How do we improve our Trained status for our unit?

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The Journey to Excellence Award encourages 100% Trained status among the Scouters in each unit. For many established units, some of the Scouters have been involved for decades with varying levels of active participation with the youth.

Obviously all registered scouters must have a current Youth Protection Training. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

However, for scouters who wish to remain registered with a unit but do not wish to pursue the training requirements of their assistant unit leader (e.g., Assistant Cubmaster, Assistant Den Leader, Assistant Scoutmaster, or Assistant Crew Advisor), a new registration option exists. This will be important at Rechartering because untrained persons will not be Rechartered.

Similarly a youth, who has aged out of his troop or crew, can register with his unit without going through position-specific training.

An adult can register as an Unit Scouter Reserve (code 91U, minimum age 21). A college student can register as a Unit College Scouter Reserve (code 92U, minimum age 18).  Similarly former Venturers can register as a Venturing College Scouter Reserve (code 92V, minimum age 21).

Your unit commissioners will recommend that inactive but registered adults be asked to convert from their current registration to one of the examples above. This will improve your records for newer scouters to learn the unit. It will improve your reporting to BSA, which allows a truer picture of your unit’s needs.

For unit leaders wishing to remain active, the District Commissioner encourages adult leaders to pursue their required training at summer camp, the University of Scouting next January, or your district training chair (not yet appointed).