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At the last District Committee meeting, last Thursday, Stu Bowes led a discussion for the Winter Camporee and upcoming camporees. After the meeting, he distributed this information.

Dear North Star Scouters,

I’m sending out the sign-up sheet for our upcoming camporee. There are eight designated campsites at Camp Krietenstein and I have included a map to help you with your selection. We may need to double up in a few campsites, but we’ll deal with that later. The camporee schedule is also attached.

Con Sullivan is also working on online registration, but that has not been finalized as of today, so I’m sending this out because we’re only two weeks out from the event. I may ask you to “officially” register when the system is up and running.

Listed below is all the information I need from you in the next 10 days.
Stu Bowes

2016 Winter CAMPOREE
Sign Up Sheet
A) Troop #      Scouts     Adults    Total
Troop  56
Troop  35
Troop 269
Troop 343
Troop  73
Troop 514
Troop 358
Troop 804
Troop  69

B) Campsite Sign-up
1- Sassafras Campsite –
2- Hillside Campsite –
3- Frontiersman Campsite –
4- Kickapoo Campsite –
5- Woodsman Campsite –
6- Boone Campsite –
7- Indian Wells Campsite –
8- Deer Trails Campsite –

C) Patrol Competitions:
1- T343
2- T586
3- T69
4- T269
5- T35
6- T804
7- T73
8- T56
9- T358
11-STU   “Are You Smarter Than Your Scoutmaster?” quiz

D) Adult Willie Cap recipient (participated in at least 7 camporees):

E) Other Needs:
1- Flag Raising –
2- Flag Lowering –
3- Scouts Own –
4- Sled Race –

F) Dates for our other upcoming camporees:
4/22-24/16 – Camp Kikthawenund
10/7-9-16 – Indiana Blind School

In addition, Stu provided the following documents:

  1. Camp Kreitenstein map
  3. 2016 Winter Camporee sign up sheet

We look forward to seeing you and your troop on the evening of Friday, January 22nd at Camp Krichtenstein out past Greencastle!