Fall 2016 Recruitment Campaign

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From Sharla Merrick, District Vice-Chair for Membership sends this message:

Hey North Star Scouters!  
It’s that time of the year — time to work on the yard, take the Cubs outside, and plan for Fall Registration 🙂
2016 Fall Registration will be very similar to last year.  The mandatory registration night that will be advertised by Council is Thursday August 25th.  Each elementary school will need a scouter to staff registration that night.  In addition, Packs are encouraged to have an optional earlier Registration Night to better line up with your school calendars.  
What we are asking from you now is to contact the elementary schools that are affiliated with your Pack and set up your Registration Night(s), Boy Talks, and representation at Back to School Night.  Please use the attached Google form to submit the information so that we can coordinate speakers (if needed) and provide you with all signs/packets/stickers/etc. in time. We are asking each Pack to have an adult leader or volunteer with your Pack to speak at your Boy Talks if possible.  
Please submit the google form by May 15th.   If you would rather turn in a printed form you can do that at May 12th’s Ideal Year of Scouting.  (Don’t miss the Ideal Year of Scouting Meeting!  There will be information available about the New Lions Program for Kindergartners as well as info to help make this year awesome!)
SAVE THE DATE: We will have a Recruitment Kick-Off with supplies, food, and fun on July 15 (location to be determined.)
I’ve invited you to fill out the form Cub Scout Membership . To fill it out, visit:
Cub Scouts Have More Fun!
Sharla Merrick and Jenny Beyer
Cub Scout Membership Team
P.S. We will be announcing another confirmed addition to the Membership Team in the next several weeks. All Cub Scout Packs are asked to designate a Fall Membership Coordinator to ease communication with District.