Recharter email’s dispatch tomorrow

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UPDATE: 9/28/15, 9:25 AM:

I have heard reports that units have not received their rechartering email as scheduled. I, too, should have received mine as a Chartered Organization Representative for my unit. I have not seen it. I will be investigating. Watch this page for updates.

In the meantime, for planning purposes, remember that your scheduled meeting time is already posted on our Rechartering Update 2015 page.

11:00 AM: Con Sullivan confirmed this morning that no emails were dispatched Friday, but the current plan is to send them later today, Monday. We will post more here when it becomes available.

4:30 pm: The email has been reported received by several units.

Please note that the login process opens on October 1st. The next couple days are for preparation only.



Our District Executive Con Sullivan reports that Recharter emails will go out this Friday, September 25, 2015. This is earlier than originally scheduled to allow you more time to prepare.

Thursday, October 1st Roundtable will focus on Rechartering.

Please make sure that watch our Rechartering Update 2015 for more information.

Watch the blog posts on Rechartering, too, to make your efforts are as effective as possible.

Recharter turn-in dates begin October 8th and will be done by October 15th, so get your unit geared up for Rechartering now.