Our Cub Scout Packs

The following is a list of North Star Cub Scout Packs and their meeting information. For more information on contacting these Packs, please use www.BeAScout.org. (Units Key 3 can manage their own data through Legacy Tools at my.scouting.org.) It will show you a map of their meeting locations and give you contact methods for their unit leaders. This system is the best means to be sure that you get a timely response.

Unit Meeting Time Monthly Meeting Day Location Town Website

3:00 PM

Third Sunday Second Presbyterian Church Indianapolis https://www.facebook.com/pg/pack18cubscouts/events/
35 St Joan of Arc RCC, 42nd and Central Ave Indianapolis http://www.sjoa.org/school/ (not pack, but school)

3:30 PM

1st Thursday Sycamore School Indianapolis https://sites.google.com/site/sycamorecubscoutpack64/home
72 Tabernacle Presbyterian Church Indianapolis
84 IPS Center for Inquiry #84 Indianapolis

6:30 PM

Third Monday (Some second Mondays.) Union Elementary, 11750 E 300 S Zionsville, IN http://www.unionpack105.org/
125 Union Chapel UMC Indianapolis
171 St Luke’s RCC Indianapolis http://www.pack584.org/publicsite/unithome.aspx?UID=6722
174 Immaculate Heart of Mary RCC Indianapolis
175 (did not recharter 2019)

6:45 PM

1st, 3rd, 4th Wednesday (None in Nov and Dec) Crooked Creek Elementary Indianapolis https://www.youthmanage.com/site/pack179indy/
180 College Park Elementary, MSD Pike Twp, Indianapolis
358 (0), Delaware Tribe

4:00 PM

Third Sunday Eagle Elementary Zionsville, IN http://www.zionsvillepack358.org/
358 (2), Miami Tribe Pleasant View Elementary Zionsville, IN http://www.zionsvillepack358.org/
358 (3), Munsee Tribe Zionsville, IN http://www.zionsvillepack358.org/
358 (4), Shawnee Tribe Stone Gate Elementary Zionsville, IN http://www.zionsvillepack358.org/
358 (5), Kickapoo Tribe Boone Meadow Elementary Zionsville, IN http://www.zionsvillepack358.org/

7:00 PM

3rd Friday St Monica RCC Indianapolis https://indianapolis514.mypack.us
625 New Augusta South Academy Indianapolis
747 St Richard’s School Indianapolis

6:30 PM

4th Tuesday Eagle Creek Community Church Indianapolis http://www.cub830.org/

If you are a Pack adult leader and do not see your unit below, please complete this survey.


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