Fall Camporee Theme Chosen

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District Chair John Wiebke (Troop 358) in cooperation with District Programming Chair Jim Kacius (Troop 174) and District Camporee Chair Stu Bowes (formerly of Troop 69) have been working to plan camporees further in advance.

At the last District Committee Meeting, John Wiebke proposed a Gladiatorial theme, in keeping with this being a Summer Olympic year. His proposal was gladly accepted.

John Wiebke also announced the following planning committee:

Stu Bowles – Camporee Chief
Jeff Heck- Publicity
Rick Akers- Finance/Health and Safety
Brian Crow- Participation & Program
John Ruggles- Participation & Program
Mark Pishon- Physical Arrangements
Curtis Shrote- Awards

Next month the District Committee will work on finalizing more details about the theme and events. The goal would be to have the events selected at the end of the August District Committee Meeting.

John Wiebke drew his inspiration for this event from this website, so take a look and come to the August meeting with your event proposals and patch proposals.

Make sure that your PLC has signed off on your proposal! We would love to see senior scouts running as many events as possible.


Remember also to come with theme proposals for Winter and Spring Camporees, too, so those can be decided well in advance. Proposed dates for Winter Camporee are

1) weekend of Jan 21st
2) Weekend of Jan 28th
3) weekend of Feb 4th


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