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Council’s Latino Outreach Announced

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At Council’s Semi-Annual Operations Meeting on Tuesday, Director of Field Services for Council’s Eastern Section Marilyn Lopez announced a Latino Outreach Initiative.

Marilyn is bilingual. Part of the reason Council hired her is with a view to her being instrumental in building a successful Latino outreach. That program is now under way.

North Star District has been named as one of the three (3) traditional districts to receive the focus of this effort. We were chosen because we already have a significant Latino population within our borders. A parallel effort will be pursued in the after-school units.

The outreach will begin with a specialized committee. The committee will consistent primarily of persons with existing connections to the Indianapolis Latino community. In addition, Council will work with local colleges and universities to staff interns with bilingual skills to serve as a support network. Some of these internship positions will be paid; others will be unpaid.

The goal of the program is to build three new units in each district that are majority Spanish-language families with a total of 100 new scouts. These units will market to the Latino families for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts as a family affair, and not just an activity for a boy.

Along with the new units, the initiative will seek to serve existing units with Spanish language support. These bilingual scouters will be an invaluable resource in the success of the initiative.

If you know family or friends who are bilingual or are currently studying Spanish, this is a great opportunity to build your language skills. One way to prepare for this effort is to buy the Spanish lanugage material. Then read the English and Spanish language material together. For example, read one chapter of the English Cub Scout Leader guide, then read the same chapter in Spanish. Compare the vocabulary and syntax. You will quickly learn the Scout-specific language in both languages.

This initiative is intended to have a major impact in the fall.

Please let Con, Marilyn, or me know about any Spanish outreach resources so that we can Be Prepared come fall.


Catapults and New Recruitment Program

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The new membership recruitment program for Fall 2017 is already starting to roll out from Council’s office.

Simply put the theme is going to be “Catapult into Scouting.” Each new recruit will receive a miniature catapult, pre-cut by the Indiana Woodworkers Association.

The IWA through its representative and Pathfinder District’s new District Commissioner Stan Jewula will provide the Council with 10,000 catapults. These will be hand cut in Central Indiana.

Each boy will receive a bag with all the necessary parts. The new Cub Scout will then assemble his own catapult. He may decorate it as he sees fit.

Then there will be an activity for each pack or district to have an event using the catapults.

The Council is also rolling out plans to try to have scouting units re-introduced to public school districts. Much more information about these plans will be rolled out at the semi-annual operations meeting in April 2017.


Our DE makes his TV debut for us!

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Our District Executive Con Sullivan was just on Channel 8 news promoting our Launch into Scouting program.Con on Channel 8

Watch the video. He is a natural!

3-2-1…. launch! Adventure awaits you when you become a local cub scout! Just ask Con Sullivan and Emily Elliott with Boy Scouts of America. They tell us boys aged 6-10 years old can begin the…

Source: Boy Scouts of Central Indiana prepare to launch programs for local youth

Back to School Night plan

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District Executive Con Sullivan, on behalf of District Membership Chair Sharla Merrick, issued the final Back to School Night plan yesterday. The big push is this Thursday night!

If you would like to see a copy of the plan, click here.Cub Scout logo

We have already had two back to school nights. Sign ups are noticeably higher.

Unit Commissioner Tom Sugar has run a Boy Talk at College Park Elementary. He reports that more than 140 boys expressed interest in Cub Scouts. And there is no Pack there!

If this trend continues, we could have a great year.

It is only possible to make the best impact with all packs, troops, and crews helping. Make sure your unit contributes to this potential for overwhelming success.

Contact Con Sullivan if you can help. We have minimum staffing in most locations at this point, but now we need staffing to show that we support the new families.

Recruitment volunteers needed

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Thank you very much to everyone who has volunteered to take a school for the August 25th night or a Boy Talk next week. We really appreciate the help.We still have 2 boy talks that are in need of an adult next week

1. Tuesday, August 23 – 11am – 

           Snacks Crossing Elementary School, 5455 W 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254

2. Wednesday, August 24 – 11am – 

          Eastbrook Elementary School, 7625 New Augusta Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268

We have 1 school on August 25th that needs coverage next week

1. August 25 – 6:15pm – 

          Deer Run Elementary School, 5401 N High School Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254, USA

These schools do not have a pack which is why they are not covered. If you are available for any of those times (the boy talks are the most important) please let me know! Also, share with other adults in your unit you know that might be able to help.

Thank you!! 

District Rocket Launch Announced

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As part of this fall’s recruitment campaign, the new Cubs are offered an opportunity to launch their very own rocket.Cub Scout logo

Thanks to the hospitality of Pack 358, our district rocket launch will be Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Zionsville United Methodist Church, 9644 Whitestown Rd, Zionsville, IN 46077.

RSVPs can be made here.

A flyer is available for download here.

8 Days and Counting: Back to School Night

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While your Cub Scout Pack is free to hold back to school nights at your convenience, don’t forget that every Pack is also expected to help meet the Council’s promise for August 25th.Cub Scout logo

While mass media has been pared down this year due to the exorbitant cost of advertising during a presidential campaign, Council is still pushing a common sign up night for all units. It is scheduled for August 25th. That means that your pack needs to have a table somewhere at its elementary schools to accept applications for 90 minutes that night.

Make sure you have your person or persons assigned and ready to take applications. Let Con or Sharla know if you need help covering your schools.

The person at your table should have some knowledge about the new Lion Cub Program, so make sure they are trained.img_0573

REMINDER: Roundtable tomorrow night

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Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm, we will hold one of the most important roundtables of the year. It is our District Kick-off Roundtable.

We will have rockets to distribute for Cub Scout Pack recruitment. We will have an overview of Back to School Night and Boy Talk efforts. We will discuss the web resources to be used in support of your recruitment effort. We will talk about the new Online Registration and how it works with the website and why those are critically important to recruitment.

We will also have a session for boy scouts and scouters on upcoming activities in Order of the Arrow, Firecrafter, Voyageur training, Marlinspike and many other events to put on your calendar.

We will have a very busy night, so prepare to listen fast! Come with you own announcements and flyers.

Recruiting Help Needed

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District Executive Con Sullivan and Membership Chair Sharla Merrick have put out a request for help on recruiting efforts for all sorts of needs. Please contact Con if you are able to help this month.

Back to School: Rocket Distribution

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At Thursday, August 11th’s Roundtable, District Executive Con Sullivan will be distributing rockets to all Cub Scout Packs for Back to School Night recruiting.

Remember, like last year, we will be giving each new scout a rocket when he joins scouts.

See you at Roundtable, 6:30 pm at Luke’s Lodge, the outbuilding on the northeast corner of the campus of St Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 West 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260.