Camporee: 11 Days — Emergency Mobilization

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District Camporee Chair Stu Bowes announced yesterday, “Con Sullivan, our District Executive, will be conducting a mass casualty and mobilization drill with our Zombie theme at 4:00 for the Scouts. This should help some of the boys (and motivate others) who are working on their E Prep Merit Badge.”

Con is an Emergency Preparedness merit badge counselor. More importantly, he has a Master’s Degree Fall Camporee patchfrom Ball State in Government Affairs, with an emphasis in Homeland Security. He will make himself available to scouts who wish to do some counseling with a counselor having a professional insight into this world. (As always, scouts should bring their blue cards with scoutmaster signatures.) Check in with the scout cabin to keep up to date on Con’s schedule.

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge Requirement #7 states, “Take part in an emergency service project, either a real one or a practice drill, with a Scouting unit or a community agency.”

Requirement 8 further requires, 

Do the following:

A. Prepare a written plan for mobilizing your troop when needed to do emergency service. If there is already a plan, explain it. Tell your part in making it work.

B. Take part in at least one troop mobilization. Before the exercise, describe your part to your counselor. Afterward, conduct an “after-action” lesson, discussing what you learned during the exercise that required changes or adjustments to the plan.

C. Prepare a personal emergency service pack for a mobilization call. Prepare a family emergency kit (suitcase or waterproof box) for use by your family in case an emergency evacuation is needed. Explain the needs and uses of the contents.

What can you imagine for your scouts can be done to prepare for Con’s exercise to complete these requirements!?


Camporee: Final Checklist

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UPDATE 10/8/15 at 10:05 AM: Retitled.

As of Monday, September 28, 2015, we had 12 days until the Fall Camporee! [As of October 8th, we are down to one day!]

Make sure that your troop has kept up-to-date on their task list:

  1. confirmed your reservation with District Camporee Chair Stu Bowes, including a headcount;
  2. communicated the event that your Troop plans on offering during the Camporee (and considered whether one or two Firecrafter or OA members could run the event rather than an adult, to better serve the Aims of Scouting), including some troop meeting dry runs;
  3. considered your Troop’s contribution to the Friday night campfire, including some troop meeting rehearsals;Fall Camporee patch
  4. identified your scouters who are eligible for receiving the North Star Red Cap;
  5. reviewed the criteria for the coveted Willy Award with your Senior Patrol Leader (or the acting Senior Patrol Leader for the Camporee) and determine what the patrols’ contribution to your campsite theme will be;
  6. reviewed the criteria for the new Commissioner’s Awards with your Senior Patrol Leader (or acting SPL) and determine how it will affect your patrols’ preparations for the Camporee;
  7. contacted your scouters who have received their Wood Badge or current candidates to advise them that District Chair Steve James is interested in rebuilding the District’s Wood Badge Association known as the “Willy Gillies,” and there will likely be a discussion at or after Cracker Barrel on Saturday night about the Willy Gillies;
  8. talked to your newer or untrained scouters (whether they are camping out or not) about the long list of trainings that will be offered at Camporee that will be necessary for Rechartering, including
    1. Youth Protection Training – Friday night
    2. District Committee Training – Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
    3. Troop Committee Challenge – Saturday 9:00 am to 11:30 am
    4. Training the Chartered Organization Representative – Saturday 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    5. Scoutmaster-Specific Training – Saturday for 4 hours (2 segments: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm and 6:00 to 8:00 pm).

This will be a busy and wonderful Camporee. With the theme being interesting to the boys and amount of training offered, we will likely need an unusually high number of adults present to be able to run the programs and serve the boys simultaneously.

In any case, we look forward to the camaraderie of scouting in North Star!

Camporee: Scoutmaster Specific Training (for ASM’s, too!)

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North Star District Training Subcommittee and the Commissioner’s Service is happy to announce that we have confirmed that we will be offering Scoutmaster Specific Training on Saturday, October 10, 2015 by Troop 73 (St Paul’s Episcopal) Scoutmaster Vince Hernly.

Vince is an experienced scoutmaster, teacher, and outdoorsman. He received his Wood Badge in 2011. He has been on Council’s beloved Voyageur (canoeing training) staff at Camp Belzer for a number of years and is a regular visitor to the Boundary Waters and other interesting outdoor locales. He teaches karate as part of his professional life.
Due to conflicting Camporee events and trainings, Vince will be teaching this 4-hour class in two 2-hour segments. He will offer the first segment from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. The second segment will be from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (which will conflict with the dinner time, so plan accordingly by eating early or bringing a brown bag). I will join him to team teach the evening segment.

Please bring notebook paper and writing utensil.

Old Scoutmasters Handbook or new Troop Leader Guidebook or both. SMs & ASMs should seriously consider owning their own copy of at least one of these. The new book is in two volumes and only volume 1 is available at this time.

If you have one, a copy of each of the following:

  1. Boy Scout Manual (Appendix available in PDF)
  2. Program features (old or new) (Available in PDF)
  3. Guide to advancement (Available in PDF)
  4. Troop Committee Guidebook (Available in PDF)

Please let your assistant scoutmasters know that this training is being offered so that they can get it on their schedule.

Eventbrite - Training at Camporee: Scoutmaster-Specific Training

For assistant scoutmasters who need the Introduction to Outdoor Leadership skills, this will not be offered by North Star that day; however, Del-Mi will be offering OLS the same day at Camp Krichtenstein. OLS will then be offered at University of Scouting in January 2016 and by Del-Mi at each of its next Camporees. (North Star is considering offering it at Winter Camporee, too, if sufficient interest exists.)

Nominating Committee Update

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Our District Chair Steve James announces the appointment of the District’s new Nominating Chair, North Star District resident, and our immediate past Council Scout Executive Scott Claybaugh.

Scott will convene a meeting on October 15, 2015 to begin the process of reviewing our existing committee’s vacancies and recommending the slating of new members for Calendar Year 2016. 

If you have nominees, feel free to communicate them to the District Chair or Commissioner to pass on to the Nominating Committee.

Good nominees are retiring from unit leadership but want some remaining connection with scouting or community members who seek to make connections, such as salesmen, bankers, and insurance agents.

Recharter email’s dispatch tomorrow

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UPDATE: 9/28/15, 9:25 AM:

I have heard reports that units have not received their rechartering email as scheduled. I, too, should have received mine as a Chartered Organization Representative for my unit. I have not seen it. I will be investigating. Watch this page for updates.

In the meantime, for planning purposes, remember that your scheduled meeting time is already posted on our Rechartering Update 2015 page.

11:00 AM: Con Sullivan confirmed this morning that no emails were dispatched Friday, but the current plan is to send them later today, Monday. We will post more here when it becomes available.

4:30 pm: The email has been reported received by several units.

Please note that the login process opens on October 1st. The next couple days are for preparation only.



Our District Executive Con Sullivan reports that Recharter emails will go out this Friday, September 25, 2015. This is earlier than originally scheduled to allow you more time to prepare.

Thursday, October 1st Roundtable will focus on Rechartering.

Please make sure that watch our Rechartering Update 2015 for more information.

Watch the blog posts on Rechartering, too, to make your efforts are as effective as possible.

Recharter turn-in dates begin October 8th and will be done by October 15th, so get your unit geared up for Rechartering now.

Reservations for Camporee

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Stu Bowes sent this message on September 21, 2015:

The 2015 Fall Camporee is rapidly approaching in three weekends (Oct 9-11) at the Indiana School for the Blind. Our theme is “Zombie Apocalypse” based around the emergency preparedness merit badge. We are working on some special attractions to spice things up a bit.

Listed below is what I need form you:


Sign Up Sheet

Troop #      Scouts    Adults    Total

Troop 56    20        5        25

Campsites are available first-come, first served.

Willie Cap eligible Scouters:

Patrol Competitions:

1- T343
2- T586
3- T69
4- T269
5- T35
6- T804
7- T73
8- T56
9- T358  Tomahawk Toss

10- STU  “Are You Smarter Than Your Scoutmaster?”
Interest In Adult Training:
1-Youth Protection
2-Scoutmaster Specific
3-OtherOther Needs:

Flag Raising –
Flag Lowering –
Scouts Own –
Camp Fire –
Bathroom Cleanup –
Fireman/Police Officer needed for Skit at Flag Raising
Campfire Skits:
All Troops are asked to organize at least one skit based around the Zombie theme for the Saturday Campfire.

See More
10- STU  “Are You Smarter Than Your Scoutmaster?”
Interest In Adult Training:
1-Youth Protection
2-Scoutmaster Specific

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New Award at Camporee

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Traditionally, the major competition at camporees has been the coveted Willy Award. This award focuses on the best troop campsite. We will continue this beloved tradition.

In addition, this camporee, the North Star District Commissioner Service will be sponsoring a new series of awards. The purpose of this series of awards is to focus our troops’ efforts at Camporee on the patrol method both in the particular camporee at hand and to encourage participation in successive camporees.

For more information, see the flyer.

REMINDER: District Committee Meeting this Thursday

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The District Committee meeting will be held Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 7:00 pm at St Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 West 86th St, Room W-125, Indianapolis, IN 46260.

Training Offered at Camporee

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North Star District will be offering several training sessions at the Fall Camporee.

  1. District Committee Training will be offered Saturday morning. Tentative start time 9:00 am. This class is required to be certified as “Trained” as a District Committee Member. Very few of our District Committee have this training. There will be break out sessions for the various subcommittees. This training is open to all current District Committee members and any persons interested in serving on District Committee in the future.
  2. Train the Chartered Organization Representative will be offered in Saturday afternoon. Tentative start time is 1:00 pm (subject to change due to conflicts with camporee schedule). This is different than the online Fast Start Chartered Organization Representative Training. This training is available online but only from the Crossroads of America Council’s website. Please encourage your Chartered Organization Representative to take this particular training session since it will be a reason for the Chartered Organization Representative to see your troop in action and participate in the camaraderie at a camporee, just down the street from home — for many of us.
  3. Live Youth Protection Training will be offered on Friday evening (approximately 8:30 pm) before Scoutmaster and SPL General Meeting and again after dinner on Saturday, if demand warrants.
  4. Under consideration: Troop Committee Challenge may be offered during Saturday morning if I can recruit an instructor. Volunteers may contact Jeff Heck. This is a required training for troop committee members and will be required to recharter. This training is offered online, too, and would take less time. However, like the Chartered Organization Representative, this is an opportunity for witnessing your troop in action and participating in the camaraderie at a camporee.

Since the Camporee will be at the Blind School, scouters who will not be able to camp out with us should feel free to stop in and participate in the training sessions.

Please make sure to sign up for the sessions so that we can plan for the appropriate number of handouts. Walk-ins will be gladly accepted but may not have handouts.

Several of these trainings are required for rechartering, so encourage your scouters to attend.

District Training: Train the Trainer (THIS SATURDAY!)

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This Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 8:00 am, North Star will be offering the Trainer’s Edge (formerly the Trainer Development Conference) at St Luke’s United Methodist Church. Reservations’ opportunities and information about location can be found here. A flyer is available here for distribution to your units.

This course is required for participation on Wood Badge Staff or National Youth Leadership Training (White Stag) Staff, for both adults and youth. This course is often only offered at University of Scouting.

Participation is advantageous for District and Unit Training Chairs, training committee members, SPLs, or scout leaders of all types.

Come participate in this event to help boost your unit and your district!