Youth Protection Training

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We are are just 70 days from the opening of Rechartering. Now is the time to begin reminding your scout leaders who need to renew their Youth Protection Training recertification in even-numbered years.

Failure to have scouters properly certified in a timely manner is one of the biggest problems in rechartering. Last year we posted an article explaining that the ideal time of year to renew YPT is between March 1st and October 1st of each year.

As of this morning, across the entire district our scouters’ YPT status looks like this:

  • 28 have expired (mostly in the past 30 days)
  • 27 will expire in the next 30 days (end of August)
  • 46 will expire in the following 30-day period (end of September)
  • 38 will expire before the end of October.

Encourage your leaders to renew early (before October 1st) to bring them inside this window. Review your unit’s training status on to identify whom you need to contact. Make a plan to bring YPT up-to-date now while scouting obligations are quieter (camp is over, high adventure crews are returning home, and annual planning is over the horizon).

You can offer YPT classes at your regular meeting. You, your training coordinator, or your unit commissioner can run a video for several volunteers at one your regular meetings or annual planning conference.