Coming Online Applications

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In the near future, BSA will roll out the Online Application for Youth and Adults.

They have already posted videos to YouTube to explain the process.

Below is the first video, an overview of the system. It will use It is important that your Unit Key 3 have access to The unit leader (e.g., Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Venturing Advisor, etc.) approve youth applications. The unit committee chair and chartered organization representatives must approve all adults. This approval process is all electronic.

More videos about using this new system are available at the Scouting Multi-Media YouTube Channel.

Please note that the system collects only national dues and Boy’s Life subscription fees. This is a capability and not required. This means that you will have to verify that BSA has received these funds through the system. If it remains due and payable, you will have to collect it from the new member and pay to council before the application can be processed by BSA.

Your unit will be solely responsible for billing and collecting your unit dues and Crossroads of America Council’s insurance premium of $1.00 per member.