Plans for August 27th Recruitment Night

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Unit Leaders:

Could you please forward this message to all scouters that will be assisting at North Star District Elementary Schools with recruiting?

Thank you for volunteering to assist district packs with their recruiting efforts this fall. I have outlined the program for Thursday night below. If you are a pack leader recruiting at your school, the 1st section is specific to you. If you are not a pack leader and you are covering a school without a pack, the 2nd section is specific to you.

The box of materials should be sufficient to conduct your recruiting. If you feel that you do not have enough materials, please let me know. The recruiting night at the school is from 6:30-8pm, Thursday August 27th.
After the recruiting night is complete, you need to bring the completed applications and payment to the District Headquarters located at Three Wise Men Brewery at 1021 Broad Ripple Ave. District staff will be there from 7:45-9:45pm collecting applications and money and reporting to council.
If you have extra yard signs, please put them outside your school for direction to your sign-up table.

Rocket Launch
The Rocket Launch will be at Camp Belzer on September 12th at 10am.

The Packet
The recruiting packet has applications for youth and adults, Cub Scout rank/age specific information, parent talent information, signage, parent attendance sheet, district information sheet, reporting envelope and youth protection information. Please ensure that parents sign in on the roster so we have contact information in case there is a problem with their application.

Schools with Packs; 1st Section:
This should be familiar. The unit dues should include the council registration dues and Boys Life. The amount that is due to the council is $10 for registration + $5 (optional) for Boys Life = $15 total. Payment may be made via one unit check like in the past for ease of processing. Give the new scout a new rocket WHEN THEY PAY. If you run out of rockets, get the new scouts name and contact and we will get them a rocket.

Schools without packs (Troops helping); 2nd Section
Thank you for assisting the district with Cub Scout recruiting! The school you have volunteered for has agreed to provide a table in the entryway of their school or their cafeteria. The cost for new scouts is $10 for registration + $5 (optional) for Boys Life = $15 total. That amount is all the council will be collecting on August 27th. Checks may be made out to CAC. On the application, leave the pack number blank. If you are unable to drop off the application and money to Three Wise Men, please call Con Sullivan, 317-797-1545 after your recruiting night is complete to report numbers and to arrange pickup of the reporting envelope. Please tell any new scouts that they will be contacted by their pack to arrange for a parent orientation night where they will get their rocket.
On the reporting envelope, please list for Pack: put your unit number; list the adult at the school as the contact person; and the fees are listed above.

If you have any questions, please email or call Con Sullivan at or 317-797-1545.

Thank you!

Con Sullivan | District Executive – North Star

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The safety of our members is our first priority. All Scouting volunteers must complete Youth Protection Training every two years to remain registered as a volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America. Please visit to get started.