Gold Everywhere in 2015

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img_2535 The Journey to Excellence program is designed to encourage best practices from all units, districts, and local councils. BSA summarizes the scoring system in its brochure:

The philosophy from the start of JTE has been to set up a system where 10 percent of the councils will achieve gold status, the next 40 percent will achieve silver status, and the next 30 percent will achieve bronze status. Therefore:

• Gold status = top 10 percent
• Silver status = 50th percentile to the 89th percentile
• Bronze status = 20th percentile to the 49th percentile

With this background in mind, we are thrilled to report that our units’ success with JTE this year has made a significant impact on local scouting.

North Star District had 22 units reach gold, 7 reach silver, 2 reach bronze, and 3 tender no report. Of the 3 that did not report, most would have been gold or silver.

As a result of your efforts to report the unit JTE status, we have had a significant impact!

North Star District made District Gold for the first time in years!

Not only that, North Star District making District Gold pushed Crossroads of America Council the last couple of criteria across the Council Gold threshold! (It was touch-and-go down to the last calculations.)

This means that the simple act of your units reporting their annual efforts and successes results in all of Central Indiana’s scouting being nationally recognized as one of the 10% of local council’s nationwide.

Do not underestimate the value of your unit’s contribution to the larger story of scouting!

Congratulations North Star District and Crossroads of America Council.



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