Firecrafter Communications and Database Upgrade

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From Firecrafter Ember Advisor Greg Hoyes:


Firecrafter has joined the 21st Century!  We now have an online membership database and email system.  No more managing a personal contact list and sending emails through my GMaill account!

Firecrafter Logo
So, we need everyone to login and farmilarize themselves with the new system.  To start, go to and click “access the database” from the main page, or here is the direct link  As directed, link the Forgot Password link and then enter the email address that you think is associated with the account, along with the bot preventing code.  Then you should get an email with a temporary password and the ability to finish your account login setup.
If it does not work, your email may have changed, be under a parent’s email (youth), or some other database issue.  To gain access, please email with your name, Firecrafter year, and updated email address.
Firecrafter adults (21+), the new system also tracks dues and will “suspend” you from the Ember emails if your dues are not current.  This would be a great time to get your dues current, or pay the lifetime membership, so we can keep you involved in the North Star Ember.  Dues payments are handled as the Firecrafter Council level and the Council Secretary will be able to assist you with payment and getting you reinstated in the system.
I did send a test email from the new system at 9:00 on 1-8-2018, so if you did not get that, your email address may be wrong in the database or your dues are not current for adult members.
I will continue to send emails using both the database system and this distribution list until February 15, then all emails after that will only be through the new system.  Please try to make sure you have access to the system before that deadline, so you can stay informed on what is happening in the North Star Ember.
If you have any questions, I can provide very basic help, but cannot do anything to help with the system login, so contact for more assistance.
Yours in the Fire
Greg Hoyes XXX
North Star Ember Advisor

Ember Meeting Postponed due to Spring Break

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From Ember Advisor Greg Hoyes:

Do to many people being on Spring Break, April’s Ember meeting will be on April 9th, instead of April 2nd. We know that still not miss everyone on Spring Break, but hopefully some people will still be able to attend on the new meeting date.
Hope to you everyone a week from Sunday.
Yours in the Fire

Greg Hoyes XXX

North Star Ember Adviser

OA/Firecrafter Cook Out at Marrott Park

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Welcome back from a busy summer with Scout Camp, Firecrafter Rituals and back to school!
We will have our September Chapter Meeting on September 11th (this Sunday, due to Labor Day Weekend) from 1:00 to 3:00 at Marott Park.  The park address is 7350 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46240.  This is a joint Welcome Meeting with the Firecrafterser to welcome our newest OA Brothers and Firecrafters.  Colts fans, please note. . . .the game is at 4:30 so you can’t use that as an excuse : )
We will be having a cook out with Hot Dogs provided.  If you would bring something to contribute as listed below based on first letter of last name:
A to H – chips or side dish
I to R – cookies or dessert
S to Z – Tea or Soft Drinks
Please RSVP at the following link so we can have an accurate headcount.
Also, since September 11th is the 15 year anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, we will be having a small ceremony.   Adults, if we have anyone that has a connection to the events of that day, any public safety officials, or any military members that would like to speak, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please let me know and I can fill in details and make a list of speakers.
Finally, PLEASE make sure all OA members (Firecrafter) members in your troops know about this event, including the newest members.  The OA attendance at recent OA events has been very disappointing and we need to improve membership attendance.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
John Ruggles
LOA Chapter Advisor

REMINDER: Roundtable tomorrow night

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Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm, we will hold one of the most important roundtables of the year. It is our District Kick-off Roundtable.

We will have rockets to distribute for Cub Scout Pack recruitment. We will have an overview of Back to School Night and Boy Talk efforts. We will discuss the web resources to be used in support of your recruitment effort. We will talk about the new Online Registration and how it works with the website and why those are critically important to recruitment.

We will also have a session for boy scouts and scouters on upcoming activities in Order of the Arrow, Firecrafter, Voyageur training, Marlinspike and many other events to put on your calendar.

We will have a very busy night, so prepare to listen fast! Come with you own announcements and flyers.

Mid-Summer and Grand Ritual

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Mid-summer Ritual is this coming weekend at Camp Belzer.  I hope many of you plan on attending to cover our Ember duties and welcome our candidates/future Brothers that have worked hard at summer camp to work on their candidate requirements.
Our Ember duties are the send out talks on Saturday afternoon and I need at least 10 Brothers to cover those duties.  If you can’t come for the entire weekend but could maybe help out on Saturday afternoon, please let me know, in case I need to come up with additional help.  We can also always help other Embers with their duties and help the overall Ritual Staff with anything they may need.
Existing member will register upon arrival, with a cost of $2 for registration, $5 for the event patch, and $20 if you need meals.  Remember to bring a current BSA Health Form with you, as it is require for the event.
If you have any questions, please let me know.  Hope to see many of you this weekend!
Save the dates of August 12th to 14th for Grand at Camp Krietenstein!
Yours in the Fire
Greg Hoyes XXX
North Star Ember Advisor

Firecrafter Report: Week 4

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Unfortunately, we have no troops at Ransburg this week. That means that I did not get the report from there this week.

I did visit Camp Krietenstein. They have 7 candidates this week. Two are campers the rest are staff. One of the staffers was their international counselor from Taiwan. He was working hard to start a fire with the American methods.

May 1st Firecrafters to Train Units in Flag Retirement

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Spring Camporee SuccessThe Firecrafters of the North Star Ember would like to extend a warm thank you to all the troops who came out and participated in the Spring Camporee. One of the goals of our organization is to encourage continued participation by our youth in camping, outdoor activities, and Scouting. The activities and fellowship promoted at district camporees is a great opportunity that benefits these goals.

Importance of Scouts in Flag Retirement. At the evening campfire, we were excited to be given the opportunity to perform a flag retirement ceremony. The Boy Scouts is one of the largest organizations that gives communities opportunities to have worn American Flags properly retired. Organizations that also offer this service include the American Legion Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and other civic associations. Using flags donated by the Broad Ripple American Legion, one of our service projects for the year will be a flag retirement this Sunday, May 1st.

Invitation to Units and Scouts. We would like to invite Scouting members of the North Star District to attend. We will not just be retiring flags, but also answering any questions you have about proper flag retirement. This may be of great value to upcoming Firecrafter candidates, if they want to include a flag retirement as part of the candidate campfire. One of our goals in carrying out this service project is educating you in this area. We hope to improve your confidence so that in the future, you might consider conducting a retirement as a troop service project or include in your troop ceremonies.

Where: Second Presbyterian Church
7700 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260
(fire ring in picnic area at north end of the parking lot)

When: Sunday, May 1, 2016

Time: 1:00-2:00 PM

What: North Star Firecrafter Flag Retirement Seminar

The weather for Sunday is not predicted to be as beautiful as the camporee weather. In the event it is raining between 1:00 and 2:00, the meeting will be at the Broad Ripple American Legion Post #3 at 6379 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220. We will still have a mock retirement and answer questions from an inside location.

Jacob Danek
North Star Ember Chief

Greg Hoyes
North Star Ember Advisor

Planning: Winter Camporee

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Since we just completed Fall Camporee, it seems odd to be writing about Winter Camporee. Unfortunately, we have only a handful of weeks until the holiday and year-end crush begin. When all are back from Christmas Break we will only have another couple of weeks.

Camporee Theme: Solicitation of Ideas

At last check, Stu was still seeking themes for the Camporee. Please let us know your thoughts.

Classes at Camporee

The District Commissioner in association with the District Training Committee will be offering several training courses again.

  1. Scoutmaster Specific Training (we will not offer Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills, which is also required for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters, because it will be offered at the University of Scouting the week preceding camporee).
  2. For future patrol leaders and senior patrol leaders, we will be offering Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops. This is a prerequisite for White Stag/National Youth Leadership Training and is the first part of the youth leadership training continuum.
  3. Other classes requested by Troops. (Remember Den Chief training is typically offered at the University of Scouting, too.)

Events by Firecrafter and/or Order of the Arrow

Since the Firecrafter event at the Fall Camporee was very well received, both honoraries are looking at expanding their offerings. Members of our Ember and OA Chapter should be in touch with the chapters’ leadership with ideas and their availability to serve in these projects. We would like to have at least one Spark (a troop’s youth representative to the Ember) and one OA Representative from each troop to participate in planning. Ideally these are two separate scouts for position of responsibility purposes.

Planning for representation now will build on recent successes.

Cooking Competitions

Historically, camporees included a Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Cooking Competition. We are looking for sponsorship for this event to be renewed. (Hint to Willie Gillies: the North Star Wood Badge Alumni Association.)

District Commissioner Awards

At the past Camporee, the District Commissioner announced awards for patrol system use. When the inspections were done, it was clear that the criteria were confusing and hard to implement. As a result, no announcements of the results were made, since a Scout is Cheerful.

The idea was commended for its ideals by several scouters but never on its implementation. As a result, this award will be offered again but with some revisions.

Why does our Troop need a Spark?

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Any scout can look at his Scout Handbook in the Eagle Requirements and see that an Order of the Arrow Representative is a position of responsibility that can help the scout fulfill a requirement.

Since Firecrafter is only a local organization, it does not appear as an option for Eagle’s position of responsibility requirement. So what is a scoutmaster to do? Does Firecrafter have representatives?

Firecrafter Logo
Firecrafter Logo

A Firecrafter representative from the troop to our district’s Ember is called a “Spark.” A Spark has similar duties to an OA Representative.

As part of the Eagle requirements, a scout can undertake a project defined by his scoutmaster as an alternative to a formal position of responsibility.

A creative scoutmaster can define the role of Spark to be such a project.

When the Ember needs help in planning for Camporee events and campfires, the Spark is the voice of the troop. When the Ember has a monthly meeting or a council event to attend, the Spark should recruit eligible Campers, Woodsmen, and Firecrafter from the troop to participate and attend.

Each troop should report to the Ember who their Spark is on a regular basis in order to facilitate communication and enrich the Ember’s efforts.

Help us build a successful Ember for our District by having the Senior Patrol appoint a Spark and having the Scoutmaster define it as scoutmaster-approved project.