Centennial Celebration for Troop 18

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Save the date: Troop 18 will be celebrating its 100 Years of Eagles on August 27 & 28, 2016.

They have been researching their troop’s history and Eagles. We will post more about their history in the coming weeks.

For right now, Scoutmaster Steve Bye shares just a few tidbits.

In 1916, Troop 18 had the first three Eagle Scouts of the Indianapolis Council (later merged into the Crossroads of America Council).

  1. Hall Marmon 
  2. Noble Butler
  3. G. Vance Smith.

Jaccos Towne Lodge History, page 10.

Also in 1916, Edson T. Wood Jr. earns bronze honor medal for saving a lady from drowning (Boys Life, 1916).

2nd Pres troop writeup Feb 2016