Online Applications and Invites

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With the new BSA online recruiting system, newly interested families have a way to apply online to join not just Scouts but your specific unit.

We have a problem right now. Several units have had a bunch of people express interest in joining units. The problem is that no adult in some units have taken ownership of the online responsibilities.

We have families that have applied to scouts and not received timely response back.

Please make sure that your pack, troop, or crew has discussed the online application system at your unit committee meeting and clearly delegated the  person responsible for managing the process. Ideally it is a member of the unit Key 3 (i.e., Chartered Organization Representative, chair, or Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor).

Every day BSA sends reports about languishing applications are sent to the District Commissioner and his staff, the District Executive, and several others. We are hoping to have no North Star units on those emails.