Rechartering Update Dec 1st

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Congratulations to North Star District! We have 100% of our units have turned in their Applications for Rechartering as of this morning!

To make matters even more exciting, according to Council’s report published this morning, we are the district with the most units having completed rechartering, including dues  payments, JTE reports, and member applications.

Thank you to the work of our dedicated scouters to make this possible.

At this time, the following units have had their Applications for Recharter approved in their entirety:

Pack 0018,Pack 0171,Pack 0586,Troop 0018,Troop 0056,Troop 0073,Troop 0174,Troop 0343,Troop 0358,Troop 0586,Troop 0804, and Crew 0408.

The following units have completed their paperwork and are simply waiting on the Council Registrar to approve the Application for Recharter:

Pack 0035, Pack 0064, Pack 0084, Pack 0098, Pack 174, Pack 0175, Pack 0830, Pack 3582, Pack 3583, Pack 3584, Troop 0035, Troop 0069, Troop 0269, Crew 0069, and Crew 0358.

The remaining units have been contacted about outstanding issues. We expect quick resolutions on all remaining issues. Thank you for that!

The following units have submitted their Journey to Excellence Reports for 2015:

Pack 0018, Pack 0035, Pack 0084, Pack 0105, Pack 0171, Pack 0174, Pack 0179, Pack 0358, Pack 0514, Pack 0586, Pack 0830, Pack 3582, Pack 3583, Pack 3584, Troop 0018, Troop 0035, Troop 0056, Troop 0069, Troop 0073, Troop 0174,Troop 0269, Troop 0343, Troop 0358, Troop 0514, Troop 0586, Troop 0804, Crew 0358, Crew 0408, and Crew 1121.

Out of this list, we have 21 Golds, 5 Silvers, and 1 Bronze (with one submitted report that has not been included in this list). This adds 150 points to our District’s Journey to Excellence score and is Gold-Level performance.

Thank you again to our units for such dedicated work!


One thought on “Rechartering Update Dec 1st

    Steve James said:
    December 2, 2015 at 11:32 am

    Fantastic News. North Star is still one of the best in this Council. Hence the reason we put North Star Willy on a #1 patch! I congratulate all of the units for responding so well to our rechartering process. My profound thanks go to District Commissioner Jeff Heck and his team of Commissioners for a job well done. Special thanks also to Con Sullivan for his good work and support. Go North Star


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