Online training tech problems at

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District officers have received a myriad of complaints about’s online training system. Most are reporting that the scouter has taken an online module and not received credit for completing the module. The scouter then tries to complete the module again without an improved result.trained patch

Given that district is working hard to have 100% Trained adult leadership, this presents a major obstacle to that goal.

Some tips for dealing with these problems are

  1. Do not repeat a module. Preferably, take a screenshot of the end of the module. If it does not give you credit for completion, the screenshot will be accepted.
  2. If you cannot take a screenshot, keep a handwritten log of the modules giving you problems. Then move on to the next module. When you are done with training, send Jeff Heck an email of the problem modules. We can manually enter completion for for the entire course but not individual modules, so it is important you complete the training before telling us about problem modules. We are powerless to help you until course completion.
  3. Take in-person training. Most attendees report getting more value from the conversations than from the online modules. Remember you will get credit for training in rechartering for signing up and paying your course fees, if you send an email receipt of the course. This includes tonight’s classes, council training, and University of Scouting on January 14, 2017.

Remember recharter is now overdue, so we would really appreciate closing out these training issues as soon as possible.

If you have other questions, please contact District Commissioner Jeff Heck.

Merit Badge Counselor Rechartering

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Remember as part of District’s Recharter (yes, District recharters annually, too), we need to confirm your troop’s and crew’s merit badge counselor list. (They are technically district staff and not unit staff.)

Please confirm with District Merit Badge Counselor Registrar Mike Yates that all of your MBC’s are

  1. Trained as an MBC
  2. Current on their Youth Protection certification through, and
  3. Still active with the troop.

Units that fail to certify this information to Mike Yates are subject to having their MBC’s dropped in the rechartering process. That means all blue cards they sign are void. Please do not let that happen to your scouts.

Rechartering Updates as of 11/30/16

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At this time, North Star has done very well in getting the initial paperwork turned in for its units. We have a vastly higher percentage of units submitting paperwork to Council that other similarly situated districts.

We have a number of units that have not had their submissions finalized because of missing paperwork or training.

The units that have completely submitted all paperwork, payment, and evidence of training AND have been approved by the registrar are (7 units)

  • Packs 35 and 514,
  • Troops 35, 56, 73, 269, and 514.

The units that have completed the above-listed paperwork but approval by the registrar is still pending are (6 units)

  • Packs 105, 358 (Delaware Tribe), 358-3 (Munsee Tribe),  and 586, and
  • Troops 191 and 804.

The units that have completed all paperwork and payments but still have training requirements to complete (which many can complete with in-person training or online training this week and next week) are

  • Packs 18, 64, 171, 174, 175, 179, 358-2 (Miami Tribe), 358-4 (Shawnee Tribe), and
  • Troops 18, 358, and 586.

As a side note, thank you to the scoutmaster corps from Troop 586 for attending last night’s Scoutmaster Specific Training at St Luke’s UMC to keep their training moving forward! (Another one tonight!)

Thank you, too, to the other leaders that have done their training online or with other members of their unit.

The remaining units have paperwork outstanding. Troop 343 and Crew 358 have scheduled the delivery of their paperwork this week.

Rechartering Report: Deadline +1 Day

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Our District deadline for Rechartering passed yesterday November 20, 2016. Here is a report of how we are doing.

The following units have been approved by the registrar for 2017 rechartering with (1) 100% training, (2) all paperwork, and (3) all dues paid (total 6 units):

  • Pack 35, and
  • Troops 35, 56,73, 269, 514.

The following units have the same 3 criteria met but are awaiting the registrar’s ratification. The registrar handles these first-come, first-serve from across the council, so when ratification will come is unknowable. (Total 5 units.)

  • Packs 105, 514, 586, and
  • Troop 191, and 804.

The following units have completed all paperwork and paid all dues, they have training requirements yet to fulfill. When training is complete, these will be submitted to the registrar. (Total 12 units.)

  • Packs 18, 64, 171, 174, 175, 179, 358 (almost all veteran tribes)
  • Troop 18, 358, 586.

Three units have turned in paperwork but have defects in their submission and likely need training. (3 units)

  • Packs 84 and 358-2.
  • Crew 408.

The following units have submitted their rosters online but have submitted no paperwork. All have had extensive communications with the DE or the commissioners. Many are waiting for the Chartered Organization execute documents. Many of these have promised to do that by Tuesday, November 22, 2016. (5 units)

  • Troops 69, 174, and 343 and
  • Crews 69 and 358.

The remaining units have nothing turned in either on paper or online. That leaves us with 4 units to get paperwork wrapped up and finalized. All have had extensive communications. Many have extenuating circumstances involving family emergencies among the Key 3. Families in those units could be very helpful in offering to lift some of the burden off the current leaders to get their rechartering done.

Rechartering Report for week of November 17, 2016

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Significant updates on 11/18/16 at 1:54 pm below.

At the Council Commissioner Staff meeting Tuesday night, North Star District was once again recognized for its successful efforts in moving the rechartering process forward.

Thank you to all of the Unit Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners for those efforts. You deserve the recognition.

Even so, the work is not yet done.

At this time, three units have successfully posted as completed to the BSA rechartering system with all paperwork, dues, and training completed: Pack 35, Troop 56, and Troop 514.

Due to a technology glitch, three other units that should also have been posted to the national system have been stalled due to no fault of the units: Pack 586, Troop 35, and Troop 269. Those units have done all the requirements to recharter, but the BSA system has not allowed the Council Registrar to process their paperwork. The units have each been advised of the problem. We hope that no other units will have this problem in the future with the technology maintenance due Friday night.

We have seven units that have completed all paperwork and dues payments but are awaiting training completion. (See post on problems with Training Manager.) Of those seven units, five of them only have one or two persons in need of training. Those units are Pack 105, Pack 175, Pack 514, Troop 18, and Troop 804. Most of those trainings are available online (except for Scoutmasters or Assistant Scoutmasters) or in-person in the next several weeks.

Eleven units have submitted partial paperwork. Of those, one of them is only a dues payment issue. The rest have training issues, too.

Six units have submitted their rosters online but have submitted no paperwork.

Four units have started the online process but for various reasons are stuck. Most of those are due to staffing issues that need to be resolved, and not for lack of effort to recharter.

Remember that the deadline for completing rechartering is November 20th. All units needs to be working toward meeting that deadline. That being said, all units have had open lines of communications with the Commissioners and the DE, so we are aware of most problems in rechartering. We are ready, willing and able to make ourselves available for one-on-one meetings with units to help bridge remaining gaps. Please let the Commissioners know if you wish to exercise this opportunity.

UPDATED 11/18/16 at 1:54 pm: Thanks to the diligent effort of many units, we have had many improvements since the earlier report.

The following units have completed all three parts of rechartering: paperwork, dues payment, and training. Those units are:

  • Pack 35, Pack 105, Pack 514, Pack 586 (4 packs); and
  • Troop 35, Troop 56, Troop 73, Troop 191, Troop 269, Troop 514, and Troop 804 (7 troops).

The following units have completed all paperwork and dues payments. They only need to complete training:

  • Pack 64, Pack 171, Pack 175, Pack 179, Pack 358-0  (Delaware Tribe), Pack 358-2 (Miami Tribe), Pack 358-3 (Munsee Tribe), and Pack 358-4 (Shawnee Tribe) (8 packs/tribes);
  • Troop 18, and Troop 358 (2 troops); and
  • Crew 408.

That leaves 4 packs, 3 troops, and 3 crews needing to turn in paperwork, dues and training certificates.

Don’t forget to sign up for training in-person to get credit as trained.

BSA Tech problems: Training Manager

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UPDATED 11/18/16 at 2:oo pm: At last check the system seems to be working reliably.

Just as we are pushing to have our units 100% trained, the BSA is having a series of technology problems on’s Training Manager.

First, unit training reports are running painfully slowly. This results in checking on scouters’ training results. If you have completed training, please contact a Commissioner to report your completion. This will allow us to note your rechartering file that training is no longer an issue for that scouter. Then we have technology problems, we do not harass those who believe they are done until we have success pulling up complete reports again.

Second, many scouters are reporting that the online training system is not giving them credit for training modules completed. The proposed resolution is to report this immediately to a commissioner to enter into your unit’s rechartering file, too.

BSA is promising to do maintenance Friday night on the training module. Plan your weekend training efforts accordingly. Hopefully this will result in some resolution of these problems.

Thank you for your patience in advance.

Rechartering Update for Veteran’s Day

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After last night’s final rechartering turn in night, I am pleased to announce that seven units have completed all requirements for rechartering: (1) 100% trained, (2) paid in full, and (3) all paperwork in order.

Those units are

  • Pack and Troop 35 at St Joan of Arc RCC;
  • Pack 586, LDS-Zionsville Stake;
  • Troop 56, St Luke’s UMC;
  • Troop 73, St Paul’s Episcopal;
  • Troop 269, St Andrew’s Presbyterian; and
  • Troop 514, St Monica’s RCC.

Units that have paid in full and have submitted all paperwork but still have training requirements to complete (see this post on how to expedite training solutions) are

  • Pack 175, Christ the King RCC;
  • Pack 179, Crooked Creek Elementary, MSD Washington Twp.;
  • Pack 514, St Monica’s RCC;
  • Troop 18, Second Presbyterian;
  • Troop 358, St Alphonsius RCC; and
  • Troop 804, Zionsville American Legion Post.

We have 12 units that submitted most of their paperwork and/or dues payments but still have rechartering issues that are more than training issues.

We have 6 units that have submitted their rechartering rosters online but from which we have received little, if any, paperwork.

We have 4 units that have started rechartering but have not finalized their rosters. One of those has scheduled a date with the commissioner service to finalize that early next week.

Thank you to all of you for your diligence in helping us move rechartering along expeditiously.

Rechartering Update

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Tomorrow night is the last Recharter Turn In Night. We will be first come, first serve at St Luke’s UMC’s Luke’s Lodge (a lot of apostrophes) from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. (We often start slow and get busier through the night, so word to the wise.)

Congratulations to Troop 514 and Troop 56, in order of submission, to be the first units to (a) turn in all paperwork and all dues payments, and (b) certify all of their adult leaders as Trained!

We also have 22 (updated: 11/9, 12:20 pm 20) Gold Journey to Excellence units and 1 Bronze.

At this time we have only 5 units that have not submitted their rosters online. Of these, we already have plans in place on how to proceed.

The great news is that 7 units that have submitted all of their paperwork but are working on completing their training.

In addition we have 11 units that have submitted some of their paperwork but have technical problems. Many of these also have training needed.

All units have open lines of communication with the District staff. Thank you for that.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow to wrap this up! (Please come no matter what stage your paperwork is in.)

Thursday 11/3 Rechartering report

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As of this morning, November 3rd, out of 35 units in rechartering, 28 units have now completed their online rechartering process and hit the “SUBMIT” button!

Of the remaining 7 units, one is nearly complete and three are in the process of updating their rosters, usually needing to confirm the status of particular individuals in the unit. Only three have loaded their rosters with no editing online.

That is terrific news.

Even better, 17 have submitted signed charter agreements and recharter applications fully signed by all parties. They have all have various punch list items to complete. Most are related to training adult leaders.

Pack 35 and Troop 514 have turned in all of their paperwork and have certified 100% of their adults fully trained!

Report on Rechartering and Thursday’s Roundtable

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UPDATE Wednesday 11:41 am: I omitted Troop 804 in the report below. They appeared at their scheduled turn-in with everything in hand. Thank you to Scoutmaster Greg Hoyes for advising me of my oversight so that their troop gets proper credit for their efforts.

After our three district turn-in nights, we have made great strides. Thanks to the following units for completing the electronic portion of rechartering, as of Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at noon:


That is very impressive. But, even more impressive is the fact that every one of our units except one has begun the online rechartering process. No other district comes close to 97% started. Sugar Creek is 74% started. Del-Mi is 90% started.

We had 81% of our units appear at turn-in nights as scheduled. Of the 19% that did not appear, two of those submitted draft recharter applications that have allowed the commissioners to review their applications for foreseeable problems. That means that the commissioners have reviewed 86% of our units already.

We have 100% of our units that have open and on-going communications with our commissioner staff. Thank you for that diligence! It makes serving North Star District such a joy!

Now we are asking that all units submit their online recharter application this week both electronically and with the necessary signatures (alongside the Charter Agreement). These documents allow us to prepare a clear punch list of incomplete tasks. These task lists are an important step in winding up rechartering quickly.

Remember the final night to turn in recharter paperwork by the deadline is November 10th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm in Luke’s Lodge on the northeast corner of campus of St Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 W. 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260 in lieu of our regular roundtable agenda. This is a first-come, first-serve event. We have tended to be slower at the start of these events and busier at the end, so plan accordingly.

We will have tables set up for interested scouters to have a true open-forum roundtable session in the neighboring room. If you come for rechartering and have to wait, you will be given a number and invited to participate in the open-forum roundtables while you wait.