Mid-Summer and Grand Ritual

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Mid-summer Ritual is this coming weekend at Camp Belzer.  I hope many of you plan on attending to cover our Ember duties and welcome our candidates/future Brothers that have worked hard at summer camp to work on their candidate requirements.
Our Ember duties are the send out talks on Saturday afternoon and I need at least 10 Brothers to cover those duties.  If you can’t come for the entire weekend but could maybe help out on Saturday afternoon, please let me know, in case I need to come up with additional help.  We can also always help other Embers with their duties and help the overall Ritual Staff with anything they may need.
Existing member will register upon arrival, with a cost of $2 for registration, $5 for the event patch, and $20 if you need meals.  Remember to bring a current BSA Health Form with you, as it is require for the event.
If you have any questions, please let me know.  Hope to see many of you this weekend!
Save the dates of August 12th to 14th for Grand at Camp Krietenstein!
Yours in the Fire
Greg Hoyes XXX
North Star Ember Advisor