Recognition and thanks to adult leaders

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As we are ending February and beginning March, many Cub Scout packs are looking at changes in their adult leadership. This may not be immediate and it may be a year down the road, but it is on their minds.

One of the most important parts of recruiting new adult leaders is to show perspective leaders that their future efforts will be recognized. The best way to do this is to make sure that you were properly recognizing departing or current leaders.

The national program for this includes many different options. 

One of them are tenure stars. These are simple metals that can be given to adult leaders for years of service. They are placed over the left pocket of the uniform. Encouraging adult leaders to wear their tenure stars a while’s new parents to see that your pack or troop values an adult leader who continue serving the unit.

The second option is knot awards. There are many different knot awards available. They tend to encourage tenure, continuing education, regular attendance, and specific tasks necessary to successful completion of that role. To learn more about the requirements, download a PDF of the requirements and fill out the form. Then go to the Scout Shop.