Online Training Modules: Tips & Tricks

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As part of Rechartering season, North Star District is making a hard push to move the District to 100% Trained.

For online training, this is easy. Login at the newer (not the older If you have never used the website, try to login with your user name and password from the older site. It may ask you to register. That is fine. When registration is done, it may take as long as 30 minutes for the websites to port your information from the older site to the newer site. The best idea is try to login & register then walk away for a meal or other activity. When you come back, try to log in.

Please do not try to register multiple times. Each time it registers a new user, it generates a new BSA Membership ID Number. If you have more than one number associated with your name, it will cause the ScoutNet database to function incorrectly. Just be patient after the first login. This patience pays off.

For Cub Scout leaders, all of their basic training is online, albeit with a new website.

For Scout leaders, many are online. Scoutmasters primarily have required in-person classes. (Chartered Org Rep training is primarily in-person, too, but Crossroads Council does have some online options. See the website’s training page for more information.)

All scouting programs are moving to increased online training, too, over the next year.

I have heard several reports in the past month about problems with the new training system. Many of these problems relate to the system relying on Adobe’s Flash software. If you have not recently updated your Flash software, this will prevent the online training from occurring. Do the update first.

Similarly, I have heard that the scouting training had many problems in the past month. I have just tested several scouting training classes online. I had no problems. However, I know that my Flash software is up-to-date.

Please make sure that your Pack and Troop Committee Members take the Committee Challenge for their program before rechartering.