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It’s that time of the year. Time to prepare for recharter.

Tips & Tricks

  • Cub Scouts – each Tiger/Lion must be matched to an adult partner (# of Tigers = # Tiger adult partners)
  • Must have 3 committee members
    • 1 chair or 2 members
    • Only COR can have multiple positions (CC cannot be CM)
    • Committee Member cannot be DL
  • Don’t use a Mac
  • Cross your i’s and dot your t’s
    • Review apps, get all signatures and paperwork, verify YPT


Roundtable November 14, 7 pm – topic: Life to Eagle

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life to eagle
THE NS EAGLE ADVANCEMENT TEAM will be the hosts for the November Roundtable this Thursday (November 14 th ) at Luke’s Lodge on the campus of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 West 86 th Street. 7pm.
NorthStar Advancement Chair Mike Yates, Eagle Projects Chair Rick Aker and Eagle
Board Chair Mike Smith will be on hand to discuss the most successful routes to becoming an Eagle Scout.
All Scout leaders, mentors, prospective Eagle candidates and parents are encouraged to attend and get the most up to date information on the Eagle process.
Please also note a change to how to contact our Eagle Projects Team. Instead of using the individual email addresses of our team, please send your requests for meetings to This will allow anyone on the team to respond and setup a project approval meeting.



Recharter 2019 – information from District Commissioner

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from Jenny Beyer

Welcome to Recharter Season! Lots of info below.

You should have received a login on Sept 27th.  If you did not, please contact our DE, Spencer Young He will be able to provide you with the info for your unit.

Please signup asap for a slot to turn in your recharter by Oct 31 or one will be assigned to you.

To prepare for your internet recharter, please verify the following items for your unit. Checklist attached.

  • Adult position training completed (direct contact leaders are required to be trained)
  • Youth Protection Training does not expire before March 31, 2020
  • Background Check Disclosure form signed by ALL registered adults to be registered
  • Returning scouts


  • Annual Charter Agreement

  • Compile JTE scores

  • Turn in all Background check forms with recharter. Must be originals, no pdfs. (per CAC)

  • Submit the internet recharter and collect necessary signatures


Helpful Webpages:


You may have heard there are new fee rates for Jan 1- Dec 31, 2020

  • $60 for youth members in Cub Scouts, ScoutsBSA, Venturers (National)
  • $36 for adult members (includes cost of background check & Scouting magazine) (National)
  • $60 per unit for charter fees (National)
  • $12 for all members for Insurance (Council)
  • Optional: $ 12 Boy’s Life magazine per scout

To help ensure that Every Scout has the opportunity to continue on their Scouting journey, Crossroads of America Council and Trail’s End have partnered to offer a limited, one-time product sale with a75% commission.  On average, selling 2 items will cover the membership fee increase. Selling 5 items will cover the annual registration fee.  Details attached.

BSA one time sale.jpg


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For more than 100 years, Scouting has helped build future leaders by combining educational activities and lifelong values with fun and adventure in the outdoors. At Boy Scouts of America, we are dedicated to developing leaders of character by preparing young men and women for life by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. The timeless ideals of the Scout Law, such as being trustworthy, helpful, kind and brave, make up the foundation young people need to address and overcome challenges in their lives and the issues facing their generation.

Now as we continue the Scouting mission, it is important that we keep pace with an ever-changing world. While costs to the organization have increased every year, the Boy Scouts of America has worked to keep the annual membership fee as low as possible by subsidizing core costs, including liability insurance we must carry to cover all official Scouting activities. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to subsidize at the level we have in the past, especially as the cost of insurance has increased dramatically. We kept the cost low to make Scouting available to as many young people as possible but keeping the cost artificially low for many years now magnifies the impact of changes.

To ensure we have the resources to fulfill the promise of Scouting despite increasing operating costs, the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America has made the difficult but necessary decision to increase the annual membership fee effective January 1, 2020 to:

  • $60 for youth members in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts,
  • $36 for youth members in Exploring, and
  • $36 for adult members

Every dollar of the national membership fee will go toward the cost of essential services, including liability insurance for those participating in approved Scouting activities, program resources, safety standards, youth protection and personal safety training, and services to councils nationwide to sustain Scouting. The National organization will also continue to develop and improve resources that support our volunteers and youth members such as online registration, Member Care and Scoutbook, which now includes the Den Leader experience to ensure the safe and consistent delivery of Cub Scouting; as well as improvements aimed at simplifying the annual renewal process.

Across the country and in our own community, we know that Scouting remains one of the most valuable investments we can make to support young men and women today so they can become the leaders we will turn to tomorrow. From once-in-a-lifetime adventures to merit badges that spark interests and future careers; from campouts under the stars to service projects that leave a lasting impact on our communities; Scouting’s year-round program expands horizons and provides young people with a safe and welcoming place to learn, grow, and thrive.

That is why we are committed to ensuring that all youth can experience the character-building benefits of Scouting regardless of their financial situation. In addition to our existing council and unit membership assistance, we have established a national Growing Future Leaders Fund, which is funded entirely through donations, to provide additional financial support to those who need it.

2020 National Membership Fee Frequently Asked Questions 

For more than 100 years, Scouting has helped build future leaders by combining educational activities and lifelong values with fun and adventure in the outdoors. We care passionately about what is happening to kids and our communities – and are dedicated to supporting an exciting, quality program that builds better young people and our future leaders. 

Here in the Crossroads of America Council Scouting continues to improve families and our community serving nearly 35,000 youth in 26 counties. 

As we continue the Scouting mission, it is important that we keep pace with an ever-changing world. To ensure we have the resources to support our mission, the Boy Scouts of America has announced the following annual membership fees effective January 1, 2020. 

– $60 for youth members in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts – $36 for youth members in Exploring, and – $36 for adult members (includes cost of background check and Scouting Magazine. – $60 for unit charter fees 

In addition, the Crossroads of America Council is increasing the fee for our annual accident and sickness insurance to $12 per person annually, due with the unit’s recharter. 

The following FAQ’s are designed to address many questions which may result. 

Q – What is the current fee? A – The 2019 membership fee was $33. The Crossroads of America Council also charges an annual 

insurance fee of $1 per member. 

Q – Why is this happening now? A – We recognize the timing of this fee increase creates challenges as units have already begun collecting fees for their 2020 registration renewal process, and we would not make this difficult decision if it were not absolutely necessary. The BSA has worked to keep the annual membership fee as low as possible to make Scouting available to as many young people as possible by subsidizing core costs, including liability insurance we must carry to cover all official Scouting activities. As the organization’s financial situation has shifted over the past several months, it is no longer possible to subsidize at the same level as in the past, especially as the cost of insurance has increased dramatically. 

Q – Who is guiding the process regarding membership fee changes? A – A National BSA vision team consisting of both volunteers and staff from across the country worked to identify viable options and closely considered the best way forward as they evaluated the growing cost of delivering Scouting. 

Q – Why is the national BSA membership fee increasing? A – There are significant costs for National BSA to serve 2.2 million youth and, as a movement, we have seen a lot of changes that have taken significant investment. Costs continue to increase to fund program curriculum and safety standards, training, youth protection resources, criminal background checks, technology upgrades, and especially insurance coverage. This increase will get the national BSA membership fee more in line with the true cost of Scouting. 

Q – Is this increase being implemented to cover the cost of the additional background checks? A – No, the cost of background checks is not prompting the fee increase. 

Q – What does the national BSA membership fee cover? A – Membership fees go directly to National Council to fund such things as program curriculum and safety standards, training, youth protection resources and criminal background checks, technology, and insurance to name a few. 

Q – Is this increase to pay for the financial reorganization or law suits facing National BSA? A – The increase was prompted because the cost of liability insurance we must carry to cover all Scouting activities has increased dramatically over the past several months, and the organization is no longer able to offset the cost of insurance. The national membership fee also enables us to continue program and training material development, to update youth protection and youth safety training and materials, improved IT/digital experiences. 

Additionally, the National Council has taken measures to reduce operational expenses, including the reduction of 35 positions, salary freezes and ongoing consolidation of departments to keep this increase as low as possible. 

Q – Why is the council raising the insurance fee, isn’t that included in the new national fee? A – No, the liability insurance that we need to carry for all Scouting activities at the national level is different from local fees that are collected to address local needs, which can include such coverages as property and accident/sickness insurance. 

Q – What will the money be used for? A – Every dollar of membership fees will go to cover the cost of essential services, including liability insurance for members participating in approved Scouting activities, background checks for adult leaders, program development and training resources, continuously updated youth protection and youth safety training, improved IT/digital experiences and services. 

Q – Wil the national membership fee continue to increase? A – Although no decision about future increases have been made, the cost of operating our organization and services increase every year. Should it be necessary to increase fees in the future, the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America has agreed to evaluate the needs and make such decisions, whenever, possible, at the National Annual Meeting in May or early in the summer so that they can be announced with as much lead time as possible to allow for councils and units to be able to plan accordingly. 

Q – Doesn’t this make Scouting one of the most expensive youth activities? A – No. Families enjoy Scouting because of its high value and historically low price. Even with an increase in the membership fee, Scouting will remain competitive with other most other youth programs in our area and certainly more impactful in the long-term. 

For reference, the fees below are representative of other youth programs throughout Central Indiana: 

  • Three (3) months of many sports – Cost: $165 
  • Ten (10) months of dance – Cost: $700 
  • Twelve (12) months of music lessons – Cost: $1,800 

Q – How will this impact the current rechartering process? A – The online rechartering process opened October 1. The process will go forth as usual with the exception of the “calculate fees” portion, which won’t be functional until November 1 to allow time for the new membership fee information to be entered. 

Q – What should units do if they have already collected membership fees? A – Units will be asked to to discuss the membership fee increase with families and to collect the additional fees. If the ability to pay that fee is in question, there will be an opportunity to participate in a special Trail’s End popcorn sale where 75% of proceeds will be returned to units to assist with fees. Also, as donations and funds allow, there will be an opportunity to request financials assistance. 

Q – What if a family cannot afford the increase? A – Based on financial need, the efforts are being undertaken to provide registration assistance on a 

limited base. Please contact your District Professional for more information. 

Q – How can my unit help offset these extra costs? A – A special Trails’ End popcorn sale will be offered from November 1 – December 15. Units will have the opportunity to sell a specially selected group of four products where 75% of proceeds will be returned to units to assist with fees. Details of this opportunity will be sent directly to units by October 25. 

Q – Why is Scouting important for young people? A – There are many benefits of Scouting: leadership training, character development, values-based learning, and life and work skill training to name only a few. The tenets of the Scout Oath and Law are simple words but collectively they become qualities for youth to live by. These principles make Scouting more than what children do—but rather who they are—and what they will be. There is no other youth program available that has the same impact as Scouting.


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It’s Recharter Time!
1.) Sign Up for a slot to turn in your recharter

New Dates:

11/06 – Zionsville Town Hall

11/07 – Eagle Creek Community Church

11/12 – St. Monica Catholic Church

11/13 – Immaculate Heart of Mary


2.) Open your link to the recharter from the email sent.  Didn’t receive the email? contact Kelly Murphy

3.) Follow the directions and update your roster

4.) Check out the North Star District Recharter check list to make sure you have everything you need.  Signatures? JTE? Training? Additional Background Check Disclosure Forms? NSD Recharter Check List 2019

5.) Contact your Unit Commissioner OR bring your questions to the recharter turn in – we are happy to help!



URGENT: recharter deadline or apply on paper

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The Assistant Council Commissioner for Rechartering has announced units that have not completed rechartering by December 28, 2018 will not be able to recharter electronically.

If that deadline is missed, the entire unit, adult members, and youth members will have to re-apply on paper to continue scouting.

That means your unit needs to complete the electronic rechartering, print the necessary PDFS, and submit all documents ON PAPER to the council office in the next to weeks.

To make matters worse, many commissioners will be on vacation starting this Friday, December 21, 2018.

UPDATED: 12/20/18. The units at most risk are Pack 18, 84, 180, and 625, Troop 35, and Crew 408. They have not submitted their electronic rosters nor their paperwork.

The units that have completed electronic roster submission but are MISSING PAPERWORK are Packs 35 and 105, Troops 72, 73, 180, and 804.

All other units have submitted paperwork to council and are in various stages of review and approval. The units that are approved by the Registrar for posting to National are Troop 269, 343, 512, and 514.

Units listed on the reporting system with known problems are Pack 179 and all Pack 358 tribes.

All others are awaiting further review from the Registrar.

Move quickly to finish rechartering.

IMPORTANT: Rechartering Update; Help Sessions

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UPDATE 12/5/18: Crew 56 awaiting Registrar’s approval.

Recharter season is winding down. Remember rechartering assures that your unit is authorized by the BSA for calendar year 2019.

District Commissioner Stephen Heath would like to recognize the following units for their progress in working on completing this process.

DONE: The following represent units that completed all online components, have submitted all their paperwork, and have been approved by the Council Registrar for posting to National:

Troop 269

Troop 343
Troop 512

Troop 514

APPROVAL AWAITED: The following represents units that completed all online components and have submitted all their paperwork, and are awaiting approval by the Council Registrar:

Troop 18

Troop 56

Troop 69

Crew 69

Pack 64

KNOWN PROBLEMS: The following represent units that completed all online components and have submitted all their paperwork, and HAVE KNOWN PROBLEMS. Please contact your unit commissioner if the cause of the problems are not understood:

Pack 747

Pack 358-2 (Miami Tribe)

Pack 358-3 (Munsee Tribe)

Pack 358 (Delaware Tribe)

Pack 171

Troop 358

ONLY ONLINE DONE: The following represent units that have completed all online components. No paperwork has been received.

Crew 358

Pack 72

Pack 73

Pack 174

Pack 179

Pack 830

Pack 358-4 (Shawnee Tribe)

Pack 358-5 (Kickapoo Tribe)

Troop 174

Crew 56

URGENT: Nine (9) of the remaining units have started their online rosters but not submitted the electronic forms. Four (4) of the remaining units have not started the online portion of rechartering, which is the first step. A total of thirteen (13) are in this category. Your unit is in this category, if it is omitted above.


The deadline for completing all rechartering and submitting all paperwork is the next Roundtable on Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Luke’s Lodge (outbuilding on campus of St Luke’s UMC) 100 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260. There will be Commissioner Staff available help. Please seek help before then to make sure your checklist is done. We will meet with you to go through your recharter package.

Any units that do not have rechartering done at that time may be required by the Council Registrar to submit all rechartering on paper. All current and new members would have to re-submit their applications for membership in order to renew their charters. Council has a deadline of December 31st to submit its own recharter to Area 6, so all units need to be done before that.

Please contact your unit commissioner, District Commissioner Stephen Heath, or Assistant District Commissioner/Assistant Council Commissioner Jeff Heck with any concerns. We are currently without a District Executive due to Jessica’s promotion. Assistant Director of Field Services Ryan Kelleher is covering for North Star.

Help Sessions & Recharter Turn Ins

Jeff Heck will be holding Help Sessions. If you are having trouble with anything, come and bring questions. You will walk out with a checklist of remaining items to complete. First come, first serve. Appointments available.

  1. Thursday, December 6, 2018 during morning rush hour from 7:30 am to 9:00 am at the Panera’s at Trader’s Point Mall, 6050 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46278, near the 86th St Exit of I-465.
  2. Friday, December 7, 2018 during morning rush hour  from 7:30 am to 9:00 am at Starbucks, 9545 N. Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46260 near the Meridian St (Exit 31) of I-465.

Roundtable Notes – Court of Honor

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Please see the Court of Honor Roundtable notes Nov2018 for a recap of the discussion on Scouts Court of Honor – lots of helpful information and background here on best practices for the Court of Honor in your Troop.

Thanks to the Roundtable team for the robust material!

Rechartering 2018: Update

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From District Commissioner Stephen Heath:

Rechartering is coming As a follow-up to a note sent to the Pack, Troop and Crew Key 3’s, here’s where we’re at in the journey.

Now through Sept 30:

·       YPT needs to be completed by all youth-interacting audits, using the new YPT course. On-line is the most efficient way to get this done by

·       Position specific training for scoutmaster, asst scoutmasters, den leaders and cubmasters should be done this month, if possible.  There will be opportunities to catch these up at University of Scouting in November, and also in the evenings at Golden Burke.  Chairs, please have someone check and oversee your training!

·       Has your COR scheduled a meeting with your charter rep to prepare sign-off paperwork?

October 1:  On-line recharter is open! Adult and youth rosters should be current. Fees should be collected and ready to submit.

October 15-19: NS Commissioner Service will schedule drop-off times and places around town to receive recharter packets & fees. Please make sure all charter signatures are-place and training is up to date!

Tentative dates:

·        Oct 15 – Washington Township

·        Oct 16 – Meridian/Kessler

·        Oct 17 – Zionsville

·        Oct 18 – Pike Township

October 31: Deadline for recharter packets are received and ready for council, as noted in the letter below. If you opt to drop these off at Council, either before or after our pick-up dates, please make sure (District Executive) Jessica Hofman is aware so she can look out for it!

Information about the process including links to resource materials may be found online at  Getting an early start is a good way to Be Prepared!

Preparation for rechartering: roster review

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Remember rechartering is only a few weeks away. Now is the time to make sure your roster is up to date. Send it to Jessica Hofman to make sure council’s records match.

Then review the training for your unit. If you have 100% trained of next year’s leaders, you are all set. Otherwise, get them trained.