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Like most businesses today, BSA has built many online resources and is using social media and email lists to push that information to potential users.

Some users automatically receive these newsletters based on their position. Some users have to opt-in to the newsletter lists.

Merit Badge Counselor’s Compass is one of those. (You can subscribe by emailing In the current issue of the Compass, they discuss:

  • Changes Counselors Need to Know
  • Interactive Digital Pamphlets Now on Sale at
  • Be Sure to Read The Notes
  • Merit Badge Myths: Fact vs. Fiction
  • Completing Requirements as Stated Matters
  • Beekeeping: A Part of Existing Merit Badges

While I cannot find any newsletter archives, you can see many merit badge related items on

North Star District’s Merit Badge Counselor Registrar Mike Yates, also an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 56, says about the newsletter, “I believe this is a very good resource for Merit Badge Counselors to keep up with changes that happen regarding Merit Badges. There are some excellent updates and guidance on how to handle specific situations. I believe it would be useful for all Merit Badge counselors to subscribe to this newsletter.”

Mike similarly recommends the Advancement News (which you can subscribe to by emailing the BSA Advancement Team). This newsletter is for all levels of scouting. In the current Advancement News, they discuss:

  • Late Breaking Announcement
  • Opportunities for Advancement Administrators
  • On Increasing Advancement
  • From the Guide to Advancement
  • The Cub Scout Angle
  • Eagle Issues
  • The Venturing Perspective
  • Special Necessities
  • Merit Badges: Enhancing Our Youth’s Competitive Edge
  • From the Archives
  • A Peek Ahead
  • Helpful Links

Did you know that there is a new position of District Eagle Project Coach being promoted by the National Advancement Team? In the newsletter they discuss how Councils can use an application form to encourage their districts to put that position into place. This is just one example of what you can learn from these types of newsletters.

If you don’t want to receive more emails, you can always visit the Advancement News website from time to time.

Jeff Heck