Upcoming Cub Leader Trainings

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Part of Journey to Excellence emphasizes that Cub leaders are trained. North Star District requires that all leaders with greater than 90-days tenure be trained in their position by November 30, 2016 in order to be renewed in that position. In order to serve that requirement, the District making sure that training is widely available and publicized to facilitate leaders meeting this requirement.

To qualify for Bronze level of training (the 20th to 50th percentile of units), one person, whether Cubmaster, Den Leader, or Pack Trainer, needs to be trained in position specific training.

To qualify for Silver level of training (the 51st to 80th percentile of units nationwide), all scouters leading youth, whether Cubmaster or Den Leader, needs to be trained.

To qualify for Gold level of training (the 81st to 100th percentile of units nationwide), all scouters leading youth and 2/3rds of the committee members need to be trained for their positions.

While BSA’s e-training makes getting the de minimis training easier, the best training in scouting is face-to-face. The trainer may not be as articulate as the paid actors on the BSA’s website, live trainers are able to adapt the message for local needs and to reflect more information about local scouting. They are able to answer specific questions or direct to local council or district resources.

Because North Star District strongly prefers face-to-face training, the District is offering the most important Cub Scout training repeatedly the week of Labor Day. Each night from Tuesday, September 6, 2016 through Friday, September 9, 2016 a combination of these course are being offered. Currently these trainings are scheduled to be held at St Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 West 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260 (Meridian St and 86th St).

We are asking each pack committee chair to emphasize the importance for all pack leaders to have their respective training done by September 9th.

If this creates scheduling conflicts for the leader, other districts are offering these trainings in the following 45 days. Del-Mi (Carmel/Fishers’ District) will be offering these trainings on October 1, 2016. Other trainings at the various scout service centers in the Council are being offered throughout September and October. A link to the council calendar is here.

If your unit has more than 3 adults who can participate in a class, district will send a trainer to your unit to provide the training. You just need to give us 14 days notice, beginning after August 26, 2016. JTE