Rechartering Emails Expected Today

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The bad news is we are in rechartering season. The good news is that we’re about to get it started so we can get it completed sooner.

That last report we expect rechartering emails to go out today, Wednesday.

This means it is crucial to get our 144 people in the district who have expired or expiring (i.e., less than 90 days until expiration) youth protection training up to speed as soon as possible. We have several scoutmasters, committee chairs in chartered organization representatives who have expired or expiring training. This means their unit’s rechartering cannot proceed forward. If their training is currently expired, they are not authorized to participate in scouting activities. This is even worse.

Unit should have a Denna five the key three personnel for the upcoming year, two additional committee members, unit leader training, YPT, and the other prerequisites to rechartering.

In the email containing the rechartering codes, there is a checklist of items to prepare. Please make sure to do those as soon as possible so that when you’re turning date arrives, your unit is ready to complete the rechartering process.

Remember our goal is to complete rechartering in the district before the end of October. If there are units that need additional time to cover the dues from popcorn proceeds, we’re willing to work with you on that.