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Dr John Eliades, Golden Eagle’s Training Chair and ex officio member of the Council Training Committee, reports about Pack training resources:

Dear fellow CAC Trainers

In advance of our meeting next week I would like to share with you some new training material we have developed in time for the Annual Kick-off.

We could not wait until the New Den Leaders Power Point was developed since we have to start training our trainers. Our Den Leader Orientation has been uploaded to in folder “ADULT POWER POINT SHOWS” and subfolder “CUB-ADULT PPS“. If anyone wishes the PPT version for further revision/adaptation, contact me.

We also have developed multiple Leadership Notebooks to aid the new Cub Leaders/Comm. Members.

Open folder “CUBLEADER LEADERSHIP NOTEBOOKS” and download any you have an interest in. To supplement these we also have developed a series of PP Presentation to help with the initial orientation of these new leaders.

To help organize the CAC Family Talent Survey we have developed an Excel Spreadsheet to make it easier to store, and search the info “PACK FAMILY TALENT&VEHICLE INVENTORY“. This can be encrypted and stored in a Cloud Storage such as SKYDRIVE for free and thus updated easily and downloaded by Pack Leaders without the constant hassle of sending paper revisions. This file can be found within any of the notebooks in a folder titled “6-Z8-Leadership & Parent Talent-Driver Info”. A troop version containing Merit Badge rather than Cub Adventure info can be found in our  folder”TROOP ADULT LEADERSHIP NOTEBOOKS.”

I would welcome your comments next week’s CAC-Training Comm. Meeting.

John Eliades, GED-Training Chair