Camporee: Is your SPL Prepared?

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UPDATE 10/7/15: Retitled.

This Fall Camporee is going to be fun but very busy. It may require a special emphasis on preparing your SPL.

Does your SPL know about these items:

  1. The Friday night meeting at 9:00 pm.
  2. The new Commissioner’s Awards for patrols and SPLs.
  3. Encouraging older scouts such as OA and Firecrafters to be involved in managing troop events.
  4. The requirements of the Willy Award.
  5. His adult leaders’ plans to attend District Training at Camporee to better manage contingencies.
  6. The time and place for the Saturday SPL meeting.
  7. His troop’s contribution to the Saturday night campfire.

The goal of all of these events is to offer opportunities to lead while having fun. Help your SPL focus on the fun and avoid unnecessary stress. If he is prepared, it will work well.

If problems arise, at least he will have stories to tell.