3 units have started the online rechartering but not submitted the final roster. Yet another 3 units that have not started the process.

Thank you to all of those unit leaders that have worked so hard to get us to this point. It is a thankless job.

Recharters now overdue

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Applications to renew Charters and supporting paperwork were due last Thursday, November 9, 2017.

If your chair or Rechartering specialist have not received notice that you are done, you probably are not done.

Please remember that volunteers like you do most of the work on Rechartering. If they have to chase you down, it is less time that those volunteers are spending with family, scouts, fun, or work.

Please make sure the commissioner you are working with knows your plans. Ask them if we have notes entered in our tracking system about your plans.

We really need all paperwork in this Friday. We have a lot of work to do once you turn in paperwork.

Thank you for your cooperation in wrapping up this tedious and necessary process.

Recharter Update

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With the last recharter turn-in only 36 hours away, as of this writing, it is time to look at how the district’s rechartering is proceeding.

NOTE: This year we have the added wrench in the gears that our district executives were switched mid-stream. That is requiring a bit of extra effort to make sure everyone is on the same page. In addition, I have a suspicion that there is a technical glitch in our backoffice reporting system. I have made inquiries to the administrator.

Please understand that any confusion or misinformation arising from these changes is not intentional. As I communicate with units, please understand that I am working on the best information available. I expect that we will have any problems ironed out by Friday. I will post updates on this page as they become available.

As of this writing, only five of our 39 units have not logged into the rechartering system. For those five units, that leaves you only 36 hours to do all of the online work before your paperwork’s final deadline arrives at tomorrow night’s final recharter turn-in.

Of the remaining 34 units, the commissioner, executive and registrar have approved two units to post, meaning they are done and approved at all levels: Troops 343 and 512.

The charter agreement, application to recharter, and JTE scorecard have been received from the units listed below. Whether there remain any problems is yet to be finalized. These units will be informed or received a punchlist at turn-in identifying if problems are identified. Packs 18, 64, 105, 514, and Troops 358, 514, 804.

The following units have finalized their rosters online but still have paperwork to turn in, according  to my records (please review the note above on updating information). Packs 72, 84, 171, 175, 179, 358, 358-2, 358-3, 358-4, 358-5, Troops 18, 69, and 269.

The following units have worked with the commissioner service and generated a mutually agreed punch list of outstanding tasks. We are awaiting those items being completed, hopefully tomorrow night. Packs 35, 174, 747, 830, Troops 56, 73, Crews 56, 358, and 408.

Finally Troop 180 has been in contact with me about the current status and plans to complete.

Thank you to all of the volunteers that put so much effort into this tedious but necessary process this year. While you may not get the recognition you deserve, you are providing a valuable service.

Please let me, Jessica, or Mat Gerdenich know what we can do to help you finish rechartering by tomorrow night’s turn-in.

Final Recharter Turn-In at Roundtable

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At this point, all units should have opened the Internet Rechartering system and reviewed their rosters and verified that all of your existing leadership is trained and new leaders have scheduled their training. At this time, three packs, two troops, and one crew have not started rechartering online. To those units, please do so this weekend.

This Thursday, November 9, 2017 we will have the next Roundtable at 7:00 pm. We will also offer Den Leader Training at the same time.

Next door in Luke’s Lodge, we will be holding the last recharter turn-in. It will open at 6:00 pm and close at 8:30 pm. It will be open house style, so it is first-come, first-serve.

All units are expected to have their Applications to Renew Charter and supporting paperwork turned in by the end of this function. We want to be 100% done. To determine what that means visit the Rechartering Update 2017 page.

Please contact your unit commissioner, district commissioner, or assistant district commissioner for Rechartering Mat Gerdenich if you have any questions or concerns.