Fall Membership: Assignments

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When Fall Membership efforts begin, school will be starting back into session and other activities will distract.image_14418961200_1827

Now is the time to make sure your Pack has appointed a person to review the literature that you plan on giving your new prospective families. Information and templates are available at the Council Recruitment webpage. Those documents should include:

  1. Your annual calendar (updated from any summer long-range planning);
  2. Your information book or parent guide on pack practices and expectations;
  3. Your annual cost of cub scouts and how popcorn and fundraising offset the out-of-pocket costs (the goal is that they see the value of fund raising to minimize out-of-pocket costs);
  4. Your BeAScout.org pin needs to have accurate meeting information and contact information for your leadership.img_0573

In your information packs, do not forget that we are introducing Lion Cub/kindergartners into the program this Fall. So everyone will need to update their documents for this addition. Con Sullivan is the council coordinator for Lions, so be sure to address questions to him as you need.

If you know how is responsible for each or all of these documents, you then need to set a deadline for these to be submitted to the pack committee for approval. Ideally the committee would approve these before the end of July. Maybe then the documents need to be submitted to the committee a week or two before the meeting that would meet that July deadline. That way the documents can simply be polished and printed for August recruitment.

Do your homework now: committee chairs, make sure you have these assignments done in May. It will make August just that much easier.

For more information on how to update your BeAScout.org pin, watch this video: