2015 Spring Camporee memories

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Below are a few pictures from the very rainy 2015 Spring Camporee held from April 24- 26, 2015 at Camp Cullom in Frankfort, Indiana.

Friday night with Troop 18

Saturday morning with Troop 343:

Saturday morning at flags:

Troop 586 Zionsvillan Patrol at Wilderness Baseball:

Troop 269 Rabid Psycho Gummie Bears at fire building: 

Nighthawks from Troop 358 on the move:  

West side Trouser Patrol from Troop 269 at Hypothermia Challenge:


Campsite inspection for Troop 269, our favorite picture of the Camporee:

Lunch with Troop 358: 

Avoiding rain at Lodge: