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Useful Camp Gadgets as Teaching Aid

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As we arrive at our Ransburg campsite, the Firecrafter phrase “useful camp gadget” appears. For new scoutmasters, this seems to be a unique phrase. It is as mystical is the idea of “scoutmaster.”

In fact both of these phrases go back over a century. A scoutmaster is a reference to the 19th century word “master,” which was short for “school master.” The schoolmaster had a master’s degree, which gave him the authority to teach bachelor’s degree candidates. Baden Powell picked up on this notion of a master-as-a-teacher when he named “scoutmasters.” Simply this was a teacher of scouts. Scoutmasters were assumed to have deep knowledge of a particular area, scout craft. The biggest part of this was woodcraft.

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Preparing Web Resources for Recruiting Season

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Many scouters do not feel that they are technically savvy. One of the resources available to units is the This website is intended to help people who are interested in scouting find units near their house.

As we go into a major recruiting season with a heavy marketing blitz, we need to be aware of how our units are listed on that website.

Here’s a link to a video to help key unit personnel update the information on the website.

Order of the Arrow Cookout at June Meeting

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On Sunday, June 7, 2015, the Lowaneu Allanque Chapter of OA will hold its annual cookout at Marrot Park, across College Avenue from Park Tudor School, approximately 7351 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

OA Brotherhood Members should bring side dishes. Ordeal Members should bring drinks. OA will provide meat and buns. Please Register by Friday, June 5, 2015.


The Firecrafters and OA will join together for the cookout.

Prior to the cookout, Firecrafter members will hike the Monon Trail beginning at the Park beginning at 1:00 pm.

The cookout will begin at 2:00 pm.

Eventbrite - OA Cookout

Joint Service Project for LOA and Firecrafter

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John Ruggles announced a reminder service project Saturday, May 30, 2015 at the American Legion Post #3 from 8:00 AM -12:00 NOON.  Mr. Ruggles is the the advisor for our LOA chapter of the Jaccos Towne Lodge of the Order of the Arrow.

Firecrafter Logo
Firecrafter Logo

This project is a great way to pick up some service hours for our chapter.  The post will provide sodas.

Mr. Ruggles said, “We will be helping clear out the outbuilding on the property and removing some shelving so it can be repurposed.  Bring work gloves.  Please DO NOT wear any Class A uniforms.”

We will be combining this service activity with Firecrafter.

Totem of Lowaneu Allanque Chapter of OA

Can your Troop Boost Advancement at Camp?

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What are some ways that your troop can truly excel in advancement at summer camp? If you do increase your emphasis on advancement with scouts, does it make more work for the adults? Maybe not.

As we discussed earlier this week, it pays for the adult leaders to be familiar with the Guide to Advancement (2015) that is now available online as a webpage and as an e-book in PDF form.

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District Planning Session Follow up

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Dear North Star District Committee Members,

This is a follow up to my earlier blog. Our meeting on June 11th will be no more than a two hour commitment. I sure hope you can attend. You will have an opportunity to meet our new District Executive Con Sullivan. He is going to be a great addition to our Key Three Con is energetic and ready to work with us.  Please come and welcome him to North Star.


Committee Planning Session

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I look forward to planning with you on June 11th at St Luke’s UMC. This will be an opportunity for us to begin to gel as a team. North Star will once again rise to it’s #1 status in this council. What a great bunch of volunteers! GO NORTH STAR!

District Committee Planning Session June 11th

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All members of North Star District Committee should attend Committee Planning Meeting.

To that goal, Vice President of District Operations Stroh Bronn and Director of Field Services Rob Hemmelgarn will be leading this session on the evening of June 11th. The session will be held at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Room N101 (the same room as the May District Committee Meeting). The class will begin at 7:00 p.m.

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Merit Badge Counselor List

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One of the major projects for the District Committee is going to be making sure that the Troops’ expectations of who is a registered Merit Badge Counselor matches the District’s records.

The Guide to Advancement (2015) now has a system for automatically de-registering merit badge counselors who do not respond to emailed inquiries. Several of our former merit badge counselors are no longer registered in that position, who believe that they are. A copy of the current merit badge counselor list has been mailed to all of the Troop’s Key 3 (chartered org rep, Scoutmaster, and Troop Committee Chair).

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Revisiting Rules of Advancement

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As summer camp draws near, we in scouting are entering the height of “Advancement Season.” More work toward advancement will occur in the next 75 days than at almost any other time of the year. Some of this is due to participating in merit badge sessions for boy scouts and day camp activities for Cub Scouts.

Guide to Advancement (2015)

For many years, most scouters relied on learning the rules of advancement by watching and experiencing our home unit manage advancement. We would learn to improve on these techniques by attending classes or through casual conversations with other scouters. Few of us had ever seen the Guide to Advancement.

As with most BSA publications up to 2013, if you wanted to read it, you had to pay for it. The Guide to Advancement was always a recommended book to have on a unit’s shelf, but few units purchased a copy or updated it regularly.

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