Webelos to Scout Transition . . . For Adults

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We spend a long time and effort worrying about the boys transitioning from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.

Frankly that’s not the biggest problem.

The people who have the hardest time transitioning are the former cub leader-parents. Boy Scouts is often a culture shock.

Considering that a former cubmaster may be very accustomed to watching the boys progress from year-to-year in there nice, tidy, little den. Rarely is there a difference in age greater than 14 months. The den leader is an adult, who maintains order much like a teacher in a classroom does.

And then the transition the Boy Scouts.

Suddenly these 11-year-olds are thrown in with kids almost 18 years old. Now there is a seven year age range possible. More typically, the age range is 3 to 4 years. That is most of the period of time that the parents of been involved with scouts with their son: the maximum time for a boy in Cub Scouts is four and a half years.

Now the former cub parent needs to learn to step back. This parent now needs to learn what the 14 and 15-year-olds need to be in charge of. Most importantly, they need to be in charge of the new 11-year-old scouts. Suddenly, parents aren’t training scouts. Scouts are training scouts.

The training is not professional. It is not accredited. It is boy-led. It is chaotic. It is loud. It is frustratingly slow for parents, used to being in charge of the same boys.

So when it is your turn is a cub parent to watch this process, best thing you can do is grab a chair. Then listen to Clarke Green , a 30-year scoutmaster and former Webelos den leader, explain on scoutmasterCG.com why this works.

Grab a cup of coffee and observe. Give it several camp outs and watch the magic work.