Unit Planning Done?

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At this time of year, it is time to do a status check.

Has your unit completed its calendar planning for the next 18 months? You should have a clear idea of what events and meetings you will participate in for the next 12 months. You should have a loose sketch of what your unit is considering for the Fall of 2017.

Has your unit your completed its formal budget? You should have an idea of what the cost of your program for the next 18 months will be. This is crucial information going into popcorn fundraising season. Your unit’s scouts and parents will be more highly motivated to sell if they have a clear idea of what they are planning to do with the proceeds of popcorn sales.

Both the calendar and the budget should already be approved by your unit committee. If your unit committee has not approved the calendar or the budget, you have no calendar or budget. Make sure these are approved. When those are done, please submit them to your Unit Commissioner so the UC can know when he or she can visit you.

Then make sure that the calendar and budget are reviewed each month at committee meetings to make sure you are on track. If your calendar and budget are well done, this review during the treasurer and secretary reports may only take two minutes out of your agenda. Even so, it will keep your unit focused and ahead of foreseeable problems.

If you do not have these done or are struggling, contact your unit commissioner or District Commissioner Jeff Heck for more help.