Eagle Boards of Review

District Eagle Report June 2017

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Jerry Simon, District Eagle Board Coordinator, reports that the following scouts passed their Eagle Boards of Review on Wednesday, June 14, 2017.June 2017 Eagles

Congratulations to our newest Eagle Scouts!Eagle pin

At the halfway point in 2017 that gives us 24 Eagle Scouts. In 2016 we had 49 Eagle Scouts. If recollection serves, we had 53 in 2015.

Congratulations May 2017 Eagles

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Congratulations to our May 2017 Eagle Scouts, pending ratification from the National Advancement Team, their dates in rank will be Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

Congratulations to our April 2017 Eagle Scouts

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Congratulations to each of the following Eagle Scouts, who made rank at the specified Board of Review:

April 2017 Eagles

At a separate sitting of the Eagle Board of Review on April 21, 2017, Michael Knapp from Troop 180 (recently of T’Sun Gani District and now of North Star District).

Congratulations once again!

March Eagle Report

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Congratulations to our newest Eagle Scouts on March 8, 2017

First Last Troop
Stephen Barda 174
Robert Isakson 514
Scott Decker 56
Dane Standhardt 18

These scouts will have their date of rank as March 8, 2017, once National Council ratifies their Board. Eagle pin

Eagle Report January 2017

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Congratulations to new Eagle Scouts from the January 2017 Boards of Review:

  1. Christopher Rodriguez from Troop 514, and
  2. Kevin Braxton from Troop 269.Eagle pin

Year End Eagle Report for 2016

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Congratulations again to the following 49 scouts for having earned their Eagle Rank in 2016.Eagle pin

Think of the number of service hours each of these gentlemen have contributed to their communities by organizing and running their projects.

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December 2016 Eagle Report

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Congratulations to our last two North Star District Eagles of 2016!Eagle pin


November Eagle Board of Review Report

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Congratulations to the following new Eagle Scouts in November 2017 by date of Board of Review and Troop number.


Eagle pin

Belated September Eagle Report

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Congratulations to our September Eagle Scouts:

 Name                   Troop #

Jake Fletcher……….358
Agrayan Gupta ……..56

Thomas Burgess ….804

Hudson Thomas ……73