Pinewood Derby Planning

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I have received the following email from our new District Pinewood Derby Coordinator Bill Buchalter, also Cubmaster of Pike Township’s Pack 830.

I’ve gotten a number of requests from various packs for help with their pinewood derbies. Please let the packs know to contact me ASAP if they need help. The calendar is filling up fast, and if packs need help they may have to find an alternate date if they don’t get on the schedule soon. The dates I currently have signed up are:

Jan 31st – Pack 18 – 2nd Presbyterian Church
Feb 20th – Pack 830 – Eagle Creek Community Church
Feb 24th – Pack 179 – Crooked Creek Elementary
March 7th – Pack 35 – St. Joan of Arc
March 13th – Pack 175 – Christ the King

Bill Buchalter
Cub Master – Pack 830

If there are scheduling problems, please do not hesitate to let Bill know. We are willing to work with you to find alternatives.

Remember this year, the district is using a new track which is longer. Please make sure that you verify that your space works with the new track. If it does not, we will work on alternatives. (I would encourage creative thinking to make the new track work, since it will make the races more exciting.)