More Tiger Cub Recruitment Chances

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This year’s Tiger Cub class is way down in Pike and Washington Townships. (We are steady so far in Zionsville.)

Our new Field Services Director Nate Young has been encouraging the professional staff to recommend “Water Pod Parties.”

This idea consists of having enrolled Tiger Cubs inviting their best friends, who have not joined Cub Scouts yet, to a water rocket launch. The launch would be held as part of a Gathering Time event at the next Tiger Cub Den meeting. The friends would be asked to come for the rocket launch, then stay for the Tiger Cub Den meeting as guests.

The idea is to get the boys engaged in Cub Scouting before making the formal “Ask” to join. Kick the tires before buying.

If you are interested, please contact Con Sullivan, our District Executive, for more information.

NOTE: This can work for other dens, too, such as Lions, but our primary focus is on Tigers right now.