District Training Status

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One of the key duties of District is to encourage units to improve their programs in order to make the scouting more inviting to boys. BSA offers training for each position in order that adults can better understand the duties that they have accepted. Training is required for Rechartering.

Council records training records to be able to find out where training needs to be encouraged.

Among our units district wide, our training rate looks like this (if you are registered for more than one position, you can be trained and untrained simultaneously, appearing on this chart for each): 

The pattern is clear. Units in Zionsville and northern Pike Township tend to have adult leader ship rates well over 50%. Moving toward the south and east, training rates plummet to the point where some units have no properly trained leaders.

Some of this is due to registering inactive scouters as Assistant Scoutmasters and then not pursuing training. More often it is is due to filling seats and then not expecting training.

For troops, this is readily fixable going into summer camp. Adult leaders can attend training while they are at camp. No adult leader at camp should leave camp without scoutmaster specific training and introduction to outdoor leadership skills training.

For Cub Packs, this is not as easy. Steve James and I are working to put together Cub specific training immediately after back to school night. We will have a heavy push to train all our leaders, but Cub Packs will get the heaviest push.

We need veteran scouters now to step forward to teach these classes. If you don’t have requisite training to teach, we will work with you to get that done so you are ready to teach. We will be able to measure our success by the number of Packs with registered and train Pack Trainers. If we have 100% of our packs with this in place, we will be making great strides.

In the meantime, always keep an eye out for training outside our district, too.