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REMINDER: district meetings in next 2 weeks

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NOTE: one date ROOM CHANGE!!!!

Tomorrow Thursday, April 6, 2017 will have two meetings at Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 N Meridian St, GREAT ROOM, 2nd FLOOR, Indianapolis, IN 46260. This is a change due to the church’s conflicting events.

  1. District Committee at 7:00 pm.
  2. District Commissioners at 6:00 pm.

Roundtable. Then next week we will introduce our newest addition to the Commissioner Staff at Roundtable, our new Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Bill Buchalter. Bill is the immediate past Cubmaster of Pack 830 and its current Chartered Organization Representative.

Our Roundtable title is inspired by Rocky & Bullwinkle:

“Programming: How do we make Big Dreams Real,” or “Planning for Unit Growth and Success.”

We will be focusing on how to make your unit more successful. We will have a short presentation and — with your help — lots of good discussions. We are planning for separate discussions of troops/crews and packs.

Please invite to participate your

  1. committee members,
  2.  unit leaders (e.g., Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, or Crew Advisor),
  3. Crew Presidents, and
  4. SPLs (might be worth inviting, too).

If your unit has a history of success, we need you to help mentor other units at the meeting, so please come support our newer leaders.

All attending units will receive a calendar of upcoming events to assist your unit’s planning.

REMINDER: District Committee Meeting, Room Change

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Just a quick reminder about the District Committee Meeting on Thursday, April 6, 2017, starting at 7:00 pm at Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 N Meridian St, COMMON ROOM, Indianapolis, IN 46260. Yes, this is a change from our normal room. The church has a big event and they are using the entire 4th floor.

The District Commissioners Staff Meeting (meaning all unit commissioners, roundtable commissioners, and ADC’s) will meet as usual at 6:00 pm. Room has not been announced yet.

District Email Subscription List Updated

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Council has finalized the units’ rosters after the 2017 Recharter closing on February 28, 2017. We have added all registered adults in the District to the mailing list this morning.

As you know, the email is a compilation of articles posted on the District Website over the previous seven days.

If one of your leaders complains that they have previously Unsubscribed from this list but are being re-added without their permission, there is likely a simple explanation.

The system we use is Mail Chimp. It automatically reviews new email subscriptions. It looks for previous email addresses that have unsubscribed. These emails are NOT re-subscribed without an affirmative subscription from the recipient.

If a leader has an alternate email or has given the BSA a different email address, since their last unsubscribe, the volunteer is being added based on the new email address and NOT their name. Ask them to unsubscribe again for the new email address. Every email blast has an UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the email. Have the leader scroll to the bottom of the offending email and click on that link.

If you have a leader who wishes to be included or has joined after recharter, please have them subscribe at this link. This same subscription link is also at the top of the district website under “About.”

If you have a leader who wishes to change their email address on the mail list, the leader can click on “Update Subscription Preferences” at the bottom of the email.

As always, please email ideas and timely topics for articles on the website. Give us a reported success of your unit. Include links to your unit website. Remember in the age of Google and social media, one of the ways to drive traffic to your website or move higher on Google’s list is to have links from other websites. Your submitted articles to us with links back to your website will help your general public traffic to your website.

Here’s to another great year with the Council-Leading North Star District! (Highest scoring JTE District in CAC: 2800 out of 3000 points.)

Tonight is Unit Key 3 Conference

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Just a quick reminder of tonight’s Unit Key 3 Conference, hosted by the North Star District Committee.

We will be covering a lot of territory very quickly. So, listen fast!

See you tonight at the Scout Center at 6:00 pm.

If you have not made a reservation yet, you can still join us, but food may be limited.

If you, as a member of your Unit Key 3, cannot go, send a proxy.

We are still looking for any participants from Packs 18, 35, 84, 171, 174, 179, 180, 625, & 586, and Troops 18, 35, & 512. Please come join us.

Out of 37 units, that is nearly 67% participation. Thank you!

Unit Key 3 Conference: 7 Days Away

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The Unit Key 3 Conference will next week, on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at the Golden Burke Scout Service Center, 7125 Fall Creek Blvd, N Dr, Indianapolis, IN. (This is a change from the tentative location.)North Star Willie patch (small)

The agenda will focus on the services that District provides to the Units. It is your chance to hear from other volunteers in your position and give feedback on how District can improve through our efforts together. We will hear from the Vice-Chairs of each section of the District Committee on their efforts on your behalf.

We will gather at 6:00 pm for dinner. We will begin the program shortly afterward.

The Key 3 are the Unit Committee Chair, the Unit Leader, and the Chartered Org Rep. (The Unit Leader is the Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, or Venturing Advisor.)

Please make your reservation for this free event. Reservations are important to make sure we have enough food for everyone.

Eventbrite - Unit Key 3 Conference (location finalized)

District Presents Unit-Key 3 Conference February 22nd

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On February 22, 2017 at 6:00 pm, North Star District will hold a Unit Key 3 Conference. The Unit Key 3 are the unit’s chair, unit leader, and Chartered Organization Representative. The unit leader is the cubmaster, scoutmaster, or venturing advisor.

The agenda will be posted closer to the meeting time.

Dinner will be served. So reservations will be highly encouraged.

As a bit of preview, we will be discussing

  1. Council’s and District’s Fall 2017 cub recruiting plans and boy scout troops’ ability to support this project;
  2. Programming plans and opportunities to make planning easier for packs, troops, and crews;
  3. Encouraging joint camping opportunities between packs and troops;
  4. Availability of Venturing Crews and its support of scout troops;
  5. Order of the Arrow and Firecrafter plans for 2017;
  6. Input for district’s training plan for 2017 to better support units;
  7. Summer camp planning and promotion;
  8. Discussion of event planning for Memorial Day grave dressing, 500 program sales, Scouting for Food, etc.;
  9. Advancement status and discussion of ways to improve.

We will be issuing formal invitations to District Vice-Chairs and Subcommittee Chairs to give short presentations on their areas. If you hold one of those positions, please expect the invitation to speak.

We are still working on confirming the Keynote Speaker from Council. We are hoping to confirm the new Director of Field Services Nathan Young. He is Con’s boss’s boss. Nate is pushing many of the new changes in membership recruitment, so he is a wonderful resource for unit leaders.

Website Writer Recruitment

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District Commissioner is seeking help with the District Website. He plans to continue indefinitely as editor and lead writer.

He is seeking for writers with special areas of interest. Ideally he is seeking a different writer for each program: Cubs, Scouts, and Venturing.

One article per week would be ideal. One per quarter is helpful.

Contact Jeff for more information.


Status of the District

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As of this writing, we have had thirty-one (31) submit their Journey to Excellence reports. Of those units, the statistics are as follows:

  • Gold (meaning top 90 percentile nationally): 27
  • Silver (between top 50 and 90 percentile nationally): 1
  • Bronze (between top 20 and 50 percentile nationally): 2

Congratulations to our JTE awarded units!

We will report on the units who earned these awards at the District Committee Meeting tomorrow night.

That means that the North Star District is looking very good for District-wide gold, too. As of the End of November 2016 report, we have 2,450 points out of 3,000 possible. Of the 16 subcategories, we are Gold level in 10 subcategories, silver in 5 subcategories, and bronze in one (i.e., fundraising). Come to the District Committee Meeting tomorrow to find out more details.

Assuming no surprises in the Year End “Finish Line” Report, we should be gold for the second year in a row.

So what does that mean relative to other districts, we are ahead of Del-Mi and Pathfinder (and probably all others).

Congratulations to North Star District.

Important District Committee Meeting tomorrow: Elections

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Thursday, January 5, 2017 at 7:00 pm all District Committee Members-at-Large and Chartered Organization Representatives are asked to attend the annual district elections at 7:00 pm.  These persons will vote on district officers f0r 2017.

The meeting will be held at Second Presbyterian Church in Room 405, 7700 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46260.

Chairs, Cubmasters, and Scoutmasters should reach out to their Chartered Organization Representative to make sure that he or she attends this very important meeting.

District Committee and Commissioners Meetings on Thursday

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Just a quick reminder that Unit Commissioners will be meeting with the District Commissioner Thursday at 6:00 pm at Second Presbyterian Church in Room 401.

Immediately afterward District Committee will meet at 7:00 pm in Room 405. The Camporee Committee will report on Winter and Spring Camporee planning and Fall Camporee Scheduling.

This meeting is intended for Committee Members and Chartered Organization Representatives from all units.

Look forward to seeing you there.