Looking for Position of Responsibility? How about OA Rep?

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One of the most common concerns that I hear is that a troop needs more positions of responsibility. What do those include?

The Boy Scout Eagle Requirements state,

OA Rep Patch

4. While a Life Scout, serve actively in your unit for a period of six months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility. List only those positions served after your Life board of review date.

Boy Scout troop. Patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, senior patrol leader, Venture patrol leader, troop guide, Order of the Arrow troop representative, den chief, scribe, librarian, historian, quartermaster, junior assistant Scoutmaster, chaplain aide, instructor, webmaster, or Leave No Trace trainer.

Varsity Scout team. Captain, cocaptain, program manager, squad leader, team secretary, Order of the Arrow team representative, librarian, historian, quartermaster, chaplain aide, instructor, den chief, webmaster, or Leave No Trace trainer.

Venturing crew/ship. President, vice president, secretary, treasurer, quartermaster, historian, den chief, guide, boatswain, boatswain’s mate, yeoman, purser, storekeeper, webmaster, or Leave No Trace trainer.

Lone Scout. Leadership responsibility in his school, religious organization, club, or elsewhere in his community.

(Underlining added for emphasis.) So it would be reasonable to expect that each troop in North Star District should have an OA Representative attend our Chapter meetings on the first Sunday of each month.  (See the District website for upcoming meeting times and locations.)

The OA representative should consult with the members of the OA Chapter in his troop (including adult members) about issues or concerns that the troop’s members have. The OA representative should be prepared to discuss these concerns to the OA Chapter. Equally, the OA Representative should be able to report back to his PLC and OA members what occurred at the OA Chapter meeting.

These duties and responsibilities are more clearly laid out at the OA website.

Since Council Scout Executive Patrick Sterritt has asked what the Council’s vision is for OA, now is an important time for OA Representatives to attend chapter meetings. There is also discussion whether our OA chapter and Firecrafter Ember should take a greater part in running Camporees and their campfires. These are all questions that need to have input from OA Representatives . . . and quickly.

If you have specific questions, you can contact OA Chapter Advisor John Ruggles (also Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 343).